Thursday, August 12, 2010

RUMOR: Selena Gomez Working With Miley & Demi?

Although we do not know anything official about Selena Gomez's upcoming album "A Year Without Rain" (which hits stores in September), there are some rumors popping up about the Disney Channel star that are sure to cause all sorts of excitement.

For evidence of this, all you have to do is check out the supposed tracklist:

1. Round And Round
2. A Year Without Rain
3. Off The Chain ft Miley Cyrus
4. Rock God ft. Katy Perry
5. Intuition
6. Trust In Me
7. Live Like There’s No Tomorrow
8. Hot ‘N’ Cold
9. Lagon
10. The Begging Of The Road ft Demi Lovato
11. True To Myself
12. Headfirst (bonus track)
13. Kiss & Tell (bonus track)

However, there is one major problem with this list -- Walmart is showing something rather different:

1. Round & Round
2. A Year Without Rain
3. Rock God
4. Off The Chain
5. Summer's Not Hot
6. Intuition
7. Spotlight
8. Ghost Of You
9. Sick Of You
10. Live Like There's No Tomorrow

This later list does not necessarily mean that Perry (who has been more or less confirmed to at least be involved on the album), Cyrus, and Demi are necessarily not appearing -- this list just doesn't happen to list any collaborators. There are also fewer tracks (the bonus songs would not be listed, but the order is still different).

Which list do you believe?