Thursday, March 25, 2010

Miley: "I Didn't Want To Sing In The Last Song"

New Miley Cyrus AP interview promoting The Last Song: 'I didn't want to sing in the film. We sang in the car that once, but that doesn't really count. I didn't want to do a performance thing. I never say I'm not going to do anything. Then if I end up doing it, I'm going to get a lot of crap. `She said she'd never ..', you know? And I don't have time for that drama and people freaking out. But most likely, I'd like to stay away from music in films and do a little something less obvious.'

Director Julie Anne Robinson: 'She and Tish, her mom and also her manager, are very astute people and knew precisely what would be the right next movie for Miley. She's demonstrated that she has got emotional range and depth in this movie that can take her forward. I really think she could do almost anything.'

Miley: 'It's a good steppingstone. Nothing too crazy. It's mature, but it's kind of for everyone. I think my next step, I'll get more and more mature and edgier, but I think it was the best steppingstone for me.' On Hannah Montana: 'It's kind of a weird cycle. I didn't really relate to her because I didn't know the famous life. Then I understood it, and I related to her. And now, I don't really relate.. her anymore, because I've gotten more mature than that, and the show can only go so far for the channel it's on. I think once the wig's off, it's off. I get begging fans. I think it's sweet that they're always supportive of the show, but my wish is they'll support me whatever I do, and that's what a true fan is. Whatever I'm doing, if the art that I'm making is making me happy, then respect my craft and respect the art that I'm making.'