Monday, November 30, 2009

Miley Cyrus on her daring & sexy style

Miley Cyrus dished to Seventeen about her daring & sexy style:
'I don't like dressing up that much, even for dressy kinds of parties and stuff. I like being more casual. I would much rather come underdressed than overdressed.'

My least favorite trend would definitely be high-waisted jeans. I like wearing my jeans low with Converse, and I was just not a fan. But when I started designing with Max [Azria], we did high-waisted shorts, and I said, 'Okay, I can rock these.'

I share a stylist with Nicole Richie, so it's really cool to see something from her line and be able to ask Nicole where she got it or what her inspiration was. I'm in a cool position where the fashion icons that I have are available to me, and I can learn from them.'

On not shopping online: 'I love instant access; I'm an instant gratification kind of person. That's why I don't shop online, because I can't wait for the three days for it to get to me.'

Source: OceanUP

Bid To Walk Red Carpet With Miley Cyrus

One lucky winner will receive two (2) tickets to movie premiere of 'The Last Song', a meet-and-greet with Miley Cyrus, Adam Shankman and Nicholas Sparks along with an autographed copy of novel. Proceeds from the auction benefit the Dizzy Feet Foundation whose mission is to support, improve, and increase access to dance education in the United States.

Winner is responsible for travel to Los Angeles. Shipping Instructions: Winning bidder pays for actual cost of shipping, cost depends on shipping address. Bid to walk the red carpet next to glamorous, gorgeous Miley Ray here.

Miley Cyrus Mentions Nick Jonas In "Intern Adam On Ellen" Interview

Miley Cyrus is a Nashville girl and knows how to throw a Nashville party! So, she loves the idea of her "homeboy" Intern Adam becoming Ellen's Nashville correspondent and being on her show!
She Also Mentions Nick Jonas Saying That He Recorded His New Album In Nashville!

Miley Cyrus Q100 Atlanta Interview

We belong to music by Miley Cyrus ft Timbaland [Full HQ Song]

What do you think about this song?Good?Bad?Let us know!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Miley Cyrus Memphis Fan Snub

Click on the image to zoom in.

From Caitlin: Some of my friends were driving downtown when they saw 4 tour buses parked outside of a hotel. They stopped and got out of the car and waited outside the hotel and soon after Miley got out of one of the buses and posed for pictures with them. She went back into the hotel for 2 hours. We went down and there was less than 10 fans outside her hotel when Miley came out.

She came out in a hoodie with soaking wet hair, no makeup and walked right by us without making eye contact. She signed an autograph for one little girl and then got on the bus with Noah and her bodyguard. It was really disappointing to not be able to meet her, especially because there was only a few fans waiting. However, her dancers were nice enough to talk and take pictures with us and the concert was awesome.

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

New The Last Song Set Photo

Click on the image to zoom in.

According to the person who sent this in who is friends with one of the crew members, The Last Song movie 'isn't sad like the boo.' and Miley doesn't like it when fans freak out over her, she likes it better when they're chill and joke around and when they make fun of her.

Source: OceanUP

New Hannah Montana 'Season 3, Episode 27' Sneak Peak

New Hannah Montana episode 'Season 3, Episode 27' Sneak Peak premieres Jan. 10, 2010.

Hannah Montana Season 4 Delayed

According to FlawlessFlawsie [Formerly LipGlawsie?], HM is not premiering until Jan. because Miley's currently touring in the US & then she headed to the UK. She hasn't started filming Season 4 yet, so Disney is airing Hannah Montana episodes slowly, so as soonas Hannah Montana Season 3 ends, Season 4 will air, right after.

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Exclusive: What do the new Miles To Go chapters say?

Singer and Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus has revealed that she is suffering from a heart condition called tachycardia and luckily for her and her fans, the disease is not life threatening. The revelations have been published in her new autobiography.

Miles to Go her autobiography reveals that she is suffering from tachycardia, the disease is a peculiar one wherein the heart rate of the patient goes over and above that of a normal humans heart rate.

Miley Cyrus was quoted by The New York Daily News as saying: "The type of tachycardia I have isnt dangerous. It wont hurt me, but it does bother me. There is never a time onstage when Im not thinking about my heart."

But readers need not feel that her book is all about gloom and doom because there is an entire chapter in the book titled Prince Charming. The name of Prince Charming has not been revealed but that person could be Nick Jonas. The teen pop singer has said that she and her first love got together by singing a duet from The Jungle Book together.

She goes on to say that when the couple hit splitsville, she penned 7 Things I Hate About You in his honor. She says: "I wanted to punish him, to get back at him for hurting me. It starts with a list of what I hate."

In another venue, Miley also talked about her current 20-year-old boyfriend, Justin Gaston, and reveals shes not ready to move in with him "because I get annoyed really easily." The 16-year-old star of Hannah Montana told Detroits Mojo in the Morning show on WKQI: "I love him to death but no.[Justin] is so smart, but just like, everything has to, like, go where its supposed to go and if it doesnt, I get like really frustrated."


Miley Nick Selena Demi Tour 2010 OceanUP Poll

OceanUP said "Since there are rumors that Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas are going to tour/play together and that Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato will play shows together.. none confirmed.. who do YOU want to see rock out together in 2010?"

Vote for Miley (and of course Nick,Selena and Demi) here.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Miley And Max Clothing Line New Tunics

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Fan Review of Miley Cyrus' Nashville Concert

From Margaret S: My friend Eileen and I attended the Miley Cyrus Wonder World concert in Nashville last night and I was very impressed. We were in the closest section to the stage and before the show many of Miley's relatives were standing in our section. Noah was there for Metro Station and sang all the words.

Miley seemed very close to her guitarist. She often played with his hair and hung close to him. She seemed very happy to be home. I was very impressed by her singing! She sounded great live and her costumes looked great even if they were a little over the top.

Source: OceanUP

Superstar Contest Show Teaser

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Miley & Max New Clothing And Discounts

Specific new items will that be added to the Miley & Max collection this Friday, November 27 at Wal-Mart: ($15 Zone) 1. Destroyed Jeans 2. Boyfriend Blazer Jacket 3. Fringe Boots ($3 Zone) Any graphic/design t-shirt, or scarf ($7 Zone) Zipper Back Tank, Bow Tunic*, and Sequined Bib Front Tunic, tank top type shirt. These prices will only occur on Friday! From 5-11 AM.

Also, on Saturday, November 28, Wal-Mart is inviting all Miley fans to an exclusive showing of performances from Miley's 2009 concert tour, as well as exclusive behind the scenes backstage footage, and fashion tips from the tour's stylist, make up artist and more. Screening times are at 2PM and 5PM* *Only showing on SATURDAY! In addition, Miley's EP 'Time of Our Lives' will be sold at only $5!

Sourc: MileyCyrusTour on twitter

Full Seventeen Magazine Interview

Miley Cyrus excerpts from her stunning Seventeen featured. On The Last Song: It was the best time I've ever had in my life. And I feel like I really haven't been the same since I left the set. While I was there, I didn't have people in my face all the time trying to figure out who I am and what I'm doing.

I wasn't trying to be anyone else but me. I'm just in shorts, a bathing suit top, running around having a blast. After work, we'd go and listen to bands play or we'd go out for crab legs and shrimp and sit on the lake. Then I would go on jet skis with Liam from early in the morning until dinnertime and play all day.

Why is Liam so special to you? I've never gotten along with someone so well. I was a little anxious about making this movie; I wanted everything to be perfect. To go on set and feel insecure was a totally new element for me. But he felt the same way. He admitted his insecurities, and it was really nice to have someone who understands me for once.

Hard to admit when you're feeling insecure? It's not hard for me to admit that I feel insecure, but sometimes you have to have someone who feels the same way to really realize that's what you're feeling. Liam says I have a 'war helmet.' You put that on when you're insecure and you're feeling afraid, you're ready to battle because of something that you feel inside.

Who helps you when you have a breakdown? I really hate fixers-when people are like, 'Tell me your problem! This is how we're going to fix it!' I would rather work through it, have someone talk me through it, let me calm down, and give me time to think emotionally about it. Then let's really fix the problem. And I think that's so important. That's what I have with my closet friends, Demi [Lovato], Liam and Ashley Tisdale.

On pressure to be perfect: I think the hardest part for anyone in my position is that when you walk into a room you've never been in before, people immediately judge you. They say, 'She's a lot prettier than I thought,' or 'She's not as pretty in person.' They have a preconceived idea of you, and they examine you to see if you add up to what they thought. But Liam didn't really know who I was! He didn't know my acting or my music, and it was nice to know that he didn't have a preconceived idea of me.

Sounds like you changed this summer: 'Yes, and Liam has been a big part of that. All you want is for one person to say, 'You did a really good job today.' Or 'You look really beautiful' or 'I was really moved by that.' You just want one person to make you feel good about something you're doing.

Source: Oceanup

Miley Cyrus Teen Hero on Oprah

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Miley: "Zac should have been people’s sexiest man of the year 2009"

When Morning Mashup host Nicole asked Miley who she thought should have been named People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive, she said: “Um, you know who I like, there’s not many things about me that are, like normal teenage girl. But the one like normal teenage girl thing is that I think Zac Efron is the hottest person in the world… I really, really like him. And it’s weird, I’ve kind of talked about it before and been like, it’s weird because he’s my friend… I could call him and be like, whatever. But…I think also the reason that he is so sexy is because he and Vanessa [Hudgens] have been together since the first ‘High School Musical’ and…I think that’s really cool. Because… Zac could get any girl and… all these girls are always like you know, ‘Zac, Zac, Zac!’ and would do whatever, and he is so loyal and… a really good friend and he’ so still the same and I think he’s just like super good looking.”


Miley wasn't recognized at NY restaurant

Teen savior Miley Cyrus was shocked to find out that some people in American don't know who she is. When Miley Ray and a friend came into the Pop Burger on East 58th Street and ordered, the counter manager asked for her name to mark the order.

She snapped back, "Are you serious? You don't recognize me? I'm Miley Cyrus." The counterman still had no clue who she was, ran her credit card with her name on it and shrugged, "That's nice for you. Here is your order. Have a good day."

Source: New York Post.

Miley Cyrus' Freak Show Interview & New MileyWorld Video

New Miley Cyrus' Freak Show Interview;

Also A New MileyWorld Video!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Miley's birthday project: the entries!

Today is Miley Cyrus' birthday and we've been working on a project. Well,it didn't work out the way we wanted because barely no one entered so we're not gonna be doing a video like we said before. Here are the entries we got:

From: SmilyRock0 (twitter username)

From: ricki louise

From: sophiezray (twitter username)

Bob & The ShowGram Morning Show Interview

Fuzzy Was Murdered!

Fuzzy The Cat has been murdered by its owner because Miley Ray Cyrus would not return to Twitter.



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Miley covers "If it makes you happy" at her soundcheck

Miley: "'I want to be like Beyonce"

Tabloid favorite Miley Cyrus dream of being like the 'ultimate woman' Beyonce. MRC told Seventeen: "I want to be like Beyonce. She is the ultimate woman. You look at her and you don't think, I wonder what her personal life is like.
You look at her and you go, That girl on the stage is a superstar. You don't care about anything else; you only care about her music. So I would hope that would be me in the future."

Source: OceanUP

Miley Cyrus 17th Birthday Suprise Picture

Miley celebrated her 17th birthday with a surprise 80`s Rocker Theme Birthday with a custom cake created by TLC's Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro and her brother Trace after her show at Nassau Coliseum.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

RUMOR: Miley Cyrus And Nick Jonas 'Mini Tour' ?

This Is Just a Rumor And A Rumor Only So We Are NOT Telling You The Following Article Contains The Truth.

MESSAGE: 'It was confirmed by someone that works with the Jonas Brothers, that Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas were planning a 'Mini Tour'. Back in April, they discussed their music. They also recorded Before The Storm together. This song won a Teen Choice Award. After Miley Cyrus is done with her Wonder World Tour, her and Nick will stop in a few states for a mini 'STORM' tour. This will include songs from Miley, and songs from Nick's solo album.'

Source: MileyCyrusTour On Twitter

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Lady Gaga joins Miley Cyrus for Royal Variety show

The BBC confirmed that Lady Gaga will join Miley Cyrus, Bette Midler and Michael Buble at the December 7 performance at the Opera House in Blackpool, Britain.

The annual event, which benefits the Entertainment Artists’ Benevolent Fund, will be hosted by comedian Peter Kay.

The BBC said the queen and her husband Prince Philip will also watch a performance by the urban dance group Diversity, which won the right to perform at the Royal Variety show by winning the TV series “Britain’s Got Talent.”


Miley Cyrus meets fan backstage

Source: SarcasticToaster on YT

Miley Cyrus On The Oprah Winfrey Show [Teaser]

Miley Cyrus hangs out with her cheerleaders and a hero's welcome home tribute with Wynonna Judd on The Oprah Winfrey Show, November 24.

Watch the teaser:

Source: ezmileyy on YT

Yahoo’s The Time Of Our Lives Review

In the wildly popular children’s TV series “Hannah Montana”, Miley Cyrus’ character lives a double life: superstar by night and schoolgirl by day. Appropriately enough, this brief new album also has a split personality: on four of the songs Cyrus is a brilliantly feisty skate pop dynamo, while on the other four she’s a balladeer so tedious you would welcome a nice coma as a change of pace.

It’s the fact that the uptempo numbers are so winning that makes the slow ones so brain-gnawingly depressing. Bubblegum pop rock is a tricky thing to pull off without sounding either contrived or uncomfortable, but on songs like the fizzy, addictive title track or the glittery hook-fest that is “Talk Is Cheap”, Cyrus sounds utterly convincing and energised, like Avril Lavigne with charm or Katy Perry without the queasy self-satisfaction.

It helps that on the upbeat songs, Cyrus’ voice is as irrepressible as her attitude, able to inject even the most mundane lyrics with real zest. So although her idea of hell-for-leather hedonism mostly seems to involve waving her hands in the air, Cyrus can make the prospect sound genuinely invigorating. Sadly, no voice could redeem a song as flatulent as “Obsessed”, so ponderous that it makes teenage lust sound as thrilling and all-consuming as sorting out socks in a Scunthorpe launderette.

Still, that song is “Smells Like Teen Spirit” in comparison to the lousy “The Climb”, a dour grab bag of self-help clich├ęs about life being a mountain and a battlefield, wrapped in hoary music which certainly makes you feel like it is. Astoundingly, “The Climb” is not the worst song here, an honour which must be reserved for “Before The Storm”, a death-paced live duet with the Jonas Brothers which somehow sounds even grizzlier than it looks on paper.

Fortunately for Cyrus, these songs flee your brain cells within seconds of their final chords, which means you’re more likely to remember the breezily brilliant hit “Party In The USA” or the trash-rocker “Kicking And Screaming”, with its glam guitar riffing and ragged, gutsy vocal. If Cyrus gets a little more serious about her music, instead of churning out records in between acting, modelling and launching clothing lines, she might make a great pop album. As it is, “The Time Of Our Lives” is a great pop EP drowning in a sea of bilge.

Metro Station talk about how Miley Cyrus helped them to get famous

It might not always be easy being associated with one of world’s best-known teenagers, Miley Cyrus, but it can have its perks such as a quick path to fame — as U.S. band Metro Station has found out. They are currently on tour with Miley Cyrus. Musso spoke to Reuters about the band, fame and success.

Q: It is hard to get away from being linked to Miley Cyrus?

A: “We are not trying to get away from it but we do want to establish ourselves as our own band.”

Q: Do you think it has helped get you established quicker and opened doors for the band?

A: “Absolutely. Our siblings have been nothing but supportive but that is something that we needed. At the same time we have done this ourselves. We are Metro Station and we have nothing to do with Hannah Montana.”


Friday, November 20, 2009

Miley Cyrus 'Slant Eyes' Lawsuit Dropped

A Los Angeles judge dismissed a lawsuit against Miley Cyrus which accused her of discriminating against Asians after she was photographed making 'slant eyes.' Lucie Kim sued Miley in February after a photo emerged of Miley and friends slanting their eyes.

Kim's lawyer her under a statute that prohibits businesses from discriminating against minorities. Kim claimed that Miley 'should have known that her image would be publicly disseminated via the media, which focuses on her private life.'

The judges said he was not convinced Miley had violated a state law protecting citizens from discrimination by businesses. Miley's lawyers said the Unruh Civil Rights Act, cited by Kim's attorney, related to access to public

Source: OceanUP

RUMOR: Nick Jonas Cameo in The Last Song?

This Is Just a Rumor And A Rumor Only So We Are NOT Telling You The Following Article Contains The Truth.

One of your Favorite Stars, is going to be on “The Last Song”. Trust us, you will never guess who it is. It’s not written on the book either. He will appear on the background in the Festival. So, keep your eyes opened for him.

Hint: A lot of Girls would have noticed him, even if we didn’t tweet it.

Hint: The Person who is going to be on The Movie in the Background.. Came to Tybee for a few Days.. (That’s All Were Saying!)

It was Tish Cyrus (Executive Producer) Idea to put that Person in the background.

Who came to visit Miley in Tybee? None other than Nick Jonas!


RUMOR: 911 tapes indicate Miley Cyrus' bus driver had heart attack

This Is Just a Rumor And A Rumor Only So We Are NOT Telling You The Following Article Contains The Truth.

Miley Cyrus' bus driver -- who died last night before, during or after his bus crashed -- may have suffered a heart attack, according to 911 tapes just released by TMZ.

In the first of the 911 calls made last night, the caller tells the dispatcher that the driver is still alive, but "losing color."
This may explain why he ran off the road. In the second call, which sounds made by a different person, the caller says the driver was suffering from cardiac arrest.

In the first of the 911 calls made last night, the caller tells the dispatcher that the driver is still alive, but "losing color."

This may explain why he ran off the road. In the second call, which sounds like it's being made by a different person, the caller says the driver was suffering cardiac arrest.


"Be a Star" Contest: The Final Four

It’s down to the final four and the battle has begun! Last night the highly anticipated ‘Miley Cyrus Superstar’ Final Four episode aired. There were ALOT of surprises! With all the excitement, the final prize at stake—A recording contract, Miley as your vocal coach and a chance to become a real Superstar in Hollywood. Not to much pressure right? =)

Sabrina, Kristen, Emily, and Amy have been hard at work while all of the fans await the next round of videos.

Thousands submitted their videos from all over the world and now after many months, many videos and many votes…the FINAL FOUR are turning up the heat to become the next ‘Miley Cyrus Superstar’. So make sure you tune in next week Wednesday 9pm /8central to see the Final Four web television event! PLUS another spin to the competition, there are now celebrity judges involved.

No, this isn’t your regular American Idol. Our celeb judges includes country sensation Martina Mcbride, Hannah Montana Star and recording artist Mitchel Musso, as well as songwriter of “The Climb” Jon Mabe!

Make sure you get on and place your vote (you can vote once a day) on Wednesday November 25, 2009 at 9pm/8c, It’s the web event of the year and everyone can rock out like a SUPERstar!! Don’t MISS out!!


Miley Cyrus on the Loss of Bus Driver

The family of the bus driver, Bill ‘Uncle Bill’ Douglas was notified of their loss. And now, Miley Cyrus and her family posted a sad statement on her web site.

“We are deeply saddened by the loss of Bill ‘Uncle Bill’ Douglas. Members of our tour are like members of our family. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family in the midst of this tragedy. He will truly be missed.”

We have been told that Uncle Bill, was 53, and from Austin, Texas.

Our heartfelt prayers and condolences to Bill’s family and those in the Miley Cyrus family and tour for their loss.


Demi Lovato: "How Did Liking [Before The Storm] Turn Me Into A NILEY Supporter?"

Click on the image to zoom in.

Source: OceanUP

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth date

From Connor L: We got to downtown Indy and saw Miley's buses at a hotel. So we waited out there for a while and only saw dancers and her mom. My mom went to eat and called me saying Miley was in Panera Bread, where we were planning on eating already (: So we went in and ate.

Miley was with Liam and some other guy and was really nice when we asked for pictures and for her to sign some things. At the mall later they said she walked around with Liam and that random guy for a while, no security or anything.

Source: OceanUP

RUMOR: Miley dressed up like a hooker at her bday party?

This Is Just a Rumor And A Rumor Only So We Are NOT Telling You The Following Article Contains The Truth.

Miley Cyrus dressed as Julia Roberts' prostitute character from 'Pretty Woman' for her 17th birthday party at New York's Canal Room. Miley, in her hooker Vivian Ward outfit, was entertained by a performance from Constantine Maroulis and the cast of Broadway musical 'Rock of Ages'.

A source told New York Post newspaper: 'Miley had seen the show two weeks ago and loved it, so her mom Tish brought the cast in to surprise her. But I'm not sure who was more into Constantine, Miley or her mother. Between songs from the musical
, Miley grabbed Constantine and danced with him at the front of the stage and then Tish joined in.'

Source: OceanUP

New Miley World Blog "One Week" & New Miley World Videos

Here is the recent mileyworld blog;

One week!

Let the countdown begin! It is exactly one week for my 17th birthday! I'm so excited! I do not have anything special planned! I'm not close to Disney this time,i do not have 10 thousand people this time ... Just me, my best friends and my beautiful family! It will be awesome too :) yayy!

MileyWorld; Special Girl Meets Miley

MileyWorld; You Got Good On Ur?

Miley Cyrus tour bus overturns in Richmond,Virginia

RICHMOND, Va. — Virginia State Police say one person was killed when a tour bus belonging to Miley Cyrus overturned, but the 16-year-old "Hannah Montana" star was not on board.

Sgt. Thomas Molnar says the bus overturned around 8:15 a.m. Friday on Interstate 85 about 40 miles south of Richmond.

One of the other nine passengers had minor injuries. Police would not identify those aboard.

According to Miley Cyrus' Web site, the pop singer is scheduled to perform Sunday in Greensboro, N.C.

You can watch this tragic video here;

Our Condolences for the family that lost their loved one in this tragic crash.

RUMOR: Jonas Brothers & Demi Lovato Came To Celebrate "The Last Song" Final Filming?

This Is Just a Rumor And A Rumor Only So We Are NOT Telling You The Following Article Contains The Truth.

According to "The Last Song" Official Twitter; The Jonas Brothers & Demi Lovato Attended "The Last Song" Final Day Shooting.

We do not know if this is true or not, because no pictures of them at the final day of shooting surfaced on the net.

It is also said according to the twitter that The Jonas Brothers & Demi Lovato Will Be attending the premiere.

Also,it has been speculated that Nick Jonas will be in "The Last Song" as an extra.
Reasons why people speculate this is because of this following tweet;

As Always We will keep you updated for more!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Miley Cyrus Will Be Attending Macy's Parade March

According to "The Villanovan" miley cyrus will be attending the 83rd anniversary of macy's day parade.

Other Celebrities that will be attending includes Chris Brown, Cheyenne, Ciara, Gloria Estefan, the cast of Disney's High School Musical, Jonas Brothers, Barry Manilow, Sarah McLachlan, Ali Larter And More.

It will be held on nov. 26th!

We will keep you updated for more!

RUMOR: Miley Cyrus Has a Special Relationship with Costar? & Miley Cyrus Interview With 94.3

This Is Just a Rumor And A Rumor Only So We Are NOT Telling You The Following Article Contains The Truth.

According to People Magazine Miley Has A Special Relationship with her costar?

Here's The Article;

She won't spell it out for us, but it's pretty obvious that Miley Cyrus and Australian costar Liam Hemsworth have a special relationship that goes beyond mere friendship.

"I've never gotten along with someone so well," the singer and actress, 16, tells Seventeen for its December/January issue, out Nov. 24. "I was a little anxious about making this movie; I wanted everything to be perfect. To go on set and feel insecure was a totally new element for me. But he felt the same way. He admitted his insecurities, and it was really nice to have someone who understands me for once."

The two, who are starring together in The Last Song, have already been spotted making out off the set, but Cyrus, who was last linked to an on-off boyfriend known as Nick Jonas and model Justin Gaston, has refused to divulge the exact nature of her relationship with the 19-year-old actor.

But it's clear Hemsworth has a lot of sway over Cyrus' life, including encouraging her recent and sudden withdrawal from Twitter.

"It sucks when your personal life becomes public," she says. "So I'm finding ways to make my personal and private life more of my life – which is one of the reasons why I deleted my Twitter. We've decided that any type of relationship that we have, we will always just keep it very D.L. First and foremost, we are best friends, so that's what I tell people all the time."

She also thanks Hemsworth for the notable changes she's gone through in recent months, including several statements that have her tween fan base in a confused tizzy – such as letting go of Twitter, deriding popular music, and spurning the Twilight phenomenon.

"Liam has been a big part of that," she says. "All you want is for one person to say, 'You did a really good job today.' Or 'You look really beautiful,' or 'I was really moved by that.' You just want one person to make you feel good about something you're doing."

New Miley Cyrus Interview With 94.3;

Miley Cyrus talks with Phathead on 94.3 WMJC Long Island backstage at Nassau Coliseum - and Phathead gives Miley a birthday gift from the New York Islanders.

Also 4 Pictures here;

Miley Cyrus Shopping In New York City & 1 New "The Last Song" Movie Still

Miley Cyrus was seen shopping & hanging out in New York City with her stylist;

Also 1 New "The Last Song" Movie Still Here;

Behind The Scenes Of Seventeen Magazine Cover Shoot

This is another behind the scenes seventeen magazine cover shoot,This one was posted exclusively by Seventeen Magazine!

You can watch the video here;

Miley Cyrus Back On Oprah!

Miley and Oprah, two phenomenon’s now on one stage!! Back in November ‘07 Miley paid a visit to Oprah Winfrey’s show in Chicago. Her dad, Billy Ray accompanied her as well. That show Miley talked about boys, house rules, and she even performed for her “100 Biggest Fans”!! It was a great show and now she’s back for a second time, almost exactly 2 years later, on Tuesday, November 24, 2009, Miley will make a “Surprise” appearance on OPRAH! Oprah and People Magazine salute “Headline Making” hero’s of 2009!! Check your local listings.

Miley Cyrus Seventeen Magazine Interview

Check out the interview Miley Cyrus did for Seventeen magazine;

About her clothing line;"We look at fashion designers advanced. We got the checkered shirt and pants months before people began to see it [on the runway]. Max Azria is a designer very advanced."

About her sexy style;"I do not dress too fancy, or for parties and stuff. I like to be more casual. I prefer to be very simple than very fancy."

About changes;"I think that one day I lived on Tybee Island, [where The Last Song was filmed]. That's where I see myself in 10 years. I can see myself relaxing in a place like this. And that's where I feel at home , where I feel my heart is. "

About Liam;"I heard a rumor that he did not want the role, and when he came to audition, I was thinking that this kid is incredibly cute and he does not realize how blessed he is to be in this place, because I know how blessed I am . This is a great opportunity for us both. "

Miley Cyrus Honors The Sparkle Effect Cheer Team

Cheerleading is an intensive sport that can make or break a high school career. In Bettendorf, Iowa there is a team of cheerleaders at Pleasant Valley High School called "The Sparkle Effect." The Sparkle team started this year and included ten girls with various disabilities from Down Syndrome to autism. The Sparkle Effect will be featured on the Oprah Winfrey. During the taping a live feed brought Miley Cyrus to the studio, also. During the interview Miley invited the girls from the Sparkle team to see her in concert in Indianapolis.

The girls saw Miley Cyrus on Monday. While the girls were at the concert, Miley brought them on stage as she was singing The Ride from her latest flick, Hannah Montana: The Movie. There is one young girl that is so emotional about being on stage with Miley that she is overcome with tears. The video is so sweet and it was wonderful for Miley to honor these girls and their achievements.

The Sparkles Cheer Team is enjoying their ride. Recently they were featured in People magazine and were the Person of the Week on ABCNews. This cheer team is showing the world that no matter your disability you can achieve your dreams. We think it is awesome that Oprah and Miley were able to connect with them and create such a special moment.

Source: TVStar

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Seventeen Magazine Throws Miley Cyrus A Suprise Birthday Party!

Seventeen magazine posted a video where they throw miley cyrus a birthday party!
We know it's still not her birthday, but it was really great that they did this for miley!

You Can Watch The Video Here;

She gets happy Birthday wishes from her loved friends,but not all of them though.

Miley Cyrus' Radio Now Interview, "The Last Song" Official Website & More Picture of Seventeen Magazine Shoot!

Miley Cyrus' Radio NOW 100.9 Interview;

Also "The Last Song" Has An Official Website!
You can visit the site Here

We Also Have More Pictures Of Miley Cyrus' Seventeen Magazine Shoot!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Last Song Official Trailer

Based on the Nicholas Sparks novel, Miley plays a young girl who reluctantly spends the summer at her fathers home where she falls in love for the first time and finds healing after her parents divorce. The Last Song hits theaters April 2010.

Miley on Twilight: "I've never seen it, nor will I ever"

Fan: 'Miley Stopped Me From Killing Myself'

Even though cat named Fuzzy will die soon because Miley Cyrus did not return to Twitter, she has saved the life of one of her fans. A fan that would have committed suicide if it were not for Miley's influence on her. The fan revealed her emotional story to M magazine [They withheld her name to protect her privacy]:

'Miley is my angel. Miley doesn't know it, but her positive influence kept me from suicide. She's the reason I am alive today.' She paid tribute to her savior Miley with a tattoo: 'The tattoo has a halo and wings because Miley is my angel.''

Source: OceanUP

Disney to launch trailer for Miley Cyrus' ''The Last Song'' via Yahoo! tonight

While Disney has taken to the social networks to promote Miley Cyrus' next motion picture adventure, "The Last Song," it is collaborating with Yahoo! for the next phase: the release of its eagerly awaited trailer tonight. Set your watches for 7:00pm/PST to watch.

Based on best-selling novelist Nicholas Sparks’ forthcoming novel, "The Last Song" is set in a small Southern beach town where an estranged father (Greg Kinnear) tries to reconnect with his troubled teenaged daughter (Miley Cyrus) through the only thing they have in common—music—in a story of family, friendship, secrets and salvation, along with first loves and second chances.

In the meantime, viewers are encouraged to visit the film’s official Facebook page and become a fan to access exclusive content and further updates. Click on now.

"The Last Song" is set for release on April 2, 2010.

Source : Examiner

The Last Song' First Movie Stills Plus E! News' Behind The Scenes Of 17 Magazine Cover

We have some first movie stills from The Last Song;

The Last Song movie trailer debuts Tuesday @ 7 PM PST

This is the e! news behind the scenes video;

Monday, November 16, 2009

Miley Cyrus: Seventeen’s Style Star of the Year!

Miley Cyrus lets her hair flow as she covers the December 2009/January 2010 cover of Seventeen magazine.

The 16-year-old starlet was chosen as the mag’s Style Star of the Year. The mag quotes, “She finally shed her Hannah Montana shell and showed the world she’s an A-lister with it-girl style, which is why Seventeen is honoring Miley as our Style Star of the Year!”

Miley will be taking E! News behind-the-scenes of her Seventeen cover shoot tonight, November 16 @ 7PM ET/PT. Be sure to tune in!

Truth about Miley's rumored "death"

For Miley Cyrus "dead" rumors it's a party in the U.S.A., as fans google in disbelief over alleged death of teen queen Cyrus getting pummeled by a truck and dying.

While the rumors are reportedly false, the facts behind the case is that Miley was in an accident with a large truck - But survived unharmed.

Unlike the terror of fans, Miley's health is (for the record) fine and the star is not dead, as rumored.


Miley Cyrus ' Wilde & Fee Morning Show Interview

Miley Cyrus was interviewed by Q104's Allan Fee of the Wilde & Fee Morning Show from her concert in Cleveland, Ohia (Sunday, November 15, 2009) on her Wonder World Tour.

Party in the USA being #1, Her career, What she likes doing best, Sheryl Crow, The most annoying question she gets asked, The media, What gets her excited, Her dancers, band, and people who shes surrounded by, Watching Hannah Montana: The Movie, The Last Song, Her favourite song, Jay-Z, her car.

Part 1

Part 2

Source: TheAshleighAR On YT

Sunday, November 15, 2009

EXCLUSIVE "We Belong To Music" Full Song [Very Low Quality]

WorldMileyFans & luvniley Give You "We Belong To Music" Full Song In A Low Quality.
We apologize for the Quality,when we have the High Quality we will also upload it!

Michael Urie read Miles To Go

Ugly Betty star reads Destiny Hope Cyrus' autobiography.

Source: OceanUP

Saturday, November 14, 2009

RUMOR: Miley as Dorothy in Wizards of Oz?

This Is Just a Rumor And A Rumor Only So We Are NOT Telling You The Following Article Contains The Truth.

According to some sources,the talented young star Miley Cyrus is going to be playing Dorothy in the Remake of The ‘Wizards Of Oz’ directed by Tim Burton. Shooting will start in the middle of next year. It is going to be followed by Wicked: The Movie.

We belong to music by Miley Cyrus ft Timbaland [Biggest Preview/High Quality]

Miley Cyrus Doesn't Want To Be A Heart Breaker

The 16-year-old is currently single but has been linked with two hunks this year - model Justin Gaston and more recently Aussie actor Liam Hemsworth.

"Oh, I'm not really good at dating." Miley reveals. "The whole game often ends with a broken heart. And I really know how much a broken heart hurts. I wouldn't do that to anyone."

"It's frustrating. Whenever I want to be alone with a boy the paparazzi follow us." Cyrus added to TV Digital. "Sometimes I would like to wear a wig - like Hannah Montana. Then I'd have a more private life for sure."

Miley then claimed she is far too busy with her career to be considering a new romance right now. She continued: "I'm just kicking it right now; I don't really have time for a huge relationship. There's no dude."


Friday, November 13, 2009

Timbaland ; "Miley Is Just Like Justin Timberlake"

Timbaland talked about Miley Cyrus in an interview with EW, he said: "Man, she’s gonna be like Justin [Timberlake]. She comes from that same musical background, where she’s just got it. Her voice is just there. The best way to put it is she’s special. When I worked with her, I was very impressed. I was like, ‘Whoa.’"

Recalling that Miley will have a stake in the upcoming Timbaland CD; scheduled for November.

Miley Cyrus denies joining Rock Of Ages

Miley Cyrus has dismissed rumours that she has signed up for the movie adaptation of Broadway musical Rock Of Ages.

The Hannah Montana star was apparently pictured meeting the cast of the play backstage earlier this week, triggering claims that she is reuniting with The Last Song director Adam Shankman to star in the forthcoming film.

However, Cyrus's spokesperson has since denied the reports.

A representative for the 16-year-old told Gossip Cop: "No, she isn't doing it."


New colours of Miley & Mandy bracelets

The new colours are purple, magenta and pink:

Go here to buy it.

Source: UKMileySupport on Twitter

Miley Cyrus Can't Stop Giggling On Stage

Miley Cyrus KISS 108FM Interview

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Miley Cyrus In New York

Miley Cyrus At "Rock Of Ages" In New York (november 10th)

Miley Cyrus was seen yesterday, Wednesday 11, at the department store Bergdorf Goodman in New York City, using the back door of the store, but even so didn't managed to escape the paparazzi.

People’s Choice Awards 2010

Breakout Movie Actress
Anna Kendrick
Emily Osment
Ginnifer Goodwin
Miley Cyrus
Zoe Saldana

Family Movie
Hannah Montana: The Movie
Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian
Where the Wild Things Are

Web Celeb
Andy Samberg
Ashton Kutcher
Miley Cyrus
P. Diddy
Will Ferrell

Vote for Miley Cyrus here.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Miley Cyrus on Sweeet! Radio

Source: goomradio on Youtube

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Miley & Max Behind The Scenes Video

Miley Cyrus & Max Azria Exclusive Behind The Scenes Footage!

Source: mileyraychile On YT

Miley Cyrus' Get Ur Good On

Miley and Youth Service America united to do a new movement called Get Ur Good On. Get Ur Good On is going to help to encourage the infants to the around of the world for do a global change. In the site Get Ur Good On shows as you can do the difference in your city. You can see ideas, pictures, videos and more the noticeable by the different volunteers, you also can publish your own ideas, pictures and videos for share with others also.In the video Miley explains a little about the movement.Visits the site of the project:

Watch The Video Here

New Hannah Montana Episode "Come Fail Away"

In the next episode of Hannah Montana, Lucas Cruikshank (Also known as Fred from youtube) will make a cameo. In "Come Away Fail" Miley does not impress in her audition for the role of a cartoon duck. Then Kyle (Lucas Cruikshank), a professional dubbing, offers his advice. While Miley is still not impressing the director, she decides to try various techniques, including working with a real duck. Meanwhile, Rico tries to turn his shack Rico's in a restaurant. The episode launches on December 6 in the USA.

New MileyWorld Videos

New MileyWorld Videos From 11/09/09.

Miley With Fans At Wonderworld

Amy Top 4 With Finalists

Sources: MileycSpace3 & CatarineCyrus On Youtube &

Also More Videos
Here , Here And Here

Monday, November 9, 2009

Miley showing her bracelets with Stoney Clover

Watch the video here.

Channel 4 3D week includes Miley

Channel 4’s got something unusual on the EPG for you starting next Monday: its very first 3D Week. Sure, proper 3D tellies are still far from mainstream, but the broadcaster’s going to be beaming out shows and films that’ll work on your existing box with the right specs, and we’ve got the skinny on where you can nab a pair for free, right here!

As part of 3D Week, Channel 4 will be showing everything from a Derren Brown fronted magic show with an added dimension, to a 3D documentary of the Queen’s coronation year, and films including Friday the 13th Part III and a Miley Cyrus concert. It’s not the full colour 3D tech we’ve seen on show at tradeshows sadly, but instead works with amber and blue goggles.


Miley Cyrus Is Insecure Too

Miley Cyrus has got it all. She's an internationally known entertainer who seems to be on top of the world. But just like any other teenager, Miley has her up days and her down days when she's feeling a bit insecure.

"I can't remember the last time I felt beautiful," she famously Tweeted before closing her Twitter account.

Like so many teen girls, Miley Cyrus has days when she just doesn't like her looks.

"But I can't change, so I have to embrace it," she told J-14.

Miley Cyrus has some sage advice for those who are struggling with the same issues.

"Everyone should find the few things they like about themselves and focus on that and make those the things you look at every morning - not the things you don't like."

Source: Times of the internet

Miley Cyrus Z100 Interview At Prudential Center

Part 1

Part 2

Source: nessa19900 On YT

Sunday, November 8, 2009

New Version of "Party in the USA" Music Video

There's a new version of the music video for "Party in the USA" with only 1 minute which includes never seen before scenes.Click here to watch it.

New Version of "Miles To Go"

Miley Cyrus wrote her first book a while ago which tells her whole life, since she was a child,with a famous father,to becoming a worldwide phenomenon.

The news now is that the singer is going to re-launch her book with a new cover and new photos, and a new chapter that will tell everything that happened this year that passed such as the release of "Hannah Montana: The Movie",the recording of "The Last Song" and "Sex And The City 2" and even her most recent tour, Wonder World Tour.

The expected launch of the book in the United Kingdom is for the 1st of March 2010, a year after the launch of the first edition. You can pre-order it already on Amazon for £6.64.

The pic we used on this article is the cover of the upcoming book.

Will you buy it?


New Clothes from Miley & Max

New tops, scarves & leggings have arrived at Walmart! There are more styles for the scarves. For more go here.



RUMOR: Disney Channel Stars Exposed

This Is Just a Rumor And A Rumor Only So We Are NOT Telling You The Following Article Contains The Truth.

Click the image to zoom in.

Do you think this is true? Leave us a comment.


Miley: "People Say I Want All This Attention"

Miley Cyrus is tired of fame and wants more privacy. She revealed: People will always say that I’m overworking, over exposed and want all this attention. That’s not true. I just want people to realize that I really am grateful for what I do and I do care about the fans. I can’t help if there are 40 photographers outside my house.

Source: OceanUP

Get Ur Good On Winners

"My friends, my mom and I had an amazing opportunity to meet Miley Cyrus when she came to Philly. I won a contest from writing blogs about how I help the community and how I can help in the future.

It's a great way for other teens to express themselves. At the meet and greet, Miley took as many picture as she could for a group of 10 people. Since she was on a tight schedule she couldn't stay for long. Miley was sick so she had to save her voice for the show, but she did a remarkable job. Miley was humble and sweet. It was such an honor to meet her!",the winner of Get Ur Good On said.