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Miley's Halloween costume

Miley Cyrus' sexy Pocahontas Halloween costume.

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Miley Cyrus 'I Love Rock 'n Rock' HQ

We give you the Highest Quality of the miley cyrus cover 'I Love Rock 'n Rock' That is available.

NOTE as you may have seen we uploaded this video but we do NOT own this song!Enjoy :)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Miley Cyrus Suprising Some Fans

New MileyWorld Video!

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Miley Cyrus Talking About Taylor Swift And Taylor Lautner

Miley Cyrus On Taylor Swift And Taylor Lautner: 'Sounds Good To Me'

'I'm not into the drama,' she says of the romance rumors surrounding her friends.

Miley Cyrus may be friends with both Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner, but that doesn't mean that the teen queen has any idea if the two are really dating. But, if they are, she's really happy for them.

"The Taylors? Oh, I don't know. I'm not into the drama. I have no idea," she told Chicago's B96 morning show during a tour stop earlier this week, where she also talked about her recent departure from Twitter. "But I've known Taylor [Lautner] since I was really young."

Cyrus, who starred in the "Hannah Montana" movie alongside Swift earlier this year, shared that she was once also cast in a flick with Lautner. "When he did '[The Adventures of] Sharkboy and Lavagirl,' it was between me and somebody else, and then I ended up doing 'Hannah Montana,' so I've known him for, like, a really long time," she said, adding that she fully approves of the couple — if they are dating. "I mean, if he's happy and if she's happy, sounds good to me."

Taylor Swift recently played coy during interviews when asked about her rumored romance with the "Twilight" star and her "Valentine's Day" co-star.

"I don't know, he's an amazing guy and we're really close ... and ah ... yep," she told CMT Radio Live's Cody Alan in an interview, before later in the day giggling with Ellen DeGeneres when asked about Lautner. "We're in a movie together, and I am really excited about seeing it."

Source: MTV

Miley Cyrus; only 17 days until Fuzzy's execution

The fight to save Fuzzy is growing rapidly. Miley Cyrus has yet to comment on the fiasco, but many other people are speaking up in light of this fans threat. Several twitter pages have popped up and even a petition site.

As of 1:00 pm Eastern time, the petition had gathered 104 signatures; the goal is 1,000. The Miley Save Fuzzy Twitter page is up to 1,677 followers and the Twitter page of Don't Kill Fuzzy has 589 followers, while the Twitter page of the girl who started the petition, Ana Hollywood, has 94. Its a shame that the crazed fan has more followers than those two twitter pages combined.

There have been many breaks in the story since yesterday. First, it was speculated that the fan may have been Miley's 53 year old alleged stalker, Mark McLeod. Now, it is being reported that the fan is 18 year old Looney Bird Johnson (I really hope that's an alias!).

Many have also pointed out that the individual must live in the United States. Why? In the threat given on the website, the fan states that Miley must return to Twitter before 10 pm eastern time on November 16, 2009. With that logic, this would put the fan somewhere on the east coast of the United States. Of course, it could also be an intelligent ploy by the fan to throw people off.

It is unclear weather PETA has gotten involved with the cause yet, but hopefully they will. The clock is ticking and there is only 17 days to save Fuzzy!

Do You Think Miley Should Save Fuzzy?

Source: The Examiner

Miley Cyrus Dave & Ryan Show Interview

Miley talks about what kind of t-shirt guys should wear, what she's going to be for Halloween and her favorite part of her show.

Source: DaveRyanShow On YT

Miley Cyrus Ryan Secreast Interview

Miley Cyrus called into Ryan Seacrests morning radio show, On-Air with Ryan Seacrest, on Friday, October 30, 2009 from her Wonder World Tour.

She Talks About City of Hope Concert & singing the Climb with a cancer patient, Being sick, Touring with Trace, Her 17th birthday, Dollywood & Dolly Parton, Sex & the City 2, Party in the USA, The Climb, & See You Again.

Source: TheAshleighAR On YT

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New MileyWorld Blog!

Posted on Oct 29, 2009

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't blogged in a while! Life has been SO crazy!

First, I wanna thank you guys for making "Party in the USA" #1 in the country! You guys have always been so supportive but you have really out done yourself this time! Thank you for everything!

I also wanna thank you guys for helping me receive the Spirit of Life award from City of Hope! I got this award because of YOU! You have given me so many opportunities to do good and have supported me the entire way!

I also want to remind you about my site GETURGOODON.ORG! It is an online community that helps you share what good you have done! It is amazing to watch so many people get out there and get their good on! It is so inspiring to me and also encouraging other kids to do the same! THANK YOUUUU!

I wish you all happiness and health! Always, Miley Cyrus

Source: UKMileySupport on Twitter

Miley Cyrus Threatend & Stalker Is Free


Sean Christian Mathis, a 22-year-old soldier, allegedly threatened to murder Miley Cyrus. In June, cops said that he drove up to Miley's movie set in a t-shirt and swim trunks, saw Miley's stunt double and shouted, 'Hey, it's Miley Cyrus, I'm going to f**king kill you.'

According to the police report, an officer ran down and arrested Mathis for making 'terroristic threats' and disorderly conduct. During the arrest, cops said Mathis informed them he was a soldier, so the cops called the military police, then took him back to his base.

A Georgia grand jury refused to indict a Mark McLeod, 53, on charges of attempting to stalk Miley as she filmed a movie. The jury decided that prosecutors failed to present sufficient evidence to indict Mark.

McLeod has been jailed since Aug. 4 after police arrested him twice on Tybee Island. Police say Mark told them he was engaged to marry Miley and resisted being escorted from the set.

State Your Opinion About This Situation

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Miley Cyrus Y98 Interview

Miley Cyrus interview with Y98 back stage at her St. Louis show. She talks about how St. Louis was were she kicked off 'Best Of Both Worlds' tour with the Jonas Brothers, plus how she and Nick J had frozen yogurt at a famous place there and they were JUST talking about it this morning.
She also talk a little about 'Party In The USA' being on the top 40 and a bit more about her concert.

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Miley Cyrus Voted Worst Celebrity Influence of 2009

Miley Cyrus has been raising eyebrows lately with her rebellious behavior.

She's shed her squeaky clean 'Hanna Montana' image and replaced it with pole dancing and super sexy outfits that would make most parents send their daughters to their room.

So it should come as no surprise that Miley has been voted the worst celebrity influence of 2009 by the very people who made her a star, tweens and teens.

AOL's (Just So You Know) website said Miley got 42% of votes when readers were asked which celebrity had the worst in a section on worst celebrity influences of the year.

She beat out stars like Britney Spears and Kanye West, who were voted into second and third places.

No reasons were given as to why she was voted the worst celebrity influence of 2009, but we're assuming the pole dancing she did recently at the Teen Choice Awards didn't help.

And who could forget those racy photos she sent her ex boyfriend Nick Jonas? Do you think Miley is a bad influence on children?


Miley Cyrus' Party In The USA Number 1 On Billboard

Hollywood Records superstar Miley Cyrus had her first #1 single at Top 40 radio with Party in the USA on October 26. The song had nearly 11,000 spins, beating out competing tracks by Beyonce, Lada GaGa and Kelly Clarkson. Miley's fall 2009 UK tour sold out weeks in advance, the first time that has ever been done by a female artist touring Britain for the first time.

B96 Radio Interview

Source: B96Chicago on Youtube

Girl threatens to kill her cat unless Miley Cyrus reopens her twitter account

Miley Cyrus has made many people angry by closing her Twitter account. One fan has now threatened to kill her cat Fuzzy [And cook/ eat it, it's LEGAL in her country], unless Miley reopens the account by November 16, 2009. Details about @ the campaign here. Do YOU think Miley should reopen her account to save an innocent animals life?

From the girl's website: Let me clarify: This is NOT a prank or a hoax. I am not joking, even if some will choose to interpret it that way. Cooking a cat is not illegal in my country, in fact it's part of our culture. I'm not asking for money or any other benefit. Fuzzy is my cat and I will not entertain any offers of selling or giving him away. If Miley doesn't tweet again, this WILL happen, and I'm as serious as a heart attack.

To help Fuzzy from being killed: Fuzzy's life is hanging by a thread and will end if I do not achieve my goal. Ultimately, Miley is the only one who has the power to save Fuzzy. Use #mileysavefuzzy on Twitter raise awareness. The most important thing is making sure Miley knows about this.

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More photos from Wonder World Tour booklet

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More Concert Dates Added For The London Shows

New concert date in London added to be toured in Wonder World Tour. The new show will be on 29 December and will be the last show of the tour in London.
Here is a list of the show in the UK:
13/12/2009 London, England
14/12/2009 London, England
19/12/2009 London, England
20/12/2009 London, England
16/12/2009 Dublin, Ireland
17/12/2009 Dublin, Ireland
22/12/2009 Birmingham, United Kingdom
23/12/2009 Birmingham, United Kingdom
27/12/2009 Manchester, United Kingdom
28/12/2009 Manchester, United Kingdom
29/12/2009 London, England

Miley Cyrus: "Sarah Jessica Parker Is So Cute"

The Hannah Montana star talks Sex And The City

Miley Cyrus has revealed what it was like filming her role for Sex And The City 2.

Although fans won’t be able to catch the Hannah Montana star in action until next year, Miley has dished the dirt on her SATC cast members.

She told Extra: “I think that Sarah Jessica Parker is so cute…the first thing she did was hold someone's coffee so that they could take a picture with me."

Cyrus who stars as herself in the film, lands herself in hot water with Kim Cattrall’s character Samantha Jones when she turns up to a film premiere wearing the same dress.

Unfortunately for Miley, she was unable to keep the glittery gown but she did receive one memento of her time with the New York ladies.

Miley explains: "I didn't get to keep the dress because they need it for Kim, but I got to keep the necklace. The necklace is cool. It's, like, these giant spikes, and I wanted to wear it while I was performing. My mom was like, 'That could be dangerous. ... You can't wear that onstage’.”

Source: MTV UK

Miley Cyrus Answering Questions At Concert Of Hope

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus Bathroom Pose

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Selena Gomez talks about Miley Cyrus

Selena Gomez talked about Miley Cyrus to OK Magazine:

You worked with Miley Cyrus in Hannah Montana...
"Miley is a sweetheart, she is so sweet! We're both from the south so we talk about food and our home."

You and Miley are good friends?
"Well, we don't speak every day or something, she is very busy."


Miley Cyrus at Concert For Hope [Photos]

Miley's performances at Concert For Hope

Simple Song

Party in the USA

Thriller Dance Tribute

When I look at you

The Climb

Miley Cyrus at Concert For Hope [Video]

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

New "The Climb" Acoustic Performance

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Disney Twitter Confidentiality Contract

Two major Hollywood studios have taken steps to try and censor the candid tweets of their stars. According to The Hollywood Reporter, a recent contract issued by Disney forbade confidentiality breaches via 'interactive media such as Facebook, Twitter or any other interactive social network or personal blog'.

At DreamWorks, writers have been told not to jump the gun on studio press releases via 'a social networking site, blog or other internet-type site'. An entertainment lawyer told THR: 'This is just the beginning. Hollywood has a long history of controlling what talent says in the media. This is just a new area of media that hasn't been controlled yet.'

Source: OceanUP

2 new photos of Miley and Max Azria Clothing Line

Friday, October 23, 2009

Miley thrilled to have ‘Sex and the City’ cameo

Miley Cyrus is thrilled to have recently filmed her cameo in “Sex and The City 2.”

The teen star plays herself in the film, turning up on the red carpet in the same dress as Kim Cattrall’s character, PR mogul Samantha Jones. The two shot their scene last week and Cyrus revealed she went home with a rather fancy trinket from the set — just not her stunning metallic gown.

“I returned [the dress],” Cyrus told Billy Bush for Access Hollywood and “The Billy Bush Show” on Friday. “But I did get to keep the necklace, which is a rad little reminder of what I got to do. It was a really cool experience.”

Source: accesshollywood

Miley talks about the Swine Flu rumor and Cody Linley

Miley Cyrus says she doesn’t have the swine flu, but she does have a few words she’d like to share with her “Hannah Montana” co-star Cody Linley, who started the rumor outbreak!

In a recent interview with Reelz Channel’s Hollywood Dailies, Cody said that Miley told him she had cancelled dates on her tour due to coming down with the swine flu.

“I spoke with her the day that she canceled the tour. She said she felt really bad, she didn’t understand what was happening, but she just got really sick and had to run off stage because things were just like on her heart, too heavy,” he said during the interview. “Then the next day she told me she had the swine flu.”

But, when the young teen star spoke with Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush on Friday in an interview radio’s “Billy Bush Show,” she said she did not have the dreaded flu.

“Did you have the swine flu? The H1N1?” Billy asked Miley.

“No! Freaking Cody Linley was on the carpet last night and I think that he just like said stuff, so no,” Miley said. “I had like really really bad strep, and I was really really sick, but no.”

As for Cody, he might regret what he said about his “Hannah Montana” co-star.

“I’m gonna give him a talking to!” she joked.

As for Miley’s bout with strep throat, she explained to Billy that she has since recovered.

“I’m much better now, thank goodness,” she said.

Here's the interview:

Source: accesshollywood

VH1 website's nominations

VH1's website chose the best tours and other stuff too. Miley got the second place in the category TOP TOURS and also in TOP VIDEOS.

1- DownJay (Sean)
2- Party In The U.S.A. (Miley Cyrus)
3- 21 (GunsGreen Day)
4- Paparazzi (Lady Gaga)

1- Britney Spears
2- Miley Cyrus
3- Eminem
4- Nickelback


Miley had Swine Flu?

When Miley Cyrus feel sick earlier this month, her publicist said it was strep throat. However, her costar Cody Linley had a different story. He told Reelz Channel: 'I spoke with Miley the day that she canceled the tour.

She said she felt really bad, she just didn't understand what was happening, but she just got really sick and had to run off stage because things were just, like, on her heart, too heavy. Then the next day she told me she had the swine flu.'

Miley released this statement to E! News: 'Miley never had the swine flu, doesn't have the swine flu, is not sick and has a concert tonight.' According to Cody, Miley was back to 100 percent as of Thursday night as she prepared to play in Birmingham after her difficult battle with SWINE H1N1 FLU.

Source: OceanUP

Cody Linley Talks Miley Twitter Delete

Cody Linley talked about Miley's Twitter delete at the ScreamFest 2009 premiere of 'Forget Me Not' at Mann Chinese 6 Theatre in Hollywood.
Please skip to 02:37.

Source: OceanUP

Miley Cyrus Leaving City Wok

Paying a visit to one of her favorite dining spots, Miley Cyrus was spotted leaving City Wok Chinese restaurant in Studio City on Thursday (October 22).

The “Hannah Montana” cutie looked to be in her normal cheerful mood, sporting a white t-shirt, short black skirt and toting around a stylish Chanel handbag.

Meanwhile, Miss Cyrus got a big stamp of approval for her guest spot on the “Sex and the City” sequel from actress Kristin Davis.

“I was not [on set that day],” she said. “I love Miley. If Miley loves us, I’m thrilled. I heard it’s true. “

Pictures Of Miley At City Wok!

PHOTO: Sex And The City 2 Trailer

Miley Cyrus posing in her Sex And The City 2 trailer in New York City last

Will you go see the movie now that Miley has a cameo role in it?

Source: OceanUP

Miley Cyrus Grants a Wish

Ask any little girl what their number one wish is, and chances are good that they will tell you they want to meet Miley Cyrus. Well, that wish came true Tuesday night for one little five year old. Before taking the stage at the New Orleans Arena to play for a sold out crowd, Miley met with a 5 year old girl who is suffering from a type of bone cancer. The singer spent time talking with the family and also signed some keep sakes for the girl. The State Police Grant-A-Wish program arranged for the meeting and for the girl to attend the concert.


Miley Cyrus first ever boyfriend

Destiny Hope Cyrus, BEFORE she changed her beautiful name to Miley Ray Cyrus, hanging with her then boyfriend Kyle Leopard. From Emily: “My friend Kyle Leopard went to elementary school with Miley Cyrus and even dated her then. He lived down the road from their house and they hung out a lot. He hasn’t talked to her since he moved here to North Carolina. He said he regrets not keeping in touch with her now. But he said she was a really sweet girl and she would always sing in class so he’s happy that she’s made it to where she is today."

More photos:


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jimmy Kimmel Live's tribute to Miley's twitter

Jimmy Kimmel Live did a 'tribute' to Miley's twitter and he also made a joke about it. Very funny!
Check it out:

Source: JimmyKimmelLive on Youtube

Lets do this [Miley Cyrus and Mitchel Musso duet version]

On a Hannah Montana episode called "Judge me tender" Oliver Oken sings a song by Hannah which is "Lets do this" and when Miley's and Mitchel's different versions are put together this is what it sounds like:

Source: MileyCyrusChilefans on Youtube

E! Online Hottest Stars Under Age

E! Online did a list of the hottest stars under age in Hollywood today, and of course, the list includes Miley Cyrus, Nick Jonas, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. See what the site said about Miley:

"Miley Cyrus, 16, Goes out with older guys and is not afraid to dress like a 'jailbait'. She totally forgets that she is only a child and she should not be pole dancing or taking pictures of herself naked and posting them on the Internet (at least I think no one of any age should do this)."


Miley Cyrus Posing With Stoney Clover

Miley Cyrus posed with Stoney Clover, founder of Kendall Glazer, two days ago(20 october '09), in the dressing room of Miley in Louisiana. Miley did a photoshoot for 'Get Ur Good On' using the bracelets Stoney Clover, her 'Rock Love Lock' silver necklace and a key.

Here's The Picture;

Also: oceanUP is giving away 3 Stoney Clover Gift Sets to 3 readers.

Each set will have a total of 3 bracelets they can stack. Also included is 3 of the RockLove ‘Lock & Key’ silver necklaces for each winner. Prizes courtesy of T2PR, & Please email with your full name to enter.

Miley Cyrus Nominated For An People's Choice Awards


Miley Cyrus Is Nominated For Multiple People's Choice Awards!

Miley's Nominated For;
Favorite Pop Artist
Favorite Female Artist
Favorite Breakout Movie Actress
Favorite Family Movie (Hannah Montana The Movie)

Vote And Register For Her

Miley Cyrus Maney & Riley In The Morning Interview

Miley Cyrus joined Maney & Riley in the Morning radio show backstage before her concert in Memphis, Tennessee (Wednesday, October 21, 2009) on her Wonder World Tour.

They Talked About; Fashion,Miley & Maxx,Tennessee Titans,Her uncles wedding,Trace,Memphis stories from when she was younger,Guitar Hero,Sex in the City 2,Someone she really wants to meet,Radiohead & Beyonce,Twitter

Source: TheAshleighAR On YT

RUMOR: Liam Hemsworth Spotted At Miley Cyrus' Concert

This Is Just a Rumor And A Rumor Only So We Are NOT Telling You The Following Article Contains The Real Story.


We've Found This Article On The Web!

Oh yeah, they're totally together!

Miley Cyrus' co-star and rumored boyfriend Liam Hemsworth was spotted at the singer's concert last night in Memphis, Tennessee.
A fellow concert-goer snapped a pic of Liam at the sold-out show, who sat next to her cousin Emily Grace Raves and took in the scene.

Do you think this romance will last longer than her other flings?

Source: Celebuzz

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Miley Cyrus B97 Interview

Miley Cyrus was interviewed by B97's Speedy backstage from her concert in New Orleans, Louisiana (Tuesday, October 20, 2009) on her Wonder World Tour.

She Talks About;Twitter,What makes her nervous,Taylor Swift/Kanye,Re-enactmenthat she would do if she were Taylor,Her gum,Halloween.

Source: TheAshleighAR On YT

Details About Project For Miley's Birthday

As we mentioned on our twitter we are going to hold a project for miley's birthday!

The rules are pretty simple how you can join the project.

The main rules are;

*Send us the most craziest/original pictures for miley cyrus that you have or made.
*Last day to send the pictures is one week before miley's birthday so on 16 november 2009.
*The reason why we need the pictures one week before is because we are going to put all the pictures together in a video with alot of special effects of course!
*You can send us the pictures at these accounts ;
-email ;
-twitter ; @Reply to WorldMileyFans
-youtube ; WorldMileyFansOnYT
*Have fun and use youre creativity! :)

If you have any questions contact us! ;)

Miley Cyrus: "I Don't Miss Twitter"

It's been two weeks since Miley Cyrus sent her last Twitter. And, sorry online universe, she isn't in Twitter withdrawal.

"I really haven't missed it," the singer, 16, said on 104.7 FM's Johnjay and Rich Show in Arizona Tuesday. "I thought I was going to miss it a lot more than I do, but I haven't even really looked at other people's, which is really weird. I don't really miss it. It's kind of odd."

On Oct. 8, she deleted her Twitter page after posting a message that seemed to be about Australian actor Liam Hemsworth, her The Last Song costar and rumored love interest.

"FYI Liam doesn't have a Twitter and he wants ME to delete mine with good reason," she Twittered.

She said on the Johnjay and Rich Show that Twittering also was costing her sleep.

"It was 3:30 or 4 in the morning. I couldn't sleep. [I thought], 'Maybe I could sleep if I wasn't so friggin' busy Twittering about not being able to sleep,'" she said.

Cyrus recently filmed a scene for Sex and the City 2. In the scene - shot in NYC Oct. 16 - she wore the same Matthew Williamson dress as Samantha (Kim Cattrall) to Smith Jerrod's movie premiere.

"The Time Of Our Lives" Will Be Re-released In The U.S.

That's right, the EP "The Time Of Our Lives" will be re-released in the United States. But this time it will be out of Wal-Mart, and will be available at any music store. And just as in Brazil and the rest of the world, it will be launched with a cover version of the same National and International of Brazil, this black version and with a still image of the video "Party In The USA."

This recovery is due to hit stores there, as well as the United Kingdom, November 3 (the official date of the international release of the EP, even with some countries like Brazil and Portugal launched in advance), and is on pre-sales site Amazon for $ 14.98, while Wal-Mart is offered at $ 8.00, but has a bonus track and the album booklet is very low, with only information of songs without lyrics, or pictures.

The conclusion we can draw from all this is that the launch by Wal-Mart, was an early release and exclusive, with a demo disc with alternate cover and bonus track without this "early release" was a little over two months.

In Brazil, the Bookstore was preparing to receive the disc today, but so far does not seem available in stocks, Videolar expected to receive on 22 and Scott on the 26th, but the dates may change, and still have other stores will receive the disc. The average price of the product in Brazil is estimated at $ 29.90.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Miley Cyrus Poses with Barcelona

Miley Ray Cyrus went to the Relient K/Copeland/Barcelona concert in Dallas this weekend. She posed with Barcelona and they posted it on Facebook: 'Our newest fan, Miley Cyrus. It was a great show, strings were there, we played great.'

Source: OceanUP

The Time Of Our Lives EP International Version

News on the EP "The Time Of Our Lives" will be officially launched tomorrow(20 October 2009) in Brazil! In Portugal, the EP was released today(19 October 2009), being equal to the international version we have news!

First pictures that are available in this slideshow of photos released by the EP
Which shows the EP front, back and hard, and you can see that the whole art of the disk is black.

The novelty is the seal pasted on the front cover, it gives you notice that the insert will come in the form of poster, although not show in photo.

In Brazil, the Bookstore offers from amnh√£ in Videolar arrives on Thursday, and Scott on Monday, at other stores still no predictions.
Remember that all dates are subject to change.

See images of the EP below. Claims on

NOTE We Will Also Try And Upload More Pictures From The EP Released In Portugal!
We Don't Know If It's Tomorrow Or Next Week,But We'll Try To Upload More Pics!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Miley Cyrus Nominated For A Capricho Awards

Miley is competing in 3 categories Capricho Awards 2009As Best Series, Film of the Year and International Actress. Click Here To Vote!

Source: Thnx

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Miley Cyrus Backstage At San Antonio,TZ

Miley Cyrus Backstage At San Antonio,TZ!

Source: mileyunlimited

Official Tracklist Of The CD Shock Value 2

As you all know, Timbaland invited Miley to record a song together, which will be the music We Belong to the Music, Below check out the tracklist of the CD Shock Value. The possible release of the CD is to November 24 this year.

1. "We Belong to the Music" (feat. Miley Cyrus)
2. "Long Way Down" (featuring Daughtry)
3. "Undertone" (feat. The Fray)
4. "Carry Out" (feat. Justin Timberlake)
5. "March On" (feat. OneRepublic)
6. "Symphony" (feat. D.O.E. & Attitude)
7. "If We Meet Again" (featuring Katy Perry)
8. "Can You Feel It" (feat. Lady GaGa)
9. "Say Something" (feat. Drake)
10. "Maniac" (feat. Chris Brown & Keri Hilson)
11. "Morning After Dark" (feat. SoShy)
12. "Timothy" (featuring Jet)
13. "Tomorrow Put in a Bottle" (featuring Nickelback)

And Also Bonus Songs;
"When Ever You Like" (feat. Bran'Nu)
"Talk" (feat. T-Pain, Missy Elliott and Lil Wayne)
"Crazy Girl" (feat. Justin Timberlake)

NOTE Some Changes May Happen!

Miley Cyrus On Growing Up And Becoming A Diva

The Associated Press

Having a best-selling record is good reassurance – and Miley Cyrus is getting plenty of it these days while on her high-selling "Wonder World" tour. The tour became the first tour of its size to use paperless ticketing to try to get around mass resellers. (One warning: You have to present the credit card used to buy the tickets to gain entry to the event.)

It's just one more example of the maturing career of 16-year-old Miley. While she's still known to millions as the star of the Disney phenomenon Hannah Montana, she's not just a teen queen anymore. VH1 crowned her as one of its Divas, she's in an upcoming movie playing a defiant teen, she recently deleted her popular Twitter page, and she's calling the shots on her tour.

Miley recently talked about her new show, growing up and what being a diva means to her.

What would you say is the most diva-like thing about you?

This tour is the most diva thing. Because when I got here, it was like, "OK, we are not messing around, this thing is going to be like full out. We are going to get everything; it's going to continue to blow people's minds." And everyone was like, "All right Miley is stepping it up." And I was like, "Yeah, it is my tour." The first time I was actually going out, no Hannah Montana, none of that. Just my own style.

You are going to be in the film The Last Song, out next spring. Is it a departure from your Hannah character?

I really do get to do a little bit of everything. It is not like getting away from it at all, it is just showing more of a side that I want to show. I love doing Hannah Montana, but I want to continue doing things that are a little bit ... darker. ... That is kind of who I am and where I find most of my inspiration in movies like that.

Now that you are getting older, there is more talk of you possibly retiring the Hannah Montana character.

I thought about retiring when I was like 15. Just kidding. I would have retired like 12 years ago.

When that day does come, obviously it will be very sad, but will it also be a little bit of a relief?

I want to continue to do everything I can. My dad always says, "If you ain't having fun, it ain't working." And so, when I stop having fun, I'll just quit everything altogether. But, I'm having fun. ... I think I will forever do that, if I have the people that I'm around still around me. They make me happy, and the people that I work with I really love. ... I will be able to tour the rest of my life if I am having fun.

You have mentioned that you have made a few mistakes. What would you say was your biggest, and what was the most exaggerated one?

I think everything I do is exaggerated a lot. I think that no matter what, I think it is all about respect. People forget that when you are in the public eye, people forget you still have to respect people and you still have to [respect] their privacy. And also respect my family and trust the fact that my parents are raising me just like everyone else is raising their kids. They are doing it the way they want to. It is not for the media or for any one else to judge how they should or should not raise me.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Miley Cyrus Films Sex & The City 2 Scenes

Miley Cyrus shares an air kiss with Kim Cattrall as they film a scene for the upcoming Sex And The City 2 in front of the Ziegfeld Theatre in NYC on Friday night (October 16).

Looks like Life & Style mag’s source was right!

The 16-year-old singer took time out from her Wonder World Tour to film the non-speaking role for the sequel. The scene has her walking the red carpet in a dress identical to one that Kim’s character purchased for the event to look hot and young.

On seeing Miley, Mario Cantone’s character Anthony exclaims, “Mother of God! She is wearing the same dress as Hannah Montana.”

Pictures Of Miley On Set Here

Source: Just Jared JR

Friday, October 16, 2009

RUMOR: Hannah Montana Season 4 Spoilers

This Is Just a Rumor And A Rumor Only So We Are NOT Telling You The Following Article Contains The Real Story.

NOTE Please Read The Previous Post Before Reading This One!

• Recordings will start in January and end in June / August. The premiere will be in January or February

• The show of the season will be recorded in February.

• The first episode will be about love. Miley and Jake end because Jake was 'chatting' with Mikayla (Selena Gomez). In the end she sings a sad song about love called 'Crushed'. In presenting it rains roses and she cries while playing guitar like Hannah. The name of the episode is 'Heartache Over Jake'.

• The second will be on the episode fight Miley with Lily and Oliver because of something really big. Of course, the next episode they will make peace. No show this episode. The name of the episode is 'Friends or Foes'.

• They make up this episode. Hannah sings 'Are you ready'. Lily and Oliver are over, and Miley starts to like Oliver and forget their shortcomings. Lily is angry with the two and Oliver is afraid of Miley because she is very clingy with him. Oliver and Lily meet by chance on 'The Rico's Night' and return to dating. When Miley sees them together gets angry and says he never wants to see them. Called 'I Do not Got Nothin On Me Expect Miley'.

• Miley does not want to do shows for the pain she is feeling, and his father decides to help, but only makes things worse. She sings 'Falling Apart'.

• In another episode, Hannah is very rich because of her hit 'Falling Apart', and she tries to figure out what to spend, but can not. After his family is snob, she writes an awful song that will have to take her money. After his father is grateful for help. She remains sad, but not because of it.

• In this, Hannah sings 'Across The Universe'. She sees Jake in one of his shows, the crowd and he begs for forgiveness. Miley does not accept and know a guy named Gavan.

• Jake is still obsessed with Miley and pursues every minute of every day. Gavan not take it and threatens to drive Jake, then Miley realizes that Gavan is not what she thought and ends with him.

• Jake discovers that Miley is single and back to obsessing. When Miley gets desperate and begs helps Lily and Oliver, they do not succeed, but back to being friends.

• In this episode Jake tries to tell the world the secret of Miley. When Miley feels that Jake will tell it makes it clear on TV, internet, radio and she has a secret. She sings "Secret Life".

• Jake follows miley without stopping until she gives up, which makes Jake back and apologize, he hears her crying on the porch that she does not want her secret revealed. She accepts his apology and they become friends.

• In this episode Robby Ray is sad because she forgave Jake. Lily is upset by Miley accusations it with Jake conspiring against her. Oliver leaves to live in his hometown in Texas forever. She sings 'Help Me'.

• In a special 1 hour, Miley is forgiven for making accusations against Lily and she tries to discover who she really is. When Miley is tired of hiding her secret life and Miley try to tell the world that she has a secret, Miley will go live after singing 'Go Get A' Now 'on The Teen Choice Awards, and she reveals she has a secret. And the fans will find out until the end of the night. Your friends and family know what she wants to do and try to prevent it. But Jackson goes a long way and when Miley is very sad, she sees the spirit of her mother as she prepares for the show and she asks if she revealed her secret will only cause more pressure on her. When she finishes talking, Jackson comes and is crying and apologizes for what he did and they have a real moment of brother and sister. In the show she sings 'Wonderous Me' and turns out to be Miley after a long speech and then she sings a song of Miley, which is called 'In Reality'. After Miley and Mikayla make up, when Mikayla discover who she is.

Please Remember That This Is Only A RUMOR And Nothing More Or Less!

Rumor: Season 4 Of Hannah Montana ?

This Is Just a Rumor And A Rumor Only So We Are NOT Telling You The Following Article Contains The Real Story.

Out on the Internet are some rumors about the 4th Season of Hannah Montana, which will be recorded next year. We can not say if the rumors are even true, but it never hurts to take a given!

To begin, we have the potential clothing of Hannah Montana,and photos and also to see the names of songs that will or might be used,then Also their will be the clothes of the show. The clothes resemble the style of the first and second season, mixing with the styles of the third season.

Four Different Rumored Outfit Pictures Here:

Style 1

Style 2

Style 3

Style 4

Their Is Also A Possible Tracklist Of The Season,Containing 20 Songs

1. Are You Ready
2. Secret Life
3. Crushed
4. Not This Girl (re-recorded version)
5. Help Me
6. Wonderous Me
7. Falling Apart
8. No Stopping With Me (re-recorded version)
9. Across The Universe
10. This Moment In Time
11. Finally Home
12. Southern Girl
13. Gotta Let You Know
14. He Needs Me
15. Off Your Mind
16. From Me To You
17. Silence
18. Who Owns My Heart
19. Unfinished Song
20. In Reality

You Can Also Listen To The Previews Of 2 Of The Songs Here

Not This Girl

No Stopping Me

NOTE These Mentioned Names Can Be A Misunderstanding And That They Might NOT Be Their Original Name!

RUMOR: Will Miley Perform At The 2009 AMA's ?

This Is Just a Rumor And A Rumor Only So We Are NOT Telling You The Following Article Contains The Real Story.

Today ( Last Tuesday) was left a supposed list of performace for the event.

The award will take place in Los Angeles and will air on channel ABC.

previous posted before, Miley had 2 nominations in a category, and also will perform at the AMA 2009. Below you can check out the list of all the artists:
3OH3! & Katy Perry - "Let It Rock (Remix)"
Ashley Tisdale - "Crank It Up"
Beyoncé - "Sweet Dreams"
Black Eyed Peas - "Meet Me Halfway"
Boys Like Girls & Taylor Swift - "Two Is Better Than One"
Carrie Underwood - "Cowboy Casanova"
Cobra Starship - "Hot Mess"
Colbie Caillat - "Fallin 'for You"
David Guetta & Akon - "Sexy Bitch"
Demi Lovato - "Got Dynamite"
Jason Derulo - "Whatcha Say"
Jay Sean & Lil Wayne - "Down"
Justin Bieber - "One Less Lonely Girl"
Lady GaGa - "Bad Romance" / "Paparazzi"
Miley Cyrus - "When I Look At You" / "Party in the USA"
Owl City - "Fireflies"
Pink - "Funhouse"
Paramore - "Boring Brick By Brick"
Pitbull - "Hotel Room Service"
Taylor Swift - "Fifteen"


Miley Cyrus,Jonas Brothers,Demi Lovato And More On Top Do Gooders

VH1 will be airing a TV special on November 19, 2009 at 8 PM called Top 20 Celebrities Gone Good. With the help of, VH1 will examine lists of hundreds of philanthropic stars from data compiled by established research institutions, and then narrow the list down to the 20 celebrities that have had the most charitable impact.

By going to, fans can vote for their favorite star to help determine 2009's Top 20 Celebs Gone Good from a list of 100 celebrities known for their charity work. Mega charity stars like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will be up against newcomers like Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Jonas Brothers & Miley Ray Cyrus.

You Can Vote For Miley And The Rest Here