Sunday, November 21, 2010

Miley Apparently Blames Her Success On Divorce

Miley Cyrus apparently blames her success for her parents' divorce and would give up every dollar and gold record she ever earned if Billy Ray and Tish would get back together, reports Popeater. Miley friend revealed: “Both parents have been equally involved in making their daughter a superstar. And now that they have achieved their goal they have nothing to work towards anymore and nothing to keep them together.”

A music executive said: 'Every marriage struggles when a child leaves home and the relationship gets re-examined, but add on top of that that every second of the past decade Billy Ray and Tish have spent building a star together, they have forgotten to make time for each other. It's heartbreaking. You would think someone like Miley has everything in the world, but I guarantee she would give it all up in a second if it kept her family together. I'm sure when she blows out her birthday candles in a few weeks her wish will be for mom & dad, not her career. Now that Miley is old enough to manage her own career, worth over $50 million dollars, Billy Ray and Tish's dream has come true at the cost of their marriage.”