Friday, October 23, 2009

Miley talks about the Swine Flu rumor and Cody Linley

Miley Cyrus says she doesn’t have the swine flu, but she does have a few words she’d like to share with her “Hannah Montana” co-star Cody Linley, who started the rumor outbreak!

In a recent interview with Reelz Channel’s Hollywood Dailies, Cody said that Miley told him she had cancelled dates on her tour due to coming down with the swine flu.

“I spoke with her the day that she canceled the tour. She said she felt really bad, she didn’t understand what was happening, but she just got really sick and had to run off stage because things were just like on her heart, too heavy,” he said during the interview. “Then the next day she told me she had the swine flu.”

But, when the young teen star spoke with Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush on Friday in an interview radio’s “Billy Bush Show,” she said she did not have the dreaded flu.

“Did you have the swine flu? The H1N1?” Billy asked Miley.

“No! Freaking Cody Linley was on the carpet last night and I think that he just like said stuff, so no,” Miley said. “I had like really really bad strep, and I was really really sick, but no.”

As for Cody, he might regret what he said about his “Hannah Montana” co-star.

“I’m gonna give him a talking to!” she joked.

As for Miley’s bout with strep throat, she explained to Billy that she has since recovered.

“I’m much better now, thank goodness,” she said.

Here's the interview:

Source: accesshollywood