Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Last Song Director: "Miley is like Julia Roberts"

The Last Song director Julie Anne Robinson told E! that Miley Cyrus is like Pretty Woman Julia Roberts: 'She's like Julia Roberts. I feel Miley can do anything, action, comedy, drama. She's got it all.'
Robinson realized the comparison to Julia after Miley auditioned for The Last Song:
'Our director of photography, John Lindley, worked with Julia years ago and when Miley came in for the screen test, he said, 'This really reminds me of when Julia Roberts walked on set.'
Robinson: 'I wasn't familiar with her work. I hadn't even seen one episode of Hannah Montana. But when I met her, she's such a force. She's got this incredible power.. I just thought, ‘This is going to work.''
Liam had to stand in a hole during one of the scenes because he's so tall: 'It was so we could lower him. We had to get shots of Miley from the back of him and across his shoulder, but he's just so tall.'