Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Liam: "Most People Cry After Watching 'The Last Song'"

Miley Cyrus Gets Bad Critics For Her "The Last Song" Performance

Miley Cyrus will surely be nominated for a Razzie for her critically bashed 'performance' in 'The Last Song,' reports LA Times.

According to LAT: 'Razzie voters adore rewarding pop tarts who attempt to act. Some of its biggest past champs include Madonna, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. We know that Miley Cyrus is on voters' radar. She was just nominated for worst actress for 'Hannah Montana: The Movie,' but lost to Sandra Bullock ('All About Steve').

Film critics certainly think that Miley deserves to be pelted with raspberries for appearing in 'The Last Song,' which only scores 39 at Metacritic.

The New York Times asserts that acting 'seems almost entirely beyond her,' adding, 'In 'The Last Song,' she pouts, slouches, storms in and out of rooms and occasionally cracks a snaggle-toothed smile, but most of the time she seems to be mugging for the camera, play-acting rather than exploring the motives and feelings of her character.'

Lou Lumenick of the New York Post says that Miley displays 'approximately 1 1/2 expressions' on screen, adding, 'It's the worst of both worlds as Disney cash cow Miley Cyrus makes the most dubious 'dramatic' debut of any singer since Britney Spears.'

Miley got a pretty bad critic. For those who watched the movie, do you agree with this critic? Or do you think they are wrong?

Channing Tatum: "Amanda Seyfried's voice is better than Miley Cyrus"

Channing Tatum told MTV News UK that he thinks his Dear John co-star Amanda Seyfried has a better voice than Miley Cyrus: 'I think you could beat Miley...your voice could beat hers.'

Amanda sings one of her own songs in Dear John, a film about a young couple who are torn apart when Channing’s character John has to go to war in Iraq.

Channing said that even though Amanda has no plans to start a music career, he thinks that she should: 'I wish we could expect an album from her...She has the voice of an angel.'

Do you agree with Channing Tatum?

Dave Days' Last Song For Miley Video

Dave Days said on the description of the video: "After getting millions of views on my videos that I made in my basement with a cardboard Miley Cyrus, I thought I would take my chances and try to find her one last time."

Liam Hemsworth On Miley's Australia Trip

Miley Cyrus Jimmy Kimmel Live

Miley Cyrus And David Bisbal When I Look At You Duet

What do you think of this?

E! The Awful Truth: "It's obvious Miley likes to be the star in her relationships"

E! The Awful Truth on how Miley likes her boyfriend to stay in the background: "Miley's latest crush Liam has a movie to promote, but he's letting Miley take center stage, and he definitely has not been parading around shirtless for the paparazzi.
He's a total step up from ex-BF Justin Gaston. It's obvious Miley likes to be the star in her relationships: She has only dated B-listers since her split from scrumptious JoBro Nick, and she loves to work the red carpet sans a competing BF, pretty and to the side's kinda how she prefers 'em. Liam's recent low-key behavior and how it's totally the opposite of Justin's grasping ways. Remember, Justin tried to propel himself into the spotlight by hanging onto Miley last summer, and now he's promoting his debut album or something. We're told by Miley hangers, that until Nick's back in the pic, Miley's made it very, very clear that she is to be the center of all media ops."

Do you agree with this?

The Last Song "First Date" Clip

Buy Miley Cyrus' The Last Song Dress

Miley Favorite "The Climb" Cover

Miley takes some time to show us her favorite cover of the “The Climb”.
This was recorded at the end of July 2009 while Miley was shooting “The Last Song” and recording her EP.

Click here to watch the cover she's watching in the video.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Miley Cyrus At Copeland Concert

Miley Cyrus At Teru Sushi

Miley Cyrus Kids' Choice Awards 2010 Winner Speech

Miley Cyrus Nicholas Sparks GMA Interview

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pasadena Star Interview

'I've gone these last five years with everyone telling me what to do. Now it's up to me and what I think is right in my career; so I'm just going in my own direction.. I kind of don't want to do music right now. [The record is more pop and definitely edgier] kind of like The Killers. That's my favorite band.'

I remember when I lived in Nashville before all of this. I would call my radio station and say, `Can I hear Justin Timberlake' and fans could call in. It was all about the fans. Now it's all about what commercials can we play. What gossip can we hear about. Who do we owe so we can play their music. It's not like it's based on the fans anymore. And that's the kind of industry I want to be in,One based on the fans and doing things for the people that support you."yrus admits she has to be careful about what roles she chooses next. I still want (my fans) to know who I am, but I want to extend my audience. I want to continue to do what I love, but not just be the same person, over and over.'

On life: 'I feel being compared to a normal 17-year old is a little bit hard to do. I don't feel like that's who I am necessarily. I think the media likes to use that to their advantage sometimes. `She's only 17, why is she doing this?' And then they like to act like I'm older sometimes ..(and) when it works to their advantage, they want me to be younger.It's interesting never getting off this ride. This go, go, go, go, go all the time and never stopping. But I think this is a good point. Once the movie comes out and the record comes out and when I go into my next film, I'll be able to have a little bit more time to look back on things and slow down just a little bit.'

On her new film 'LOL (Laughing Out Loud)' an American remake of a 2008 French teen comedy about a mother and daughter with relationship problems. Miley likes the idea of finding projects like 'LOL' that 'people don't necessarily know here that are really edgy and cool and need to be brought into the States.'

Miley Kids' Choice Awards Pics

Telegraph Interview

Flawless beauty Miley Cyrus interview with Telegraph: 'Every career thing I do can’t be perfect and sometimes my decisions are wrong. I always say the minute I stop making mistakes is the minute I stop learning and I’ve definitely learned a lot. When you’re a pop star or whatever you always have 'people.’You always hear, 'my people will call your people’ but you can’t let your people talk for you all the time because you’re the only person who knows yourself and what you truly want.'

On boyfriend Liam: 'He’s a 6ft 4in tall Australian surfer and I’m 5ft 4in from Tennessee and I couldn’t surf if someone gave me ten million dollars so we couldn’t be more opposite. But I went to Australia to visit him and his family and I was like, 'Omigosh, this looks like Nashville.’ There were like cows everywhere. I am like, 'how are you from the opposite side of the planet and your world looks just like mine?’ My dad’s just happy that I have something going on in my life with someone normal. No psychos, so that’s good.'

On her acting talent: 'I’ve not taken like acting lessons or anything but it doesn’t mean I don’t need to because I’m sure I do. Once I watch this film in the theatre I’m probably going to go book an acting coach.. I’m kind of bipolar in my acting choices because I just want to do a little bit of everything. One day I’m telling my mom, you know, I want to do an action movie and then I want to be doing comedy and then all different types of things. I get a little bored so hopefully I’ll get a chance to do a little bit of everything.'

The Last Song Soundbite

Miley Cyrus On Dave Days' Youtube Video

Dave Days wrote on the description of the video: What the.. what the what the what?! Watch me try to (win Miley's heart) find Miley one last time this Wednesday the 31st of March.

Here's a pic of them when they were taping the video:

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Miley Cyrus at KCA 2010

Miley was not at the Orange Carpet but she did win an award (Best Movie Actress) so she went up on stage to make a little speech, presented by the surprised slimed Katy Perry. Here's a pic of her:

We'll post a video when we find it.

Watch The KCA Live Stream

If asked to enter a password write this: livetv

If you prefer to see it on JustinTV just click Here (Password Required)

Making Of "I'm Still Good"

Selena Gomez 'Jamming Before The Storm'

Miley Cyrus 'Not Necessarily A Bieber Fan'

Miley Confronts a Paparazzi

Miley Cyrus out biking with boyfriend Liam to the 7-Eleven in Toluca Lake today (March, 27th). Miley had a confrontation with a photographer while Liam stayed in the background.

The Last Song New "Mud Fight" Scene

Yesterday (March, 26th) Miley, Liam and Nicholas Sparks had a live chat at where they showed The Last Song' fans a little more of the movie:

New Film "Family Bond"

Details for Miley Cyrus new Film "FAMILY BOND" (2011):

After a teenage girl discovers her father is a CIA operative based in the Cayman Islands, she's forced to develop a relationship with him while searching for her recently-kidnapped mother. ~ Baseline StudioSystems

Friday, March 26, 2010

Watch Ustream Exclusive Live Performance and Q&A Here

Live video chat by Ustream

Ustream Exclusive Live Performance and Q&A

Ustream tweeted today (March, 26th): Are you ready for Miley Cyrus live?? #mileyslastsong

So go to that website they tweeted to watch Miley perform live and aswering some questions today at 3:00pm PT.

We'll be tweeting during the whole thing so go to our twitter If you can't watch it.

"The Last Song" Premiere

Miley Cyrus Talks "LOL"

Miley Cyrus chatted with Reuters about remaking 'LOL: Laughing Out Loud' a 'really dark, edgy and cool' movie [US remake of a 2009 French movie].
Miley: 'It is pretty gnarly. It is about a daughter who is involved with all the wrong kids, doing drugs, failing school, but the mother has her on this perfect pedestal. I just fell in love with the story.'

On 'The Last Song': 'I had been wanting to get out of what people think as the obvious choice for me to do next. You have no idea how many musicals came to my door. It was so freeing to not be, like 'Alright, I'm happy!' and getting to be real and working with life's real emotions. People are so used to me playing the happy girl. A new chapter is beginning and one that has been my life for the past five years is ending. It is interesting to be leaving my security blanket behind, but also it is exciting for me to get involved in this movie career.'

On her final album: 'This is my last record for a little while. I am going to take a break from music. I just want to continue doing film. I really want to focus and perfect one craft, and that's going to be movies for me. I hope I'll do a record sometime later but for right now, it is the last thing on my mind.' Won't that mean a lot of disappointed young fans? 'Yeah, I know. But hopefully they will go see my movies.'

Miley Cyrus On Ellen

Miley Cyrus On Jay Leno

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Last Song Red Carpet Live Stream

You Can Watch The Red Carpet Live Stream Here

Due To Embedding Problems we can't post it,so you have to click that link.

Hannah Montana Season Four Debuts July 2010

The fourth and final season of Hannah Montana will start airing in July 2010. The title will be Hannah Montana Forever and will find Miley Cyrus' character questioning whether she can continue with her double life as singing sensation Hannah Montana or leave it all behind for a more ordinary existence.

Guest stars will include singer Sheryl Crow, actor Ray Liotta and many more in what producers are planning as a bumper, surprise-filled farewell series. The final episode will air in the spring of 2011. Miley told reporters recently that fans of the show around the world 'deserve a really respectful ending', but gave no details.

Also Added Two New Interviews For "The Last Song"

Miley: "I Didn't Want To Sing In The Last Song"

New Miley Cyrus AP interview promoting The Last Song: 'I didn't want to sing in the film. We sang in the car that once, but that doesn't really count. I didn't want to do a performance thing. I never say I'm not going to do anything. Then if I end up doing it, I'm going to get a lot of crap. `She said she'd never ..', you know? And I don't have time for that drama and people freaking out. But most likely, I'd like to stay away from music in films and do a little something less obvious.'

Director Julie Anne Robinson: 'She and Tish, her mom and also her manager, are very astute people and knew precisely what would be the right next movie for Miley. She's demonstrated that she has got emotional range and depth in this movie that can take her forward. I really think she could do almost anything.'

Miley: 'It's a good steppingstone. Nothing too crazy. It's mature, but it's kind of for everyone. I think my next step, I'll get more and more mature and edgier, but I think it was the best steppingstone for me.' On Hannah Montana: 'It's kind of a weird cycle. I didn't really relate to her because I didn't know the famous life. Then I understood it, and I related to her. And now, I don't really relate.. her anymore, because I've gotten more mature than that, and the show can only go so far for the channel it's on. I think once the wig's off, it's off. I get begging fans. I think it's sweet that they're always supportive of the show, but my wish is they'll support me whatever I do, and that's what a true fan is. Whatever I'm doing, if the art that I'm making is making me happy, then respect my craft and respect the art that I'm making.'

Miley Cyrus Sings "When I Look At You" At American Idol

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Hannah Montana Song "I'm Still Good" Preview

Note: We're not sure If "I'm Still Good" is the real name of the song.

New Hannah Montana Song "Still There For Me"

Miley Cyrus Confirms New Album Called “I Cant Be Tamed”

Miley Cyrus & The Last Song Cast International Appearances?

Apparantly these dates were released today, where the last song cast will be attending for "The Last Song" Movie.

Check It Out:

Australia - April 1, 2010
E.U.A. - April 2, 2010
Greece - April 8, 2010
Netherlands - April 15, 2010
Spain - April 16, 2010
Turkey - April 16, 2010
Germany - April 29, 2010
Italy - April 30, 2010
Argentina - May 6, 2010
Finland - May 7, 2010
Norway - May 7, 2010

NOTE these dates may change & we cannot 100% Confirm that these are Correct

Miley Cyrus Dominated Ticket Sales And DVD Sales

Miley Cyrus breaks records at the “Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo”.One Of the places where she is currently dominating,Beating her Disney friends like The Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato.

Check the list below:

Top 20 Paid Attendance Records Individual Performances
Date, Performance Attendance Performer(s)
1 March 14, 2010
Sun. Evening – Go Tejano Day 74,222
Pesado and El Trono De Mexico
2 March 15, 2009
Sun. Evening – Go Tejano Day 74,147
Ramon Ayala and Alacranes Musical
3 March 9, 2008
Sun. Evening 73,459
Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus
4 March 4, 2007
Sun. Evening 73,291
Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana / Cheetah Girls

5 March 18, 2010
Thu. Evening 73,073
Black Eyed Peas
6 March 15, 2008
Sat. Evening 73,003
Brad Paisley
7 March 20, 2010
Sat. Evening 72,977
Brooks & Dunn – The Last Rodeo Tour
8 March 21, 2010
Sun. Evening 72,883
Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber
9 March 18, 2006
Sat. Evening 72,867
Brooks & Dunn
10 March 6, 2005
Sun. Evening 72,843
Hilary Duff
11 March 19, 2008
Wed. Evening 72,777
12 March 20, 2009
Fri. Evening 72,658
Taylor Swift
13 March 8, 2009
Sun. Evening 72,475
Jonas Brothers
14 March 21, 2009
Sat. Evening 72,412
Brooks & Dunn
15 March 5, 2010
Fri. Evening – Black Heritage Day 72,151
Mary J. Blige
16 March 4, 2005
Fri. Evening – Black Heritage Day 72,063
Alicia Keys
17 March 15, 2007
Thu. Evening 72,057
18 March 11, 2008
Tue. Evening 72,051
Rascal Flatts
19 March 7, 2010
Sun. Evening 72,013
Jonas Brothers With Special Guest Demi Lovato
20 March 22, 2008
Sat. Evening 71,906
Brooks & Dunn

She's Also been dominating in the DVD sales zone.

“Hannah Montana: The Movie” DVD has sold over 3,000,000 Units while “Wizards Of Waverly Place: The Movie” & “Princess Protection Program” has sold under 300,000 Units, being one of Disney’s Most Lowest DVD sales in History.

The Exact number that “Hannah Montana: The Movie” has sold is exactly 3,423,856 & it Made $58,296,467!

“Hannah Montana: The Movie” is Disney’s Best-Selling Movie.


#MileyDay Is A Trending Topic On Twitter

As You May know Today is The International Miley Day.
Already From early this morning Devoted miley cyrus fans started tweeting #MileyDay to make it a trending topic.
The Idea is that #MileyDay will keep trending the whole day today,So if you haven't helped yet get Tweeting! :)

Check Out Below #MileyDay Trending.

Miley Cyrus and The Cast of The Last Song Interviewed by

Miley Cyrus On Air With Ryan Seacrest March 24

Miley Cyrus On American Idol

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Miley and the American Idol Cast Photo

Mariah Buzolin accuses Miley of having "No talent"

Universal City Walk Fan Meeting

From Destinee: 'We met Miley Cyrus and her friend at Universal City Walk Hollywood on St. Patrick's Day. She wasn't wearing any green and my little one wanted to pinch her but she then showed us her nails were painted green, so cute.. She was so nice and took several pictures with us.'

Live Musical Performance MSN Movies

If you can’t wait to see ‘The Last Song’, you’re in luck, because this Friday, March 26 at 4:30pm PT, MSN Movies will be hosting a live musical performance of “When I Look At You” and several other Miley favorites!

In addition, Miley, Liam Hemsworth, and Nicholas Sparks will be on hand to chat and answer fan questions.

So make sure you visit MSN Movies at to see everything live!


Miley Cyrus American Idol Mentor Backlash

There has been major backlash over Miley Ray Cyrus serving as mentor on American Idol, according to Yahoo! 'Just when we were complaining about how the Fox reality show needed a mentor to ride in on a white horse and rescue all the contestants, Season 9's first mentor is a 17-year-old with an Auto-tune dependency.'
They also quoted readers that were appalled by Miley's new job: 'When Idol hits bottom they REALLY hit the bottom. Is Milli Vanilli next week?' 'Miley Cyrus is going to give Crystal and Siobhan singing advice? Are the producers intentionally trying to kill this show..!'

Full story here.

Behind The Scenes At The View

Monday, March 22, 2010

Miley Cyrus Will Be On American Idol!

It's Confirmed That Miley Cyrus will be on american idol this week.

This Was Just Released To The Press:
Miley Cyrus will appear as a guest mentor on American Idol and help the Top 11 finalists – Didi Benami, Crystal Bowersox, Lee Dewyze, Andrew Garcia, Casey James, Aaron Kelly, Michael Lynche, Siobhan Magnus, Paige Miles, Katie Stevens and Tim Urban – prepare for their performances on a Billboard No.1 Hits-themed show airing Tuesday, March 23 (8:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed) on FOX.
Tune in to the results show the following night, Wednesday, March 24 (9:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed),to see Miley perform her hit “When I Look At You,” and watch Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato sing “Make A Wave”.

Miley Cyrus On The View

Miley Cyrus On GMA

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Miley on Cover of ‘Teen Vogue’ April 2010

Miley says “bonjour” to Paris on the cover of Teen Vogue’s April 2010 issue, on newsstands Tuesday, March 16! Miley posed for Patrick Demarchelier in Paris, France and spoke to Teen Vogue about The Last Song with her co-star Liam Hemsworth! On her future in music: “The more I make music that doesn’t truly inspire me, the more I feel like I’m blending in with everyone else. So after this next album, I’m taking some time off.”

Check out the awesome candid video of the photo shoot below!

Exclusive Look "The Last Song"

Go inside ‘The Last Song’ with Miley and Good Morning America, starting Monday, March 22nd on ABC. Mark you calendars, ‘The Last Song’ is in theaters near you on March 31st!

"The Last Song" Clips

Miley Fan Meeting Photo

Picture of @HannahHylen meeting Miley Cyrus while 'filming':

Source: OceanUP

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Miley Tweeted "I Hope You Find It"

Miley Cyrus tweeted a long time ago this (click please).
It's part of the lyrics of I Hope You Find It which is Miley's new song that was just released all over the internet. This song will be on The Last Song's Soundtrack.

Friday, March 19, 2010

"I Hope You Find It" Full Song

Source: LiamHemsworthFans On YT

Intro "I Hope You Find It"

This is a 1:15 teaser clip from the beginning to the end of the chorus for Miley Cyrus' new song, "I Hope You Find It," to be featured on "The Last Song."

Credit: PartyLikeMiley On YT

Truth, Lies & Ted, March 18

Miley Cyrus: "I Will Miss Hannah Montana"

Also Added New "The Last Song" Interview

New Get UR Good On Boston

Miley Cyrus' New Perfume Is Called....

On Thursday March 18,Was Released the name of the perfume that Miss Miley Cyrus will be launching in September.
The name,which is already confirmed, will be called "Passion".
The pre-release of the perfume will supposedly take place in July this year.
Miley has partnered with the company Arden,socialite Elizabeth Arden for the launching of her first perfume.
Other informations that were released about the perfume is that the bottle will be designed "russian" style and the fragrance will be a smooth one.

As always we will keep you updated on this.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hannah Montana Honors The Troops

Miley Talks About Nick Jonas & Justin Gaston

Miley chatted with Parade about her failed relationships with Nick Jonas and Justin Gaston. Miley refers to Liam Hemsworth as her 'first serious boyfriend: "Nick and I were so young. We really did have a genuine love, but it wasn’t like this. We met when I was 12. I didn’t know who I was. I know who I am now and am so content and full of purpose. Justin was a good person, so carefree. All I know is that I am so happy right now. I wasn’t last summer after I called it off with Justin and went away to film The Last Song. I cried all the way there. The last thing I was expecting to do was to fall in love. I went there thinking the summer was about me and getting focused on my career. But I guess God was like, ‘Girl, here is this amazing guy.’"

E!News talks about Disney Couples

The Last Song Director: "Miley is like Julia Roberts"

The Last Song director Julie Anne Robinson told E! that Miley Cyrus is like Pretty Woman Julia Roberts: 'She's like Julia Roberts. I feel Miley can do anything, action, comedy, drama. She's got it all.'
Robinson realized the comparison to Julia after Miley auditioned for The Last Song:
'Our director of photography, John Lindley, worked with Julia years ago and when Miley came in for the screen test, he said, 'This really reminds me of when Julia Roberts walked on set.'
Robinson: 'I wasn't familiar with her work. I hadn't even seen one episode of Hannah Montana. But when I met her, she's such a force. She's got this incredible power.. I just thought, ‘This is going to work.''
Liam had to stand in a hole during one of the scenes because he's so tall: 'It was so we could lower him. We had to get shots of Miley from the back of him and across his shoulder, but he's just so tall.'

Miley: "I would do that pole dance again"

Miley Cyrus interview from Parade [Via Access Hollywood]: 'Now I just want to be chill and have my private life. When they’re putting me in sparkles and in pink this final season, I have to grit my teeth. I can’t breathe looking like that anymore. A friend came by the set one day and said, ‘You don’t look very happy.’ I said, ‘I’m feeling claustrophobic in all these frills.’'

Miley confirmed that she did pole dance on top of an ice cream cart during the Teen Choice Awards last year: 'My job first is to entertain and do what I love, and if you don’t like it, then change the channel. I’m not forcing you to watch me. I’m not forcing you to talk about me. I would do that pole dance a thousand times again, because it was right for the song and that performance. But, dude, if you think dancing on top of an ice-cream cart with a pole is bad, then go check what 90% of the high schoolers are really up to. It’s funny. I don’t know if a lot of parents remember what they were like as kids. But I’m like, ‘Dude, as if you were an angel!’'

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cody Linley Talks About Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana Ending

Parade Magazine's Interview And Photoshoot

Miley did a photoshoot & Interview for ‘Parade’ Magazine:

In this week’s issue of PARADE, Miley Cyrus talks to Kevin Sessums about saying farewell to her alter ego Hannah Montana and her new love Liam Hemsworth.

Has her high energy ever been mistaken for ADD or ADHD?
“When I was in middle school I was told I might have one of those and if I were in high school now they would most likely tell me I do have one or both of those and put me on some sort of crazy medication.”

Moving beyond her high-energy reputation.
“When I was eight years old, people were going, ‘Oh, my God. She’s crazy! What’s she going to be like when she’s 17?’ Well I’m 17 now and I’m doing pretty well for whatever it is that I am.”

Finding unbiased love with Liam Helmsworth.
“[Liam has] become my best friend in the whole wide world. I love him. He really respects me for who I am because coming from Australia, he really didn’t know me as the celebrity I am here. I got to tell him about myself on my own terms and my own way. He had no preconceived notion of who I was supposed to be.”

Tapping into her grandfather’s political legacy.
“My character’s name [in The Last Song] is Ronnie and that is in memory of my grandfather, Ron Cyrus, who died a couple of years ago from lung cancer. He was a politician in Kentucky and served in the state legislature for 21 years. A Democrat. I recently did a concert in Washington D.C. and I met all these people who knew my grandfather and told me what he had meant to them.”

Did the Obama girls come to the concert?
“Yes. The First Lady brought them. I had met them before because I sang at the inauguration. I think Michelle Obama is the most beautiful person to ever live in the White House. When she came to my concert she was dressed so classy and yet funky. I didn’t feel like I was talking to the First Lady. I just felt like I was talking to a normal person. I think that’s what’s so attractive about that whole family.”

Having Dolly Parton as her godmother.
“She is the nicest person in the world. She’s so easy to talk to. She’s awesome. I love her. She always tells me just to do what I love and if I’m not having fun it’s not working. I don’t know how old she is at this point but every time she is on the stage she is smiling from ear to ear.”

What she thinks of music’s latest sensation, Lady Gaga.
“I love her. She’s really smart. I caught her on Oprah and she was really chill. I used to be like, yeah, I guess she’s talented but how much is she really singing. But I’ve become a convert. She has to be smart to come up with all her gags and the stuff she comes up with. She gets it. She knows exactly what she’s doing. It’s like Dolly Parton. Dolly plays up that I’m-a-cute-dumb-blonde but, believe me, she’s not dumb. She’s sitting on a ba-jillion dollars.”

What she’s watching — and not watching — on TV.
“I am screwed up in the mind a little bit because I’m not like other 16- or 17-year-old girls. I have no perspective of who exactly my fans are, to tell you the truth. Teenage girls in general are hard for me. I’m not a girl’s girl. And I don’t really watch television at all. But there is one show I’m addicted to: RuPaul’s Drag Race. I love me some RuPaul. I love RuPaul’s motto. It goes something like, ‘A real lady is never bitchy, a real lady is sassy.’”

Why she’s steering clear of the country scene.
“It scares me, that’s why. It feels contrived on so many levels. Unless you’re wearing a cowboy hat and cowboy boots and singing and whining about your girlfriend or boyfriend leaving you it’s not going to sell. I think that’s why my dad finally got out of it. You have to wear those cowboy boots and be sweet as pie. It makes me nervous, the politics of it all."

Her relationship with the ever-present paparazzi.
“The other day I felt a little bit in danger for the first time because there were too many photographers following me in too many cars. And I have to ask myself, ‘Why would any other 50-year-old man who was stalking a 17-year-old girl go to jail, but not these guys? I’m not as American as anyone else?’ I mean, they couldn’t sit outside of a high school but they can sit outside my recording studio. It’s creepy.”

Knowing her faith.
“The one thing I’m really strong about regarding my religious beliefs is that you should know a little bit about everything before you define your own beliefs. I think all religions have a good practice in them. Liam and I have been reading about Buddhism lately and it’s all about hope and love. To me, faith is about having a clean slate and a clean start.”

Making mistakes and learning the power of forgiveness.
“You don’t have to say, ‘Well, I’m already a bad person so I might as well go ahead and do this other bad thing.’ It’s about knowing sometime that what you did wasn’t always the best choice but you now have the chance to start over again. That’s the biggest thing to me about my faith: you don’t have to live tallying up all the things you’ve done wrong. It’s all about forgiveness. If God who created the world can forgive you then you can forgive yourself.”

Tweeting up controversy.
“There has been so much controversy sometimes about what I’ve said or done because I believe there are no mistakes because God is the only one who can judge us. That’s the reason I deleted my Twitter account because I said on there that I believed in gay marriage because everyone should have the right to love each other, and I got such hate mail about my being a bad person.”

Behind The Scene's Video:

Thnx @EpicPoster For Sendin'!
You Can check out their site Here

"The Last Song" Clips

Also Added Miley And Dave Days.
He Tweeted: it's okay Miley I am here now. Wait a second,you can hear me??

Miley Cyrus At Recording Studio In North Hollywood

Miley at the recording studio in North Hollywood with Mommy Tish.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Miley Cyrus With Her New Mercedes

Miley Talks About Sex And The City 2


Miley Cyrus chatted with MTV about Sex And The City sequel: 'I've always been a huge fan of the show, I think they are so amazing. It has such a great cast, and you can see the chemistry with all the girls. I was surprised [that they asked me].

It was a very glamorous day for me, to be on the carpet with the girls and share a really cool scene with Kim Cattrall, who I love. I think she's so great. It was really, really fun and it was a big moment for me. It's one of those perks.

You do so many things that aren't as much fun and are really the hard parts, but that was just one of those things where it was the day you got to play. I've always really been into the show, and they added a couple different cameos with all different types of people. And they asked me to do one, which was a super big..
..honor. It was really easy and really fun. I haven't seen any of it. All I did was my one tiny little part, where I just have to stand there. So I don't know [what the plot is]. I'm excited, trust me. I'll be waiting in front of the theater to go see it.'

New MileyWorld Videos And "The Last Song" Interviews

Miley: "I Live Under My Own Little Rock"

Miley Cyrus chatted with Hollyscoop about young celebrities dying from drug overdoses: 'If anyone looks at those situations, maybe people would stop being so mean to people that are in this business. But they don't, because if..
..something does happen it's just another story to sell. People should learn to be respectful and realize that love makes the world go round, its not your job to sell another stupid magazine for a story that is going to be over in five minutes.'

Miley revealed that she is a homebody and doesn't get out much: 'I don't think you will believe this. I just live under my own little rock. I don't really read things or get out often.'

Miley doesn't go out to clubs either:'I'm not the most social human being, I just try to ignore everyone.'

Do tabloids bother her? 'I live my own life so I guess I don't really mind because it does not affect me.'

Monday, March 15, 2010

Miley And Liam Dishes About Kissing Scene In "The Last Song"

Miley Cyrus shares the big-screen with her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth in Disney's 'The Last Song.' The young lovebirds chirped about kissing in front of Miley's mom, Tish, who was the film's executive producer.

Liam told ET's Kevin Frazier, "Her mom was watching. Her grandma was also watching, which was really funny. She was on set everyday and she'd be right at the monitor with the headphones on…She should have been directing the film. She knew more about it than anyone." He also admitted, "Intimacy's always tough. I feel like it's the hardest thing for me as an actor."

Miley blushed: "I don't know who had a bigger crush on him at the beginning, my mom or me. I was like, 'No, maybe he's just too pretty. I don't want to be with someone who's better looking than me. That's like awkward.'"

In theaters March 31 and adapted from best-selling author Nicholas Sparks' latest novel of the same name, 'The Last Song' finds Miley playing a rebellious teen sent to spend her summer with her estranged father (Greg Kinnear).

"The Last Song" First Date TV Spot And Featurette

Also Added Miley outside of H.Wood in Hollywood on Friday, March 12 With Fans.

Hannah Montana Season 4 Episode Dates?

According To Wikipedia These Are The Hannah Montana Season 4 Episode And Their Release Dates:

1."This Is Our New Home" - July 2, 2010
2."School's In For Hannah" - July 9, 2010
3."Friends or Foes" - July 16, 2010
4."Heartache Over Jake" - July 23, 2010
5."I Do not Got Nothin On Me Expect Miley" - July 30, 2010
6."De-Do-De-Do not Tell My Secret" - August 8, 2010
7."It's The End Of Jake As We Know It" - August 15, 2010
8."That Love Let's Go" - August 22, 2010

Season 4 Apparantly has Only 12 Episodes And In Episode 8 Mitchel Musso (Who plays Oliver) leaves to move to Texas.

Please NOTE that if these Dates Are NOT Correct,We Are NOT responsible!

Hannah Montana Season 4 "Forever" TV Spot

Miley Cyrus: "The Internet Ruins Your Life"

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Teen Hollywood interview:
Any more Hannah Montana movies? "No. Hannah Montana and the wig is (she whistles) out! As soon as that last episode is over, one will be in a museum and one will be burned or something because I can't put it on again. It's just too much."

On Miley and Liam transitioning to film roles: "We were kind of planning when the transition would take place; when I would leave the show behind and do something else. I've gone these last five years of doing 'Hannah Montana' with everybody telling me what to do. Now, it's kind of up to me (to pick) what I think is right for my career. So, I've just been going in my own direction..

..and I have to be careful, in a sense, to not lose who I am and to lose the Miley Cyrus factor by going on to do other characters. I want them to know who I am but I want to extend my audience and just continue to do what I love but also give myself new challenges and not just be the same person over and over."

Does it help to work with a really hot guy in your first dramatic film? "Yeah. (Talking) with Nicholas about the writing I said 'I like animals, I like music, hot Australians', that's what I kind of made him write into the book so that was interesting. It was a good choice (Liam is cracking up). It worked out fine and I owe Nicholas bigtime! (laughter). "

What aspect of your character Ronnie do you relate to the most?"I was glad I got to have some part in (playing) music in the film. It wasn't necessarily singing which is what everyone always wants to put me in. 'Let's give her a singing role' and I didn't necessarily want to do that. I didn't want that to always be the thing that I lean on. But, I definitely relate to the music and working with animals was really cool, just things that were a little bit of me in the character but also different. But, I think that the music was probably the main thing I related to."

On Liam meeting Miley's parents: "My parents are, sorry mom, but like a little loco so if you love me and my family of five and my grandma lives with us and we have ten thousand dogs so if you love me after you meet my lifestyle, then you're good. You're a keeper."

How is life post-Twitter versus before? "I'm a lot less on my phone. I'm a little bit more social. I have a lot more real friends than friends who are on the internet that I'm talking to which is not cool, not safe, not fun, and most likely not real. I just think everything is better when you're not so wrapped up in that.

I think it's kinda lame. I go hang out with my friends and they're so busy taking pictures of what they're doing to put on Facebook that they're not really enjoying what they're doing. You're going to look back and have ten million pictures but you're not in one of them because you weren't having fun. You were too busy clicking away. So, I think just enjoy the moment you're in and stop telling people about it. Just enjoy it for yourself.

You sound like somebody's mom right now. '(laughs) Yes, I do. I'm telling kids, 'don't be on the internet. It's dangerous. it's not fun. It ruins your life and you should just be outside playing sports or something and not sitting in front of any type of screen (Liam is laughing a lot now).'

On her music: "Right now I'm just finishing up my record. My record will be out towards the end of the summer and I'm really excited about that because I feel like after doing this film, it was kind of a test for me to decide what I really wanted to do. I love making movies and that's what I want to pursue.

It's not that I don't love music. I love music. If every film could have a part (for me) with music I would (do it). But I feel like I need to get away from that for a little while and it's another thing that is kind of my security blanket and I don't always want to fall back on that.

I feel that the music industry is so contrived and so political right now, I people stepped away and said 'we're not gonna work like this. It's more about our art than the politics, I feel like it would go back to be respected again. Right now, I feel like it's lost a lot of respect and I'd rather be in an industry where I feel like I can be different and do things that really inspire me."

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Forbes Top Box Office Teens

The Harry Potter trio of stars tops Forbes List of “Top Box Office Teens”. The threesome easily landed at #1 with $4.3 billion made at the box office. Behind them are The Runaways two leading ladies, Dakota Fanning (with $2 billion) and Kristen Stewart (with $1.5 billion).

Also making the cut were Twilight star Taylor Lautner, Miley Cyrus, Abigail Breslin, and Emma Stone.

Miley’s two films made $226 million.

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Miley Cyrus Arriving At A Santa Monica Hotel

Miley photographed yesterday (Saturday 13th March) at a hotel in Santa Monica.

Mitchel Musso Talks About Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana Season 4 "I'm Still Go" Clip

Teen Vogue Scans

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Miley Cyrus Talks "The Last Song" And "Hannah Montana"

In an interview with Hollywood Outbreak, Miley Cyrus talked about her new movie ‘The Last Song’ and season 4 of Hannah Montana.

Ryan Seacrest Interviews Bret Michaels About Miley Cyrus

Still Pictures Of Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth's Live Chat

Source: rpulse

Miley Cyrus Stops By The Tea Room

According To x17 Online miley cyrus was spotted at "The Tea Room"

This is the article they wrote:

But wait, isn't that for uh, adults?

Miley Cyrus was spotted at the Tea Room in Hollywood last night, and while we're sure she wasn't drinking, what the heck is a 17-year-old doing at a bar?

Miley goes out to dinner at Katsuya and we've spotted her catching a late movie, but this is definitely one of the first times we've heard about her hitting the clubs!

She's leaving Hannah Montana and her Disney days behind, so is it possible that America's teenage sweet tart is now going through her "not a girl, not yet a woman" phase?

Any Thought?

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"The Last Song" Movie Review

So finally we get to see what love birds Miley Cyrus and Australia's Liam Hemsworth got up to in the last couple of months...! It seems like more than a year since we got the pics of Miley and Liam getting more than cosy on the set of 'The Last Song', but the question was, would the onset chemistry come up well on the big screen? Well yes, and no.

'The Last Song' is based on the coming-of-age drama written by Nicholas Sparks, more famously known for his tear jerker 'The Notebook'. Disney starlet Miley Cyrus plays Veronica 'Ronnie' Miller, a rebellious and frustrated teen who still hasn't recovered from her parent's ugly divorce. Ronnie and her brother Jonah are sent to live with their father Steve for the summer, played by Oscar winner Greg Kinnear.

Upon arrival, Ronnie is extremely hostile towards her father and does her best to make an enemy with everyone in the small Georgia beach town of Tybee Island. She succeeds at doing her best to have a terrible time until she meets Will Blakelee, played by Aussie boy Liam Hemsworth. After a shaky start Ronnie and Will fall heavily in love, which in turn helps her to bond with her father and reconnect with her musical past.

The film is quite authentic and convincing in most part, except for some super cheesey "ohh the car's bogged in mud, let's throw mud at each other" and "let's splash each other in the wait on, let's cover each other in water and then kiss". But aside from the Disney cheese, which seems to be compulsory in teen dramas of late (anyone seen 'Remember Me'?), 'The Last Song' is a really decent flick, and will certainly help Miley Cyrus shake her squeaky clean pop star tag.

Directed by Julie Anne Robinson, credit must also be given for not being tempted to fill the film with commercial music, opting for inclusion of alternate tunes from Iron & Wine, Australia's Eskimo Joe and Jose Gonzalez. Naturally Miley Cyrus gets a spot on the soundtrack with the slightly cringe worthy 'When I Love At You', but at least it's not 'Party In The USA'!

Thanks to another stellar performance by Greg Kinear and commendable efforts from Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, 'The Last Song' will last song will definitely please Cyrus fans and pick up a few extra on the way.

'The Last Song' gets 7/10 and is in next week.

Review by Kate Yencken

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Hannah Montana Season 4 First Stills