Wednesday, March 31, 2010

E! The Awful Truth: "It's obvious Miley likes to be the star in her relationships"

E! The Awful Truth on how Miley likes her boyfriend to stay in the background: "Miley's latest crush Liam has a movie to promote, but he's letting Miley take center stage, and he definitely has not been parading around shirtless for the paparazzi.
He's a total step up from ex-BF Justin Gaston. It's obvious Miley likes to be the star in her relationships: She has only dated B-listers since her split from scrumptious JoBro Nick, and she loves to work the red carpet sans a competing BF, pretty and to the side's kinda how she prefers 'em. Liam's recent low-key behavior and how it's totally the opposite of Justin's grasping ways. Remember, Justin tried to propel himself into the spotlight by hanging onto Miley last summer, and now he's promoting his debut album or something. We're told by Miley hangers, that until Nick's back in the pic, Miley's made it very, very clear that she is to be the center of all media ops."

Do you agree with this?