Friday, March 12, 2010

Miley Cyrus proves she's worthy of an Oscar

I’m so sorry Miley Cyrus. You were forced into a situation that must have been incredibly uncomfortable and even disgusting. If only you had been able to shower. The fake smile earns you an Oscar from me.

I promise I will end the need for you to act civilized when scum like Mario Lavandeira ask for a photo opportunity. Not sure why the ‘jockey-pant’ wearing chub was allowed in, it does seem that he is in need of stretchy chubby pants again, oh well too many Cuban baked goods at Porto bakery?

It made me ill to see it.

Or does he look like Kip’s Big Boy or Bob’s Big Boy?

Thank you @SonyaVanSickle my twitter friend who alerted me to the separated at birth twins, Mario Lavandeira, call me perez hilton, and Kip’s Big Boy, LOL.

I have not been writing a lot because I am finalizing a huge partnership with a Fortune 500 that will end all rumor and gossip. Tonight while I was putting up a few posts I noticed the picture above.

Above is the recent way Miley was treated on

Now you see why he has no right to ask for a photograph with her, ever.

Source: rpulse