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"Can't Be Tamed" Hollywood Records Official Release With Lyrics

Miley Cyrus "Habbo Runway Local Vote" Video

Miley Cyrus The Grove Performance on E! News

Miley Cyrus New Single "Can't Be Tamed" [Full Song]

So here it is! Miley's first single of her next album "Can't Be Tamed". What did you think of the song? In my opinion, it's really more mature and edgier than the kind of music you would expect Miley to do. I'm pretty impressed and I can't wait to see the music video.

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"Can't Be Tamed" Single Cover


Thanks to MemiSupportUK from twitter.

E!News "Can't Be Tamed" Music Video Premiere Date

Clear your schedules!

The music video for Miley Cyrus' new single, "Can't Be Tamed," makes its big debut only on E! News May 4 at 7:00 p.m. What's more, Ryan Seacrest will also be sitting down with the teen sensation for an exclusive one-on-one interview to chat about the inspiration behind the video.

E! Online will be getting in on the act, too. We'll have the highly anticipated video right here for ya after its initial airing.

And given the wild response to Miley performing at the Grove in L.A. yesterday on behalf of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, "Can't Be Tamed" is probably an appropriate way to describe her loyal screaming fans as well.

But we've got 'em covered!

Source: E!Online

Miley and Liam Fun Afternoon at Universal Studios

Miley Prefers Justin Bieber To Nick Jonas

Miley Cyrus Getting An X-rated Makeover?

Miley Cyrus will become a lusty sex symbol after getting an X-rated makeover, reports The Sun. Her new image will be unveiled shortly. A source said: 'It's Miley Mark II for the new album. She's been the clean teen queen too long. The new look & attitude will shock a lot of people but it's something Miley wants to do.'

Are you excited for this new Miley look?

Miley New Myspace Layout

Click here to see the layout on her myspace.

Miley Cyrus Performs "The Climb" At The Grove

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Miley Gets her Crab on!

Miley and pals Iyaz and Varsity Fan Club show off their best “Crab Dance” moves in this new video.

The trio show off their best moves to the “Drinking Crab,” “Island Crab,” and JJJ’s fave, the “Loe Down Crab Down.”

Miley Cyrus and pals Iyaz and Varsity Fan Club show off their best “Crab Dance” moves in this new video.

The trio show off their best moves to the “Drinking Crab,” “Island Crab,” and JJJ’s fave, the “Loe Down Crab Down.”


Emily Osment Tweets From Hannah Montana Set

New Miley World Blog

New MileyWorld blog: At the HM set! This morning was our 3rd to last episode! So crazy! Time flies! This afternoon Emily and I laid out @ lunch time and fell asleep in the sun! After 5 years of working together I think its pretty cool we still WANT to hang out with each other on our free time! In this scene Ems is supposed to be on her lap top so we were sitting on photo booth taking pics for her twitter! After a while the director realized I was there and was like 'uhh Miley you’re not even in this scene!' Classic! Anyway thank you guys for making the show what it is! We have a wonderful time working on it! Its so weird its coming to an end! Love yall! X M

Miley Cyrus RP Online Interview

Current Disney Queen Miley Cyrus thinks she'll be respected more when she turns 18. Miley told RP Online: 'I'm really looking forward to turning 18. I have bought my own house and I'm very excited about moving there. I'm quite independent anyway because I have to travel a lot. I have four siblings so my mum and dad can't always come along.

But I think people are going to take me more seriously this way. I have achieved a lot, more than some grown-ups in my position have. And I don't have the feeling that people are taking me seriously, simply because I'm so young. I hope that's going to change.'

On filming The Last Song: 'The funny thing is, that it all happens backwards when you make a film. Before you know each other properly you have to kiss on the beach and before you want to say 'I love you' in real life you have to do it on screen. That was a bit weird. You want to say it in real life as well, but then again

Miley Cyrus New Youtube Account?

New Miley Cyrus blog: Hey guys! I made my own youtube account so I can upload more videos for yall! I will continue to do videos for Mworld but for some reason its not working on my computer right now! I’m gonna make my youtube account more for my older fans and then do constant updates for my younger fans on Mileyworld! My youtube account is Youtube/MCFORREALZZZ! I have uploaded any videos yet but I will soon! love you guys! Hope all is well! Xo X M~

NOTE: This came from and you know how much that site loves gossip and I haven't seen that blog myself so I'm not sure this is true.

Miley Cyrus On Going Public With Liam And Nude Scenes

Miley Ray Cyrus is happy that her relationship with Liam Hemsworth is public knowledge. Miley told BBC: 'I think it makes it easier. I've been in relationships before where people don't want people to know because it's bad for their career (but) I'd rather not sneak around, it's so much more drama than is necessary. It's like, 'Yes, we're together. Let us live our lives'. It's easier because you're not trying to sneak around, otherwise it's news everytime you're seen together.'

Miley did admit their relationship was still in the early stages when they had to shoot some of the film's romantic scenes: 'You've go to be super-pro. No one really knew we were together at the time so we just kept it professional.'

On LOL: 'The next film I'm doing is a French film called LOL.. It's Demi Moore and I, it's really edgy.. But I'll also do a fun film afterwards for all my fans, but if a cool film comes up that may seem a little old for my normal fans then I'm not going to pass it up.' Will Miley be stripping off her clothes for nude scenes? 'It depends what the film is. If it's something that's classy, it just depends on the circumstances.'

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Miley Cyrus Wales Online Interview

Miley Cyrus interview with Wales Online. On falling in love with Liam: 'We had been filming for a couple of weeks and I think the more you hang out, the more you get to know each other. We kind of grew into it. We weren’t 100 percent a couple until the end of the film. We were hanging out and I guess we were kind of dating but there wasn’t ever a moment where we thought, ’Yeah, we’re together’.' I think the best part is just hanging out with a friend ..

..and that’s what him and I are, it’s a real friendship. We've always been kind of what we are now.' On Liam not knowing who she was: 'I guess that’s kind of the cool part about him and his friends. They’re like a bunch of 20-year-old guys so if they were watching my show all the time, I’d be like, ’OK, you guys are super weird’. It’s cool working with someone seeing me for me, where everyone else knows you for what they see on TV and my show.'

On not knowing Liam was a Neighbours star: 'I didn’t actually know anything. The coolest part about working with someone you don’t know means you have to learn about them, not just their life, but you get to know their character a little bit more. And he wasn’t like, ’Oh great, here’s that chick from Hannah Montana trying to be a real actress’, it was just like working with any other actress. But I might YouTube him later!' Miley is most likely done with television:

'I’m probably not going to do much more TV after Hannah. I love movies so I can’t wait to continue to do that. I’d just like to continue making films. It’s what I really love to do and it’s my main passion. I love music and I’m excited about the next record, but film is what I’m really looking forward to so I can’t wait to continue to grow.'

Miley Cyrus German Interview

On the set were Cyrus and her fellow actor Liam Hemsworth a couple. With the 17-year-olds said Reuters correspondent Marina Antonioni - as a result of the ash cloud by video conference.

Miley, you had really come for the premiere to Europe should, however, the volcanic ash cloud came between. Was it nice to have even a bit of rest?
Cyrus: My mother laughed and said: "The only thing that can stop you from working, is a volcano. You're a workaholic." I was quite happy to have a couple of days. On the other hand, I recently had only a movie premiere with the film "Hannah Montana" for which we have traveled to Spain, Italy and Germany. It was crazy to see all the great fans. I wanted Liam also experienced the times, so we were disappointed.

Do you believe in love at first sight, or rather to the second as Ronnie in the movie?
Cyrus: I believe in both. Love at first sight, but has not yet happened to me. I need to know a person first. Just as Ronnie.

When did you know that Liam is the right thing?
Cyrus: The funny thing is that everything is going the other way around, if you make a film. Before you know is right, we cuddled on the beach already and before you would say in real life "I love you" has to do it on the canvas. That was a bit strange. One wants to say it in real life actually, but then again not. That's interesting. I think it put a bit of truth in all that we have done.

You will this year 18 years old. Are you looking forward to it?
Cyrus: Yeah, I'm very pleased. I've bought my own house and I am very excited to collect there. I am already very independent because I have to travel so much. With four siblings can my mother or my father with me not always. But I think people will take me seriously then. I have already done a lot, maybe more than some adults in my position. And I do not feel that people take it seriously - just because I'm so young. I hope this will change then.

And at 18 you can also spend your money how you want it. Cyrus: I can do it even now.

With what feelings do you think at the end of "Hannah Montana"?
Cyrus: It's a bit sad because it is a huge chapter in my life so much. It will be interesting to have this safety after five to six years behind. One is accustomed to getting up at eight clock, you see the same people on set is, at six clock back home. There is this routine. It is interesting that no longer have. But I'm looking forward to new things.
What about the music? Is it true that you only want to make films?
Cyrus: In the summer of my new record comes out. Then I make a break with the music to get me to focus on turning. And I would like to write for other artists. I love to write songs. I would like to give others the opportunity to make music.

What are filming now?
Cyrus: After "Hannah Montana" I will make a film with Demi Moore. It is a remake of French film "LOL - Laughing Out Loud" - a mother-daughter story.

Is it easier for you, having a friend who is also in the spotlight? Cyrus: The relationship with Liam is the best I ever had. He is a great actor, he is not the Teen Sensations type, but he takes his work very seriously. I love being with him. I see him practicing and scripts to read and then ask whether we go through it together. I think it is easier when you have someone who shares with you the love for your work. It also understands the schedule of the other better.

Do you sometimes get the desire to live a normal life and study, as Ronnie has intended in the film?
Cyrus: No, I love to work. Maybe one day my grandma was 65 when she went back to college. From her I learned that it is never too late.

Thanks xTalkIsCheapx for the translation.

Miley Cyrus Blue Peter Appearance?

xTalkIsCheapx tweeted: Miley will be on Blue Peter tomorrow (Wed) BBC1 4:35pm to talk to an aspiring actor who wants to make it in Hollywood.

Emily Osment On Her New Single And Hannah Montana

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Miley Cyrus Digitalspy Interview

Monday, April 26th 2010
By Simon Reynolds

Miley Cyrus is leaving behind the blonde wig of Hannah Montana for her new movie The Last Song, a tale of first love and parental reconnection co-starring her real-life beau Liam Hemsworth and the always affable Greg Kinnear. An angry Icelandic volcano may have scuppered Miley's visit to the UK, but we were able to catch up with the teen superstar via the phone to chat about her new film (warning: there's a spoiler in her answer to the fifth question), career ambitions and why she'll soon be laughing out loud with Demi Moore.

Were you disappointed you couldn't make it over to the UK because of the volcano ash?
"A little bit because of the premiere. I was looking forward to seeing the fans' reaction because the Hannah Montana movie, everyone was so excited to be there and I was so stoked to be there. [It's sad] not to be able to be there for that."

Did you feel there was a bit of pressure on you to make the move away from Hannah?
"Yeah, I didn't want to do too much. So many people try to go so far different in their first move away from what people know them as. They kind of lose themselves and forget who they are. I didn't want to do that. I still think [The Last Song is] very inspirational and it has a good message, it's also a little bit edgier than I think what people would expect me to do."

Nicholas Sparks must have been a big attraction.
"Yeah, he wrote it kind of specifically with me in mind. He met with me and said, 'I think I've got a story for you. Let me change a few things around'. It was really cool to be able to work with someone who was as excited to work with me as I was to work with them."

Did you get a lot of creative control considering this is under the Disney umbrella and you've had a successful history with them?
"Actually it wasn't just a Disney film, it was Touchstone. So Touchstone took it and they made it a little bit less about what people know me as, the music and all that stuff. They still let me incorporate it but it was a step away from, not Disney, because I love that I'm appreciated by them, but it was a nice step away for people to see that's not all I can do. To see that I could go into any kind of setting and be ready for new challenges."

Julie Anne Robinson is the second British director you've worked with after Peter Chelsom - how does the Brit filmmaking sensibility compare to the American?
"I've only really done two films, I did Big Fish with Tim Burton when I was really young so it didn't really count! I like British directors because they bring a whole new vibe. I loved working with Julie Anne because she was a girl, too. She understood where I would come from more than I think a guy would. The way a guy would feel if he lost his dad and the way a girl would feel is kind of different."

The chemistry with Liam was always going to be crucial. Did it take a long time to find the right actor for that role?
"I didn't really get my hand in there and do all the picking and choosing and all that. I just found out the day he got cast. He's wonderful and obviously he's good-looking and looked the part and I think it was a pretty picture even before we were together, but it just made it even more personal the fact that we are together now."

There's a scene where Liam and yourself sing Maroon 5 together. Is he really that bad a singer?
"It was put on a little bit for the film. What I love about him is that he's not an actor that also wants to have a record deal and clothing line and all that stuff. I know I do that, but it's because music is on my show and it's how I got started. Not everybody has to have an album if they're going to be an actor. Y'know, let's just stick to one thing that you're good at. That's what I like, he didn't try to show off. He was like, 'Dude, I'm not trying to be a singer, I'm trying to be funny in the movie!'"

How would you like to define yourself going forward? Do you want to be an actress or singer?
"I would like to continue acting, that's what I really love. Music is a huge part of my life but acting is definitely something that I'm really looking forward to getting more involved in. This next film I'm doing is a remake of a French film called LOL with Demi Moore and I'm really looking forward to working with her and the French director."

Have you met Demi yet?
"Yeah, we're good friends so I think it'll be fun to work with someone you like a lot. It makes it easier."

What's the film about?
"It's about this mum who's going through a mid-life crisis of drugs and all this crazy stuff and she thinks that her daughter will never understand and look up to her anymore because of the choices she makes. She then finds her daughter's diary and realises that she's doing worse than her and they go through this crisis together at different points of their life but realise how similar they are. I think it's a really cool story. We're shooting it independently so we can do it with exactly the edginess we want. It'll be a little darker than The Last Song."

The Last Song opens in UK cinemas on Friday.

Miley at Toluca Lake with Demi Lovato

Justin Gaston: "We [Miley and I] are friends or acquaintances or whatever you'd like to call it"

The following article was written by Ted Casablanca and Taryn Ryder so we have nothing to do with their opinion.

We're so stupidly smitten by 17-year-old Miley Cyrus and her ahead-of-time ways that we can never pass up an opportunity to chat with one of M's past romantic conquests.

Voila! Justin Gaston!

We know, don't be too jealous, we got to spend some exclusive quality time with the singer-slash-model, looking all shaggy and doable, all casual-like.

Yep, we ran into Cyrus' ex beau at Us Weekly's Hot Hollywood Style Party, and we simply had to check in on whether how well he's nursed his achy breaky heart—and what he really took away from dating M.C. (hint: he's ready for someone older)...

Nice job on American Idol last week!
Thank you.

You actually performed not too long after Miley. Are you two still on good terms? Did she give you any tips when facing the large audience?
Yeah, I mean we're friends or acquaintances or whatever you'd like to call it. Yeah, she was on before me, but I actually didn't get to see [her performance]. How'd she do?

She did fab per usual.
Well, good.

So are you two friendly enough to maybe do a duet together?
One day...maybe.

Gotcha. So you seem to have totally bounced back after the split and are currently single we hear.

After dating Miley, what are you looking for in a relationship?
A really nice, sweet girl that's pretty and nice.

Do you want another famous, high-profile girlfriend?
I'm not looking for anyone famous. Whoever! I don't know who it's gonna be.

Maybe someone a little older or more mature than Miley?
Probably...yeah. Well, I wouldn't say more mature! No. I don't know who it's gonna be yet.

Aw, Justin really is a nice kid. And we totally agree with him...Cyrus is very mature for her age. And we're not being sarcastic, mean it.

It's just hardish for Miles (who was 16 at the time) to date a 23 year old. So, can anyone predict what we're going to say? Nick Jonas is just the perf age for her!

Sorry, Liam, nothing against you, we totally heart ya, but you know we're gonna push Niley tlil it happens again (which it so will).

As for Justin, maybe a babe like Nikki Reed, who was at the same fete solo sizzling in pink, could be good for him. Or is she still going strong with Paris Latsis?

Who knows. Anyone care?


we're friends or acquaintances or whatever you'd like to call it

Read more:

Miley Cyrus GMA Summer Concert Series

"Good Morning America" today announced its sizzling 2010 Summer Concert Series lineup with the hottest chart-topping acts in the country.

From mega-watt stars Rihanna, Black Eyed Peas and Alicia Keys to pop sensations the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato, and Miley Cyrus to country superstars Sugarland and Lady Antebellum, "GMA" will be rocking out all summer long in Central Park.

For a little taste of rock history, "GMA" will also feature The GO-GO'S in their final television performance.

The 2010 Summer Concert Series returns for the second straight year to the Rumsey Playfield in Central Park, where music's biggest names will perform live every Friday.

"GMA's Summer Concert Series" kicks off on May 21 with the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato performing songs from the highly anticipated "Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam."

Viewers interested in joining "GMA" in Central Park are encouraged to arrive at Rumsey Playfield via the 69th Street entrance on Fifth Avenue at 6 a.m., when the park opens to the public.

All concerts are free and open to the public and will take place live during "Good Morning America," Fridays from 7 to 9 a.m. ET. Additional dates and acts will be announced throughout the summer. Concerts scheduled-to-date include the following:

May 21 – Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato, Camp Rock 2

June 18 - Miley Cyrus

Aug. 13 - Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato, Camp Rock 2

"I Can’t Be Tamed" Official Dates

Miley Cyrus is releasing her new 'I Can't Be Tamed' album on June 22 world wide. MySpace Music will host the global premier of the new single 'I Can't Be Tamed' on Friday, April 30 at 12 PM EST/9 AM PST. The song will hit the radio May 3 and will be available for digital download May 18.

The album will be available as a standalone CD, as well as a combo CD/DVD concert release. The DVD contains a full length, never-before-seen presentation from Miley's sold-out worldwide 'Miley World' tour. The concert will also be excerpted in a prime-time network special, to be announced shortly.

Miley has grown up in the public eye, and her new CD reveals her natural progression and sophistication. Miley teamed with Grammy Award-winning producer John Shanks plus collaborators Tim James & Antonina Armato. Tim & Antonina produced and co-wrote 'Can't Be Tamed' with Miley.

'Can't Be Tamed' is a self-empowering song in which Miley asserts that she has to stay true to herself in relationships, and it is sure to become an anthem among her legions of fans around the world. This summer Miley will appear at Rock in Rio dates in Lisbon May 29 and Madrid June 6, Good Morning America's Summer Concert Series in Central Park, Live! with Regis & Kelly June 18, and the Much Music Video Awards June 20.

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Miley Cyrus Picks Up The Keys To Her New House

Miley Cyrus has just picked up the keys to her $3.4 million dream home: The Spanish style Hacienda home, which was purchased a year ago and has undergone extensive renovations, is 4,045 sq feet in size and has four bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms plus a tennis court and pool.

There is a formal dining room with French doors that open to the yard, a wood-paneled study, and a state-of-the-art kitchen with a center island, granite counter tops, several sky lights and a menu planning area. Miley also installed a new recording studio in the property which has a detached guest house with two bedrooms, a living room and wet bar.

Source: OceanUP

New Miley Cyrus Rare Pics

New Mi Blog

Sat, Apr 24, 2010 - Hey everyone!
Hey guys sorry I haven’t blogging as much lately! My internet has been messed up but now I’m back! I hope everyone is happy and healthy! I love you guys so much! Xoxo


Miley Finnish Magazine DEMI Cover Girl

Miley Cyrus in Finnish Magazine DEMI! According to jjenskus, this is Miley's first magazine cover in Finland. She talks about The Last Song, her dream role in Sex And The City 2, her Party In The USA "pole dance" at Teen Choice Awards, deleting her Twitter, tattoo, best friends & Liam.

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Miley & Liam CBS Meeting

Miley Cyrus Is Not A Boyfriend Stealer

Laura Griffin cries over Liam hemsworth even though she now admits they were broken up. Liam was single during The Last Song so Miley is not a boyfriend stealer.

RUMOR: Miley, Demi & Jonas Brothers Friends For Change Shoot

WeAdoreMiley, who is a Miley fan, tweeted: Retweet: Fact: Miley, Demi, and the Jonas Brothers will be filming for Friends For Change today!

RUMOR: Miley on Sonny With a Chance?

WeAdoreMiley, who is a Miley fan, tweeted: Rumor: Miley is apparently going to appear of Sonny With A Chance. No confirmation. (She WAS seen at Sonnys Studio)

Bret Michaels admires Miley Cyrus for not taking “any s**t”

Bret Michaels admires Miley Cyrus for not taking “any s**t”.

The Poison singer – who has collaborated with the Hannah Montana star on their new single Nothing to Lose – is in awe of the 17-year-old singer-and-actress because she stands up for what she believes in.

He said: “Does she stir s**t up? No. What I think that she does is she doesn’t take any s**t. I love that about her. I’ve seen it. I’ve seen people come at her, come at me, and we’re both the same. I set them straight. A lot of times when you live in that Hollywood limelight, speaking your piece or doing your thing is organic and more controversial than people trying to be controversial. I think the trying stuff – I’m bored of it. You’re like, ‘Oh God, someone told them to go there and do that.’ ”

The 47-year-old rocker – who dated Pamela Anderson and appeared in a sex tape with the blonde beauty - has defended the outspoken teenager and doesn’t think Cyrus deliberately sets out to cause problems in her personal and work life.

Discussing whether or not Miley likes to create scandals, he added to America’s OK! magazine: “I think the exact opposite. I think she’s got a strong backbone. I don’t think she takes s**t from people. She’s unpredictable and that’s natural.”

Liam Hemsworth seeks help of girlfriend Miley Cyrus with Australian Childhood Foundation

Liam Hemsworth will be having a word in his superstar girlfriend's ear, asking Miley Cyrus to join him on a crusade to help Aussie kids.
Hemsworth, who is in Melbourne to promote his movie The Last Song, said he would ask the Hannah Montana star to join him as an ambassador for the Australian Childhood Foundation when he returns to his LA home next week: "I think she would (join), I will speak to her, but I don't see why not, she supports a whole bunch of good charities," Hemsworth said.


Miley & Noah Cyrus Personal Pics

Judging by the photos, clothes, hair and nails I believe the photos were taken backstage at the ABC studios in New York in late March:

Epilepsy sufferer meets Miley

A big dream is about to be fulfilled for a Weyauwega girl who suffers from epilepsy.

Autumn Breier is a huge Miley Cyrus fan, and the Make-a-Wish Foundation is about to bring the two of them together.

Amid flashing lights, horns, and sirens, 13-year-old Autumn arrived at her middle school Wednesday riding a fire truck as part of a celebration sponsored by the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

“They called my foster mom and told them my wish was coming true, and I was like, oh my goodness,” Amber says. “I was like in a happy mood.”

Autumn’s wish is to see Miley Cyrus, a music, television, and movie star and teenage idol.
“I like all of her songs a lot. Her songs are so fun to listen to, especially if you’re a fan of her.”
Originally Autumn was told it might take two years to fulfill the wish after she was put on a waiting list with 60 other names.

But last week, a surprise event with Miley Cyrus was announced.

On Tuesday, Autumn plans to fly to California. She hopes to meet Miley Cyrus on either Wednesday or Thursday at a private gathering for Make-a-Wish kids.

“There’s going to be 20 to 30 kids and families, then she will get some one-on-one time with her, too. All the kids will,” Autumn’s foster mom, Amy Ruelle, said.

“She talks about her,” Ruelle says, “and I’m sure she’ll talk to her like she’s known her forever.”

“I’m so excited,” Autumn says.

Health Say They'd Like to Work With Miley Cyrus

Underground noise rockers Health have unveiled themselves as unlikely fans of sugary teen popstrel and 'Hannah Montana' star Miley Cyrus -- and reckon a collaboration with them would boost her career.

The Los Angeles foursome's experimental leanings are a world away from the glitzy Hollywood sheen of the Billy Ray Cyrus' daughter.

But after being questioned by Scottish music blog The Daily Dose about who they would rather duet with to prevent their impending death -- the Jonas Brothers or Miley Cyrus -- band member Jupiter Keyes revealed a surprising taste for Cyrus.

He told the blog, "None of us are huge fans of the Jonas Brothers. But you wouldn't have to threaten death to get us to collaborate with Miley Cyrus. I would imagine it would be the reverse."

"We're actually all pretty impressed with a good handful of her tracks. If I told you 'Party in the USA' had heavy rotation in our tour van when it first came out would you be surprised? So Hannah ... if you want to take it to the next level, hit me up on the low. I'll have you on some s--- like you never heard before."

Miley Cyrus: "Making [The Last Song] was emotional because it is story of my mother"

Miley Cyrus and her mother Tish had tears in their eyes when they watched the teenage superstar's new movie for the first time.

That's because the emotionally-driven story of The Last Song is very close to the heart of the American showbiz family.

"It was not based on her, but it is kind of the story of my mother," Miley said.

"My mother lost her dad when she was 18, the same age as my character, Ronnie, in the movie. It was inspiring for me to see how my mother was when we were shooting the film."

The film, which sees a teenager coping with tragedy, was very much a family affair because Tish Cyrus was one of the producers.

So when Miley had to weep on camera, it helped to know her mum had experienced these feelings for real.

"Every time she was emotional, I would think of her," said Miley.

"It was hard for her, but it was also exciting that this story was being told."

Inevitably, there were floods of tears when the family watched the movie for the first time.

Miley said: "I think everybody walked away from the theatre crying. But my mother was crying not because she was sad, but because she was proud of the film we had made. She loved it."

The film has been released just as Miley is getting ready to film the final series of her hit show Hannah Montana.

She said: "It has been nice to have a break from the show and play something a little bit more dramatic," she said, adding that she faces the final stages of her time as Hannah Montana with mixed emotions.

"A part of that makes me sad because the show has been like a security blanket," said the young star. "But another part of me is happy to move on to a new chapter of my life.

"Just because I want to move on from the show doesn't mean I don't appreciate what it has given to me."

Miley is still just 17, but she talks with a confidence beyond her years - something that comes from a lifetime in showbiz.

Her dad is country star Billy Ray Cyrus, who had a global hit with Achy Breaky Heart in 1992.

When she was a tot Miley would appear on stage with her dad and by the time she was 11, she became the darling of Disney by starring in the studio's TV show Hannah Montana, which cast her as a schoolgirl who became a pop teen idol.

Life imitated art and Miley's first album from the series sold millions. She embarked on a huge tour, starred in Hannah Montana: The Movie and wrote Miles To Go, her biography.

The title suggests that Miley is here for the long run and indeed the girl from Tennessee has big plans for the future.

Her army of fans will be excited by the fact that in the new film, she has to kiss leading-man, 20-year-old Aussie hunk, Liam Hemsworth.

However, Miley insists that kissing on camera is no big deal.

"It's what you do for a job," she said. "If you read a script and you are going to get awkward about it, then you shouldn't take the role."

It probably helps that Miley and Liam fell in love for real during the making of The Last Song.

She said: "He is a foot taller than me, so it's interesting doing a scene with someone that much taller because you are on an apple box.

"But I work with my dad who is a lot taller than me, so I am used to standing on something when I do a scene."

Apart from having a romance with Liam, Miley also gets to lark about with her boyfriend. There's even a sequence, after his truck gets stuck in boggy ground, where the youngsters have a mud fight.

"There aren't that many times when you come to work and get to joke around like that," she said.

Another favourite moment for Miley was when she and Liam had do an underwater scene in the film.

She said: "I loved being able to swim with all the fish. It's great getting to film something that you thought that you'd never get to do in your whole life."

Another challenge for Miley in the film was to play the piano at a decent level because her character is a child prodigy.

However, it turned out to be much more easier than anyone could have imagined.

"Maybe it was easier because I already play guitar," she said. "I learned to play like a classically-trained musician - the way to sit and how to look when you are at the piano.

"It's a lot more about discipline than just casual playing.

"The learning experiences are the part of my job I really love.

"So many people dream of learning something like that and I had the experience along with making a movie."

Miley had a terrific rapport with her screen father, Greg Kinnear, the star of hits such as Little Miss Sunshine and As Good As It Gets.

Miley said: "It was really cool to work with him. Greg is a lot like my dad."

"He's very mellow and funny and everyone seems to fall in love with him. He was like a father figure to me while we were filming.

"We would sit on the porch and talk. We had a great relationship which I think comes across on screen."

Towards the end of the year, Miley will have her 18th birthday, but it appears that there is so much going on in her life that she hasn't given much thought to celebrations.

"I don't have any big plans yet," she said. "I'm sure I will have a party or something."

And she's not giving much away about what present she would like to receive, although she revealed she got the perfect gift two years ago to celebrate her 16th birthday.

"I got a puppy from my mother," she said. "It was something I had really, really wanted, so I was excited about that.

It was probably one of the best gifts I ever received. But I don't know what gifts I want this year - I want my friends to be creative."

Miley lives a glamorous and exciting life, but she accepts there is a down side to growing up in the full glare of the showbiz spotlight.

She said: "It's hard. I sometimes feel that I have been doing the Hannah Montana show for five years and I just want one day when I can be with my friends.

"But it's worth all that to do what I do and I love my job."

However, it took the Icelandic volcanic ash horror to stop Miley in her tracks.

A European tour was planned to promote The Last Song, but that, along with a glitzy London premiere, was scrapped when all international flights were grounded.

Miley said: "The weird thing is that it has been a blessing in disguise. It gave me the time off that I needed.

"My manager joked that it was really funny that the only thing that could stop me was a volcano, just because there was nothing I could do about it.

"So I was able to hang out with Liam and have a really good time."

Miley Cyrus Universal Studios Peace Sign

Miley flashes a peace sign as she poses at Universal Studios in Hollywood on Friday (April, 23th):

Miley & Liam NOT Getting Married Soon

She’s madly in love with her hunky Australian boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, but that doesn’t mean Miley Cyrus is gearing up for a wedding anytime soon.

There have been rampant rumors in the gossip mill that claim the “Hannah Montana” babe is looking to be a bride by the end of the year. But they’re all false.

OK magazine claimed, “Once Miley gets an idea in her head, there’s no talking her out of it… she is hooked on the idea of being a young bride.”

Another source furthered the story by stating that Miley and Liam “are already seriously thinking about marriage and Miley has her heart set on a Christmas wedding, a month after her 18th birthday.”

But in reality, Cyrus and Hemsworth are enjoying their dating relationship and not worried about getting too serious too fast.

Vita Chambers Talks About "The Last Song"

Demi Lovato, Joe Jonas, Miley Cyrus and Dallas Lovato Hanging Out?

New "The Last Song" Clip "Bitch..."

Friday, April 23, 2010

Miley Cyrus MTV Video Interview

Miley Cyrus Norwegian Magazine TOPP Interview

Miley Cyrus featured in Norwegian Magazine TOPP:

Q: How was it to act the kissing scenes with Liam?
A: It was okay! You just gotta be friendly with the guy who runs the lights! That's the trick to make the kiss look real, hehe.

Q: You're dating him in real life too, what are some qualities that he has that you appreciate?
A: He's a spontaneous and really relaxed person to be around. That is really comfortable. And we have great chemistry too.

Q: Are you a romantic girl?
A: No, not at all! I think those typical girl things are kinda cheesy. I'm not really a girlygirl.

Q: What have you learned from your previous relationships?
A: That it hurts when it ends, of course. But I've also gained a lot from it, you learn a lot about yourself when your in a relationship.

Q: You are very in love at this time, would you consider settling down and starting a family now?
A: No, not at all. I don't like to make plans for the future either. I don't know what's gonna happen later in my life, or who I'm gonna date in years from now or marry.

Q: But do you have any plans for the future?
A: Studying photography in London is something I could've done. But do you know what I really want to do? To be a wedding planner! That's really my dream job, but I couldn't have made it, since I never wear a watch.

Q: How do you identify with your character in The Last Song?
A: Like Ronnie, I too have a really close relationship with my family. And also the loss that Ronnie goes through is something I relate too. I lost my best friend when I was 12, and I thought a lot about that to recreate the pain in the movie.

Q: What have you learned from losing someone so close to you?
A: To never take what you have for granted. It's important to just stop and think about your life every now and then. I have so much to be grateful for.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Miley Cyrus & Taylor Lautner To Work Together In The Future?

Taylor Lautner may have a new leading lady in his future.

And she may be an even bigger star than he is.

There are rumblings across the entertainment blogosphere that representatives for both Taylor Lautner and Miley Cyrus have in been in talks to get two of the youngest and hottest stars in the business today to team up for an upcoming film project.

The news comes as a surprising development to some fans of Miley Cyrus who are well aware of her firm dislike of the Twilight series.

As it stands, however, there doesn't appear to be a particular script that both stars have taken a mutual interest in. Yet, the blockbuster duo of Taylor Lautner and Miley Cyrus has been an on-screen dream team since the idea first floated across the celebrity news blogosphere some twelve months ago.

While there is growing interest to pair Taylor Lautner and Miley Cyrus on screen as soon as possible, both stars have a busy year ahead of them. Reps for Miley Cyrus, for example, have suggested that the Hannah Montana beauty may already have as many as four films lined up for the remainder of the year. Meanwhile, Taylor Lautner is preparing for an epic performance as "Stretch Armstrong" in what is certain to be a box office blockbuster.

Would you like these two to work together?

RUMOR: Miley Cyrus Performing "I Can't Be Tamed" On Dancing With The Stars

Someone from twitter (@x0LifesGood0x) tweeted: MILEY CYRUS PERFORMING NEW SINGLE ON DWTS MAY 18, CONFIRMED!!!

This person claims to be friends with one of Miley Cyrus' dancers but it might be not so true. So for now, lets keep this as a rumor only.

Miley Cyrus Joining Jordan Pruitt and Mark Ballas for World Wish Day Commemoration

Miley Cyrus and Jordan Pruitt will be participating in World Wish Day at The Grove next week!

Along with Mark Ballas, the trio will be coming together to commemorate the day when one boy’s wish inspired a global wish-granting movement.

Miley, 17, will be “getting her good on” with 30 wish kids from around the world.

All the fun starts at 6PM at The Grove in Los Angeles. Will you be joining them?

Source: JustJaredJR

Miley Cyrus & Taylor Swift Hanging out?

Demi Moore Talks About Miley on MTV News

Miam 70th Hottest Couple

70. Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth
How quickly things change when you’re a tween starlet. Miley made our 2009 list for her romance with Justin Gaston, which met a sad fate over the summer. But when she started work on her movie The Last Song, she fell for her hunky Aussie co-star Liam, whom she’s been dating ever since. She’s described him as her “soulmate,” but we have doubts about their longevity: After all, she’s only 17!

Miley Cyrus Live From Studio Five

Iyaz Talks Miley Cyrus Duet

A Hannah Montana Look Back Commercial

Victoria Justice Talks About Miley and Others

Victoria Justice on Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber & Jonas Brothers:

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Miley Cyrus Forever 21 Shopping

Forever 21 Tweeted: Guess who came by to shop with her model boyfriend at our Pasadena, CA flagship store? She's just being Miley!

Wonder World Tour Halloween in Louisville Video

Mike Schmid posted a video from the Wonderworld tour on Halloween:

Miley Cyrus Video Message To Fans: "Sorry I'm not in London"

Lindsay Lohan: "Samantha Ronson Spit In My Face Then Left With Miley Cyrus' Ex"

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"The Last Song" Doing Great At Box Office

According to final studio figures found at Box Office Mojo, on its second weekend the Steve Carell-Tina Fey comedy Date Night took in $16.72 million, while at nearly 1,000 fewer theaters Neil LaBute’s R-rated Death at a Funeral remake, starring Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence, Danny Glover, Avatar’s Zoe Saldana, and James Marsden, collected $16.21 million ($6,595 average; the highest among the top twelve films).

Down from #1 to #5, Clash of the Titans, starring Sam Worthington, earned $15.38 million.

After a nearly $10 million gap, the Miley Cyrus-Liam Hemsworth The Last Song, based on Nicholas Sparks‘ bestseller, was #6 with $5.92 million.

Next in line was Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married Too, featuring Janet Jackson, with $4.09 million, followed by Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, starring Mia Wasikowska, Johnny Depp, and Helena Bonham Carter, with $3.65 million.

At #9, the MGM comedy Hot Tub Time Machine, starring John Cusack, grossed $3.49 million.

Rounding out the top thirteen were Jennifer Aniston’s The Bounty Hunter with $3.08 million, Diary of a Wimpy Kid with $2.79 million, James Cameron’s Avatar with $1 million, and Roman Polanski’s The Ghost Writer with $681K.

Among the top thirteen movies, The Bounty Hunter had the lowest per-theater average: $1,246. Avatar was the only movie that posted gains: an impressive +18.7% after adding 46 theaters.


Miley Cyrus GMTV Live Interview

Monday, April 19, 2010

Debby Ryan Compliments Miley Cyrus' Fashion Sense

Tiger Beat asked Debby Ryan who inspires her personal style: 'I always think it’s interesting that Miley Cyrus can go to Coffee Bean in a ripped tank top and she looks good. I feel like she takes risks and that’s awesome! Anyone who is inspired to be bold is great.'

Miley Cyrus' Rock In Rio Lisboa 2010 Possible Set List

As you might know Miley Cyrus is going to Portugal for the first time next month. And here's the rumored set list for her concert at Rock In Rio Lisboa 2010:

1 – Breakout
2 – Stal All Over
3 – 7 Things
4 – Kicking And Screaming
5 – Bottom Of The Ocean
6 – Fly On The Wall
7 – Thriller
8 – Let’s Get Crazy
9 – Hoedown Throwdown
10 – These Four Walls
11 – When I Look At You
12 – Obsessed
13 – Spotlight
14 – Girls Night Out
15 – I Love Rock’n’Roll
16 – Party In The U.S.A
17 – Hovering
18 – Simple Song
19 – See You Again
20 – The Climb

NOTE: This is a RUMORED set list. It might be fake.

Are you going to her concert? If so, let us know!

Nick Jonas Talks "Before The Storm" [Full Video]

Nick talks about "Before The Storm" starting at 3 minutes.

Miley & Liam LA Sushi Lunch

Miley & Liam out to lunch for sushi in LA yesterday (April, 18th).

Official Confirmation: Miley, Liam & Julie Anne Robinson not attending "The Last Song" UK Premiere

Official Confirmation: 'Due to the current flight restrictions over the UK we would like to inform you that Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth and Julie Anne Robinson will no longer be attending the European Charity Premiere of The Last Song in support of Great Ormond Street Children’s’ Hospital on Tuesday 20th April, 2010. This screening will still go ahead for ticket holders.'

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Moving Into A House Together?

Miley Cyrus and boyfriend Liam Hemsworth reportedly looked at mansions in Toluca Lake together, including a $3.95 million dream home. A real estate agent told the Daily Star Sunday: 'Miley fell in love with this property instantly.'

Mommy Tish and Billy Ray were initially 'dead against' her and Liam setting up home together. Miley said: 'Mom said she would be broken-hearted if I left before my 18th birthday in November.' But Miley finally persuaded her parents to let her buy her own house as long as it was no further than five miles from their home.

A friend revealed: 'She’s been in seventh heaven since they caved in and agreed to let her get her own place. They really can’t bear to let their little girl go. I think it rankles with her dad that she’s going to shack up with a guy straightaway. They adore Liam but there has been real tension over his plans with their daughter.'

Liam first suggested that he and Miley buy a loft apartment located near Hollywood and Vine: 'Tish and Billy Ray nixed that idea. They feared Liam and Miley would be seduced by the riotous nightlife.' Billy Ray will still have to co-sign any property deal because Miley is still a minor.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hannah Montana 4 Possible Premiere Date

EpicPosters from twitter, tweeted: Premiere of the first part of the fourth row Hannah Montana is set at 11 July. Date but may still change!

Danielle Bux Doesn't Let Her Daughter Watch "Hannah Montana"

Danielle Bux doesn't like Disney's Hannah Montana programme.

The model stops her daughter Ella, 7, watching the show, which stars Miley Cyrus, 17.

'Hannah Montana is banned in our house!' says Danielle, 30, 'She's too grown up and I don't think she should be a role model.'

Miley Cyrus Not Going To UK This Week?

A Miley Cyrus' fan, @Lois_Lovebug, tweeted: Miley's not coming to the UK this week. Its was on Radio 1. She tried to drive/ferry and get a flight. but she couldnt D:

So what will happen to everything Miley was going to do in the UK this week, including the UK premiere of "The Last Song"? Do you think it will be cancelled?

Justin Bieber & Miley Cyrus Are The New Teen King & Queen Of Pop

Well, yeah. According to Us Weekly Magazine they are the new teen king and queen of pop. Do you agree?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Miley's Dancer Tweets About "I Can't Be Tamed" Music Video

Draico, one of Miley Cyrus' dancers, tweeted today (April, 17th): MILEy MILEY MILEY this freaking VIDEO.. Ask @Jamizzi OMGGGGGGGG I love it I love it I love it..... GREAT JOB everybody... Yall just waitttt

"The Last Song" UK Premiere Tickets Picture

This is what "The Last Song" UK premiere tickets look like (click on the image to zoom in):

Thanks to EntirelyMiley from twitter

Miley Cyrus The One Show Appearance Soon

Miley is rumored to be on The One Show on Monday 19th April, BBC1 7pm. If it's any different from this date, I'll let you know.

Thanks to xTalkIsCheapx from twitter.

Men Magazine Singers With More Gay Audience List

Men magazine's website published a list of the singers with more gay audience. Miley Cyrus is on the list at number 22 behind artists like Lady GaGa, Madonna, Katy Perry and Justin Bieber.

Here's the complete list:
01- Lady GaGa
02- Cher
03- Mariah Carey
04- Kylie Minogue
05- Madonna
06- Christina Aguilera
07- Britney Spears
08- Beyoncé
09- Amy Winehouse
10- Rihanna
11- Katy Perry
12- Donna Summer
13- Rick Martin
14- Whitney Houston
15- Michael Jackson
16- The Pussycat Dolls
17- Pink
18- Ke$ha
19- Celine Dion
20- Justin Bieber
21- Estelle
22- Miley Cyrus
23- Justin Timberlake
24- Cyndi Lauper
25- Deborah Cox

Friday, April 16, 2010

Miley gets camera shy at Robeks

Miley and Liam at Robeks today (April 16th):

Not all the pics are on that slideshow because there were so many that looked a like a lot but go here to see every single pic.

People Magazine 20 Most Boring Pop Clips

01- Lady Gaga – Love Game
02- U2 – Numb
03- Jennifer Lopez – Hold It Don’t Drop It
04- BeyoncĂ© feat. Lady Gaga – Video Phone
05- Michael Jackson – Beat It
06- The Black Eyed Peas – Don’t Phunk With My Heart
07- Shakira – No
08- The Pussycat Dolls – When I Grow Up
09- Shakira – She Wolf
10- Britney Spears – Gimme More
11- Miley Cyrus – Start All Over
12- Christina Aguilera – Genie in a Bottle
13- Fall Out Boy – The Take Over, the Breaks Over
14- Madonna – Jump
15- P!nk – Stupid Girls16- Spice Girls – Viva Forever
16- Spice Girls – Viva Forever
17- P!nk – Get the Party Started
18- Rihanna – Rehab
19- Avril Lavigne – Girlfriend [Remix]
20- Hilary Duff – Play With Fire

Do you agree?

Miley Cyrus Habbo Runway Judge

Emily Osment Reveals Hannah Montana Details

FF to 4:15 for Hannah Montana questions.


"I Can’t Be Tamed" Music Video Dates

"I Can’t Be Tamed" Music Video Dates:
May 3rd (midnight) – Video Sneak Peak Pictures
May 4th – World Premiere of the Music Video

Are you excited?

BBC Radio 1 Appearance Soon

Miley Cyrus will be live in the studio on BBC Radio 1 with Fearne Colton at 10:00am Tuesday April 20th.

Thanks to beautifulballad from twitter

Miley & Liam Bedford Drive

Miley Cyrus & boyfriend Liam Hemsworth leave the doctor on Bedford Drive yesterday (April 15th).

Thursday, April 15, 2010

New "The Last Song" Clip "Right Dress"

Liam dishes on decorating Miley's new home & listening to her music

Liam Hemsworth dished on his workout secrets, girlfriend, Miley Cyrus, and decorating Miley’s new pad to People magazine. Liam said, “Surfing has been my main sport growing up, so that’s always helped.” He worked out six days a week to get his fine physique in The Last Song.
Liam also said he hates running on the treadmill or doing the stationary bike, “It just explodes my mind.” And when asked if he listens to girlfriend, Miley Cyrus’ music while he works out he said, “She’ll sneak in there every now and then. ‘The Climb’ is good or ‘Party in the USA.’ Even better, I will just get her to sing to me while I work out!”

However, the adorable couple does not work out together. Liam said, “She does a lot of dancing – so that’s her workout. I couldn’t keep up with her dancing because she’s super flexible and she’s throwing up her legs up around her head and stuff like that.”

And when asked if he would be helping Miley decorate her new home he replied, “I could come in and gather some pictures of myself to put on her wall and see what she says. I’ll sign it for her as well, and it will say, ‘Dear Miley, best wishes with the new house!’”


Win "The Last Song" UK Premiere Tickets

The site said: The pair will be appearing in London’s Leicester Square on Tuesday, April 20 at the UK premiere of coming-of-age drama The Last Song. We have five pairs of tickets to giveaway.

Click here to enter. Good luck!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Edwin Chachi Camacho Tweets About Miley's New Single "I Can't Be Tamed"

@JustChachi tweeted today (April, 14th):

YES, I am listening to the new MC single, "I Can't Be Tamed." on repeat, with my headphones on, so I don't bug anyone... ;)

Gym Time aka Lunch Time... Time to plug in the pod and test out this new single, "I Can't Be Tamed." Wish me luck!!!

Miley Cyrus GMTV Appearance Soon

Miley will be on GMTV on Tuesday 20th April while she is in London promoting "The Last Song".

Source: xTalkIsCheapx from twitter

Baseball players love "Party In The USA"

Today's A.M. Hot Clicks linked to a piece about Marlins outfielder Cameron Maybin using Miley Cyrus' Party in the U.S.A as his at-bat music. Since then, it's been brought to my attention by numerous folks that Troy Tulowitzki and Nick Johnson come to the plate to this song as well. I will try to further investigate this epidemic and find out why this is happening.

UPDATE, 5:19 p.m.: Tons of readers have chimed in to say that Johnson uses the song because it's a favorite of his 4-year-old daughter. I'm still waiting for excuses from Maybin and Tulowitzki.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Miley Cyrus & Sheryl Crow Duet Coming

A Holland teenager looking to make his big break in music has a great opportunity to get noticed. Joel T. Crouse, 17, a Tantasqua Regional High School graduate, is singing backup vocals on a soon-to-be-released duet by teen singing sensation Miley Cyrus and Sheryl Crow.
Crouse was in Nashville a few weeks ago working with some fellow songwriters when he got a call from his producer, Jamie Houston.

“While I was there, my producer (who is producing the single) asked me to get to a studio,” Crouse said. “I recorded the part and it was cool. It was a good experience.”

Crouse said he is not at liberty to name the song or reveal its release date.


The Last Song Makes Over 42 Million Dollars

The movie "The Last Song" occupied the 5th place in its second weekend in theaters making $ 9,832,326, but in total it has won more than 42 million dollars. Congrats to everyone who worked on the movie! They did a great job.

Miley Cyrus Wants Her Sister Noah To Be The Next Teen Star

With the end of her show Hannah Montana, actress and singer Miley Cyrus wants to leave her place of teen star for her sister Noah Cyrus, aged 10. Miley said to the creator of Hannah Montana, Richard Correll, that she wanted Noah to be the star of the new show that he is preparing. The new series should be about a popular high school girl and her group of friends, who every day at school do good deeds to help others.

Teen Choice Awards 2010 Details

Teen Choice Awards 2010 is already being promoted by FOX.
According to the website of the channel, the awards will take place on August 8, Sunday. However, the event will not be broadcasted live on any channel. But on August 9, Monday, American FOX will show all the event.

According to the site, presenters and singers who will perform for the awards will be announced soon and also the categories and its nominees. This will be the 13th edition of the awards.

As you for sure know, last year Miley made the first live performance of Party in the USA and caused controversy at the awards for her choreography. Many people said she was "poll dancing" which she really wasn't. Lets hope this year Miley gets to perform once again and do the amazing thing she always does, make us want to get up and dance.

Are you excited to see the nominees and performers?

CelebTV Talks Rumored Miam Wedding

Miley Heads To 204 Studios For A Photoshoot

Miley Cyrus spent Monday at a photoshoot at 204 Studios in Hollywood looking flawless and perfect. She was visited by Billy, his dogs, Mommy Tish and Mate. When Miley left the studio she drove away in her Mercedes SUV.

New "The Last Song" Backstage Photos

New Song "Still There For Me" New Preview

Monday, April 12, 2010

Nick Jonas Talks "Before The Storm"

"I Can't Be Tamed" Music Video Backstage Photos

Miley Cyrus Twitter Account Was Restored

Miley Cyrus is back on twitter...or maybe not!
Miley's twitter account has been restored but It is NOT her. After 6 months of being desactivated, anyone can take the username. And that's what happened so don't get fooled. Miley is not back on twitter.

Miley Talks About MuchMusic Video Awards 2010

Miley said: 'I’m so excited to co-host the MuchMusic Video Awards. I can’t wait to get back to Canada and perform for all of my fans. It’s going to be an awesome night!'

MuchMusic Video Awards 2010 is set for Sunday, June 20 @ 8 PM ET, LIVE from MuchMusic Headquarters in Toronto.

More About "I Can't Be Tamed" Music Video

Miley Cyrus spent her weekend shooting the video for 'I Can't Be Tamed' the first single off her new album. According to E!, boyfriend Liam Hemsworth was on set to support her. The 'edgy' video won't be released until May, it features Miley caught in a giant bird cage.

A source said, 'Imagine 'Party in the USA' on steroids. It will blow people away.' Miley appeared happy with the shoot herself, she was all smiles as she hosted a wrap dinner party Sunday night at Chateau Marmont.

Source: OceanUP

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hannah Montana Creators Sue Disney

Two of the 'Hannah Montana' franchise creators have sued Disney Channel for more than $5 million in profits from the show. Barry O'Brien and Richard Correll say they've been denied their fair share of the Miley Ray Cyrus series.

O'Brien and Correll created the show with Michael Poryes in 2005. They now say they're owed millions in pre-negotiated percentage-based bonuses based on their back-end deals and Writers Guild of America requirements for writers who receive 'created by' credits.

That Disney has denied repeated requests for payment and thwarted attempts to audit profits from the show. Correll claims he was wrongfully terminated from the show and 'blackballed' from future directing gigs by Disney.

Correll believes 'the real reason for Defendants' termination and blackballing was Disney's desire to retaliate' against him 'for a) seeking compensation owing to Correll' and O'Brien and 'b) their testimony against Disney in the WGA Arbitration,' according to the complaint. Poryes, the third 'Hannah' creator, sued Disney on similar grounds in October 2008.

#NileyLunchDate is a Twitter Trending Topic

An year ago, Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas went on a lunch date. It was the same time "Before The Storm" was recorded and released. Today is the 1 year anniversary of that date so Niley fans tried to trend #NileyLunchDate succefully.

The topic #NileyLunchDate has gone higher. This photo is from when it first started trending.

What do you think of this being a trending topic? Are Niley fans going too far or you think they're just showing their support?

Photo From Miley's New Music Video Shoot

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Last Song UK Premiere Details

The premiere of The Last Song in London will take place on April 20th. It was confirmed that Miley, Liam Hemsowrth and director of the film, Julie Anne Robinson, will be there. Tickets for the event are already for sale and 30% of the money will go to the Institution Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity, which helps children suffering from diseases.

New Miley Music Video Shoot Is Today

Miley's dancers tweeted today (April, 10th):

Early morning Video shoot! Go Miley go!

Goodmorning! So excited for this video shoot! Here we come! Weeeee!!!

Shooting Miley Cyrus new video today! :D

Miley Video Shoot Today!!!! :)

On Set… Its about to go down…. Everyone looks Amazing @jpSanPedro @AshleeNino @KaylaRadomski4 @SeanLBankhead @Tyenyriamyers @BiancaShort @OverLA26 @KendraAndrews1

Miley At Robeks Juice in Toluca Lake