Sunday, March 14, 2010

"The Last Song" Movie Review

So finally we get to see what love birds Miley Cyrus and Australia's Liam Hemsworth got up to in the last couple of months...! It seems like more than a year since we got the pics of Miley and Liam getting more than cosy on the set of 'The Last Song', but the question was, would the onset chemistry come up well on the big screen? Well yes, and no.

'The Last Song' is based on the coming-of-age drama written by Nicholas Sparks, more famously known for his tear jerker 'The Notebook'. Disney starlet Miley Cyrus plays Veronica 'Ronnie' Miller, a rebellious and frustrated teen who still hasn't recovered from her parent's ugly divorce. Ronnie and her brother Jonah are sent to live with their father Steve for the summer, played by Oscar winner Greg Kinnear.

Upon arrival, Ronnie is extremely hostile towards her father and does her best to make an enemy with everyone in the small Georgia beach town of Tybee Island. She succeeds at doing her best to have a terrible time until she meets Will Blakelee, played by Aussie boy Liam Hemsworth. After a shaky start Ronnie and Will fall heavily in love, which in turn helps her to bond with her father and reconnect with her musical past.

The film is quite authentic and convincing in most part, except for some super cheesey "ohh the car's bogged in mud, let's throw mud at each other" and "let's splash each other in the wait on, let's cover each other in water and then kiss". But aside from the Disney cheese, which seems to be compulsory in teen dramas of late (anyone seen 'Remember Me'?), 'The Last Song' is a really decent flick, and will certainly help Miley Cyrus shake her squeaky clean pop star tag.

Directed by Julie Anne Robinson, credit must also be given for not being tempted to fill the film with commercial music, opting for inclusion of alternate tunes from Iron & Wine, Australia's Eskimo Joe and Jose Gonzalez. Naturally Miley Cyrus gets a spot on the soundtrack with the slightly cringe worthy 'When I Love At You', but at least it's not 'Party In The USA'!

Thanks to another stellar performance by Greg Kinear and commendable efforts from Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, 'The Last Song' will last song will definitely please Cyrus fans and pick up a few extra on the way.

'The Last Song' gets 7/10 and is in next week.

Review by Kate Yencken

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