Sunday, November 21, 2010

Psychotherapist Says Miley Is Acting Out To Get Her Parents Back Together

Miley's trying to get her parents back together, subconsciously. Psychotherapist Dr. Gilda Carle revealed to Hollywood Life: 'Miley knows what is appropriate and inappropriate. Exposing herself is an act of defiance. She’s acting out, acting like a bad girl, so sexualized, because she wants to force her parents to jump back in and act like her parents again and stop her. Children of divorce, like Miley, often take it upon themselves to try and maneuver their parents back together and that’s exactly what Miley’s trying to do by publicly acting out.'

Miley blames her own success for her parents’ divorce and 'would give up every dollar and gold record she ever earned if her dad Billy Ray and mom Tish would agree to give marriage one more try.' Dr. Carle: 'Children blame themselves all the time when their parents split up. Miley has a lot of guilt and the only way she can remove it is if she can get her parents back together, first of all, by forcing them to discipline her in unison, but she may also be subconscioulsy sabotaging her career by destroying her wholesome image, which has been so popular. She wants to destroy it because she blames her career for breaking up her family and in her subconscious mind, if she screws up her career, it can’t be to blame anymore and mommy and daddy can get back together.'

Personally, I think you can't say every person is going to act out as a way to get their parents back together. It might happen sometimes, or even most of the time, but it's not a 100% thing. So really, this psychotherapist doesn't know that much about Miley to talk about what she's feeling or what so ever. What do you think?