Saturday, November 27, 2010

Miley Cyrus AMAs 2010 Performance

Mandy Jiroux Talks Miley Cyrus

Mandy Jiroux told J-14 she is still friends with Miley Cyrus: "We don't see each other as often as we used to because every day was, 'Let's sleepover! Let's do this!' We've both been super busy. I'm super busy with the girls, and I see them all the time, and she's doing her own thing, but we keep in touch. She actually invited us to her 18th birthday bash!"

Mandy has spoken with Miley since Tish and Billy Ray decided to divorce: "I've just talked to her about other things, and she just seems fine. She's a really strong girl. She has great siblings around her. They're dealing with it just fine."

"Working with Miley was a dream come true for me because growing up as a dancer, the main thing is to go on a tour with a huge artist. It was amazing. As a music artist now, I just look up to her because she's the most hardworking girl in the world, and because she's so hardworking and passionate, she is who she is. No matter how tough the day is, work comes first, and you should feel blessed every moment you're doing it", says Mandy.

#EuQueroSYM Goiás Commercial

Hugh Hefner Wants Miley In Playboy

Miley Cyrus is wanted by many to do a nude pictorial for Playboy. Now that she is 18, Fox News asked Hugh Hefner if he has asked Miley to strip naked and pose for the magazine: "The simple answer is she is the one that you and all the other readers would like to see. That person changes every month & year, it depends on who the hot celebrity of the month is."

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Miley Checking out of her hotel in Manhattan

Miley Outside a Restaurant

Miley Cyrus fans camp out overnight for tickets

Miley fans are the best!

Microsoft Concert Videos



The Climb


Can't Be Tamed


Montage Of The Whole Concert

AMAs 2010 Video Promo

Watch AMAs Live Tonight

As many may know Miley Cyrus will be performing tonight at the 2010 AMA’S. There will be a LIVE online stream of the red carpet, as well as the full award show at 8/7c.

You can watch the show right here.

The 'Miley Cyrus Show' Returns to SNL

Earlier this week, Celebuzz pleaded with the SNL overlords to bring back 'The Miley Cyrus Show,' and either by mere coincidence or by divine intervention, those prayers were answered this week.

Vanessa Bayer brought back her dead-on Miley impression and dropped a myriad of "pretty cool" references during the skit. Her interview this go-round was with a Katie Holmes-impersonating Anne Hathaway, who had Katie's side-mouthed and hair-adjusting routine down to perfection.

In SNL's premiere episode this year, rookie Bayer stood out thanks to her Miley impression. Celebuzz has reached out several times to talk with Bayer about the role, but so far the requests have been shot down. Call us back, SNL, because talking to her would be pretty cool.

Miley Microsoft Concert Pics

Miley Cyrus Having lunch at Panera Bread

ASDA Fan Meetings

Miley At a recording studio in Beverly Hills

Miley Cyrus Shopping in West Hollywood

Miley Cyrus Out In NY

Miley Cyrus At ASDA Video

Miley Signing copies of Can't Be Tamed at Asda

Miley Cyrus German Show Pics

More Backstage At the EMAs 2010 Pics

Arriving and Leaving EMAs 2010 After Party

Miley Cyrus Presenting EMA's 2010 Pics

Miley Cyrus EMAs 2010 Performance Pics

Miley On The EMA's 2010 Red Carpet

Miley At the airport in Germany

Miley 20 Minute Concert For $1.1 million

From Allie: Miley was supposed to perform from 4-5 and only performed for 20 minutes. I spent 23 hours waiting for Miley for a 20 minute performance. I know a lot of people unhappy at how much they went through for such a short concert. A Microsoft worker said that since she was cold and fussy they cut it short. She sang 6 songs for $1.1 million. She performed Can't Be Tamed, Driveway, Jolene, Robot, Who Owns My Heart & The Climb. I love Miley but this was a bit ridiculous.

Miley Cyrus Children In Need Video Message

E! News Says Miley's Single

Miley Cyrus Auditioning For a Role

Miley Cyrus, Kelly Osbourne and other pretty girls were photographed leaving a producer's house in Hollywood for an audition, reports X17. Even though Miley is one of the top earning people in showbiz, she still has to audition for roles.

Miley Cyrus To Paparazzi: "Move Out Of My Way"

Some Miley's Bday Party Details

Miley Cyrus will reportedly have her 18th birthday bash at Le Trousdale in West Hollywood this weekend with music by DJ Cobra, & no cameras or recorders allowed. Unless she switches locales for security reasons, look for paparazzi photos.

Miley Cyrus Performing New Song At The AMAs 2010

Miley Cyrus will performing a new song at the American Music Awards that she has never performed in public, it's 'the right song at the right time of her life,' reports E! News.

Miley Cyrus E! News Interview

'LOL' #1 Teaser

Miley Getting Closer With Avan Jogia

Miley Cyrus has been 'getting closer' with Avan Jogia, an insider told Hollywood Life: 'Miley wants to be officially single for her birthday (Nov. 23) and just have fun with whomever she hangs out with. She is for sure all about being young and having fun.'

Psychotherapist Says Miley Is Acting Out To Get Her Parents Back Together

Miley's trying to get her parents back together, subconsciously. Psychotherapist Dr. Gilda Carle revealed to Hollywood Life: 'Miley knows what is appropriate and inappropriate. Exposing herself is an act of defiance. She’s acting out, acting like a bad girl, so sexualized, because she wants to force her parents to jump back in and act like her parents again and stop her. Children of divorce, like Miley, often take it upon themselves to try and maneuver their parents back together and that’s exactly what Miley’s trying to do by publicly acting out.'

Miley blames her own success for her parents’ divorce and 'would give up every dollar and gold record she ever earned if her dad Billy Ray and mom Tish would agree to give marriage one more try.' Dr. Carle: 'Children blame themselves all the time when their parents split up. Miley has a lot of guilt and the only way she can remove it is if she can get her parents back together, first of all, by forcing them to discipline her in unison, but she may also be subconscioulsy sabotaging her career by destroying her wholesome image, which has been so popular. She wants to destroy it because she blames her career for breaking up her family and in her subconscious mind, if she screws up her career, it can’t be to blame anymore and mommy and daddy can get back together.'

Personally, I think you can't say every person is going to act out as a way to get their parents back together. It might happen sometimes, or even most of the time, but it's not a 100% thing. So really, this psychotherapist doesn't know that much about Miley to talk about what she's feeling or what so ever. What do you think?

Miley Cyrus & Sarah Online Pic

Miley Cyrus Outside Troubadour Club

Miley Cyrus Invited Mike Posner To Bday Party

Miley Cyrus invited Mike Posner to her 18th birthday party, reports The Sun. She met him at the MTV Europe Music Awards and Mike thinks he could have a chance with her now that she's old enough.

RUMOR: Miley Upset Over a Photoshoot?

Miley Cyrus was spotted this morning going to a photoshoot in LA. A StarzLife photographer said that Miley was upset she was being photographed and started to speed off down the highway almost reaching dangerous speeds before stopping to shout out the window: "You will never get any photos of me, go write horrible things about me on the internet!" then speeding off again. Do you think this is true?

Miley Cyrus Microsoft Concert Details

Miley has already arrived at the Hyatt in Washington for her concert on Saturday at the opening of the Microsoft Store in Bellevue, WA. From MCLove: Miley takes the stage from 4:00 - 5:00 PM to help celebrate the newest store opening. The first 1,000 people to visit the store on 11/18 will get two premiere tickets to the Saturday concert, we will then give away 1,000 general admission tickets.

The concert will take place at the NE corner of Bellevue Way and NE 4th Street, across from the entrance to the mall (near Red Robin). The red carpet opens at 12 PM. Make sure you arrive early to have your picture taken on the red carpet.

NOTE: Expect lines to form well in advance for tickets on the 18th, plan to arrive early. An RSVP to this event listing does not grant admission to the event. To attend, you must come to the Microsoft Store opening on 11/18 which opens at 10:00 AM for a wristband.

Miley Cyrus Talks About Kissing Kevin Zegers

Miley Cyrus told E! News: "There's a pretty cool kissing scene in 'The Big Bang' which is pretty funny because Kevin is actually the boyfriend of someone that works very closely with me. So there was definitely a little awkwardness since she was on set or whatever. I think it's kind of cool that it's someone that I know and that I really like. I love when I put my hand out and he grabs my hand and we run off the train and we're going up the stairs. I think it's kind of romantic that she's not even looking at him, just following kind of in a trance of whatever this person is."

On her 18th birthday: "For my birthday this year, I'm just going to have everyone that I really love be able to hang out. I don't always get to see everyone so it's kind of cool that the AMAs are happening, so everyone will actually be in town for my birthday, which will be pretty cool."

Derby UK School Goes Loud For Miley

Forbes' Top 10 Earning Women In Entertainment Business

Forbes' Top 10 Earning Women in Entertainment Business include Beyonce (#2), Britney Spears (#3), Lady Gaga (#4), Miley Cyrus (#8) & Taylor Swift (#9).

Miranda & Selena Top Miley & Bristol

Miranda Cosgrove & Selena Gomez topped TV Guide's Teen Role Model Poll while sexpot Miley Cyrus & teen mom Bristol Palin competed for last place. For Yahoo! searchers, being a role model isn't the top concern. The more searches on the celeb, the less likely they are to be considered a role model.

On Miley: It’s possible that this millionaire pop performer has seen more drama in her young life than most of us will ever experience. Just recently, the 'Hannah Montana' star broke up with her older boyfriend, showed a risqué look during her European tour, and made plans to celebrate her 18th birthday. Role model? Well, if you’re looking to be a globetrotting, platinum-record-selling singer, then yes. But stay-in-school, straight-A student? Not so much. But of the four celebs, Miley is number one in Yahoo! searches. Look-ups for the star include 'miley cyrus 18th birthday,' 'miley cyrus biography,' 'hannah montana miley cyrus.'

On Selena: Being anointed by Disney can be a blessing, and a curse for Selena Gomez (as 'Mickey Mouse Show' alum Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan can testify). The 18-year-old princess of the Disney show Wizards of Waverly Place has managed to avoid the negative press.

Not that she's been out of the media glare: She dated Nick Jonas, after all. She has her own band to focus on, which has a second album coming out. And next year she'll be costarring in the romantic comedy "Monte Carlo." So far, not bad. Searches on 'selena gomez fansite,' 'selena gomez wallpaper,' and even the bilingual 'videos de Selena Gomez' are also big on the Web.

Miley Cyrus Performing At the AMAs 2010

Taylor Swift & Miley Cyrus will perform at the American Music Awards 2010 in Los Angeles on Nov. 21. Danny Gokey & Jennette McCurdy are among pre-show hosts.

Mley Cyrus Microsoft Concert

Billy Ray Cyrus & Tish Fighting Over Miley?

Billy Ray Cyrus tried to kick down Tish's bedroom as she cried uncontrollably and one of their children cowered nearby, reports The Enquirer. This brutal fight at their LA home led to the $100 million divorce battle. The insider dished: "Billy screamed terrible things at Tish. Then he started kicking in the door."
The fight started after Billy tried to ground Miley for talking back to him, and Tish intervened. When he found out Tish undermined him & gave Miley permission to go out, he became furious: "Tish locked herself in her bedroom to escape Billy Ray's wrath. He pounded on the door screaming: "Come out here and talk to me, b****! You let everyone run wild when I'm not here! & It's going to STOP!"

Miley Cyrus & Avan Jogia Fan Meeting

Miley Cyrus Fan Meeting

Miley & Anna Oliver At a Club

Miley Flirting With Jared Followill?

Miley flirted with Kings of Leon's Jared Followill at the MTV Europe Music Awards afterparty in Madrid Sunday night. A spy told NY Post: 'Their crews were sitting near each other and Miley was texting Followill all night before leaving the party together. Miley and Jared are friends, they know each other from Nashville. They left the party together but they went to Universal Records afterparty at Pacha.'

Miley Cyrus Talks 'So Undercover'

Hannah Montana Forever Still a Hit

TVByNumbers reports that Hannah Montana Forever hit season high viewers, becoming the series’ most-watched telecast in more than 3 years among Total Viewers (7.1 million), Kids 6-11 (2.6 million/ 10.6 rating) and Tweens 9-14 (2.8 million/ 11.3 rating), since the post 'High School Musical' telecast on 8/17/07. Shake It Up ranked as Disney's 2nd-most-watched series debut overall among Total Viewers (6.2 million) and Tweens 9-14 (2.7 million/ 11.0 rating) and its No. 1 Sunday premiere on record in Total Viewers.

Avan Jogia Talks Miley Cyrus

Miley Apparently Blames Her Success On Divorce

Miley Cyrus apparently blames her success for her parents' divorce and would give up every dollar and gold record she ever earned if Billy Ray and Tish would get back together, reports Popeater. Miley friend revealed: “Both parents have been equally involved in making their daughter a superstar. And now that they have achieved their goal they have nothing to work towards anymore and nothing to keep them together.”

A music executive said: 'Every marriage struggles when a child leaves home and the relationship gets re-examined, but add on top of that that every second of the past decade Billy Ray and Tish have spent building a star together, they have forgotten to make time for each other. It's heartbreaking. You would think someone like Miley has everything in the world, but I guarantee she would give it all up in a second if it kept her family together. I'm sure when she blows out her birthday candles in a few weeks her wish will be for mom & dad, not her career. Now that Miley is old enough to manage her own career, worth over $50 million dollars, Billy Ray and Tish's dream has come true at the cost of their marriage.”

Miley Cyrus To Swear & Talk Sex In Movie

Miley will play Molly in 'So Undercover' about a badass who has to infiltrate a southern sorority as an assigment from the FBI. Not normally a private eye to take on government issued cases, Molly accepts the job to help her dad pay a debt to a bookie.

Plot details from Hollywood Life: Molly rides a motorcycle, carries a gun, can beat big dudes up, and is a real smartass. She uses swear words and crude language all throughout the script (including a bunch of 'holy s***!' and one funny line where she suggests a fundraiser, 'I said car wash, not hand job booth!'). Molly has at least two big fight scenes, which means Miley will probably have to put in some intense training. Molly takes a HUGE punch to the face from a guy in an effort to protect her dad. Molly’s love interest is named Nicholas and is described as 'mysterious' and motorcycle-riding. Even though Molly wants to stay focused on the case, she can’t help but give in a little bit to Nicholas’ charms including kisses. At one point, she thinks he’s the bad guy, so she handcuffs him to a radiator and beats him.

Miley Cyrus Attacked By A 'Fan'

Miley Cyrus Leaving Madrid Hotel

Monday, November 8, 2010

Exclusive 'So Undercover' Details has the script of Miley’s next movie, So Undercover — it’s like Miss Congeniality in the Greek system at college!

Miley Cyrus has signed on to be the leading lady in the action comedy, So Undercover, which reportedly starts production in December and the script is filled with fist fights, nasty language and sarcastic humor!

The 18-year-old “Can’t Be Tamed” starlet will be playing Molly, a teenage badass who has to infiltrate a southern sorority as an assigment from the FBI (think Sandy B in the 2000 hit comedy, Miss Congeniality). Not normally a private eye to take on government issued cases, Molly accepts the job to help her dad pay a debt to a bookie — her dad means the world to her.

Molly (aka Miley) rides a motorcycle, carries a gun, can beat big dudes up, and is a real smartass
We’re going to see a whole new side of Miley in this movie. She uses swear words and crude language all throughout the script (including a bunch of “holy s***!” and one funny line where she suggests a fundraiser, “I said car wash, not hand job booth!”).
Molly has at least two big fight scenes (we’re talking serious hand-to-hand combat), which means Miley will probably have to put in some intense training.
In the first part of the script, Molly takes a HUGE punch to the face from a guy in an effort to protect her dad. It’s going to be hard to watch this Disney starlet bleeding everywhere…
Molly’s love interest is named Nicholas and is described as “mysterious” and motorcycle-riding. Physically he has “a strong body (not from the gym),” is “rough around the edges,” has “strong facial lines” and “deep-set lucid eyes” — which basically means he’s the opposite of a frat boy. Even though Molly wants to stay focused on the case, she can’t help but give in a little bit to Nicholas’ charms (including some kisses!). But at one point, she thinks he’s the bad guy, so she handcuffs him to a radiator and basically kicks the crap out of him. Casting suggestions?

The So Undercover script is entertaining, suspenseful, witty — and has all the makings of a good movie. Although it’s totally different than Hannah Montana, we think Miley will be a good fit as Molly if she trains for the fight scenes and really takes on the dark character. Plus, her sense of humor and recent “bad girl” image will work well with Molly’s personality. Miley will have to play something she’s never played before.

Miley Favorited Her EMA's 2010 Performance

Selena Gomez Supports 'The Big Bang'

Montana Forever Twitter TT

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Miley Cyrus Backstage At The EMAs Pic

Miley Cyrus EMAs 2010 Performance

Miley Cyrus Germany Conference Pics

Miley Cyrus At Airport in Los Angeles

Miley Cyrus at Matsuda Restaurant

Miley Cyrus At Panera Restaurant

Miley Cyrus Out in Los Angeles