Friday, October 30, 2009

Miley Cyrus Talking About Taylor Swift And Taylor Lautner

Miley Cyrus On Taylor Swift And Taylor Lautner: 'Sounds Good To Me'

'I'm not into the drama,' she says of the romance rumors surrounding her friends.

Miley Cyrus may be friends with both Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner, but that doesn't mean that the teen queen has any idea if the two are really dating. But, if they are, she's really happy for them.

"The Taylors? Oh, I don't know. I'm not into the drama. I have no idea," she told Chicago's B96 morning show during a tour stop earlier this week, where she also talked about her recent departure from Twitter. "But I've known Taylor [Lautner] since I was really young."

Cyrus, who starred in the "Hannah Montana" movie alongside Swift earlier this year, shared that she was once also cast in a flick with Lautner. "When he did '[The Adventures of] Sharkboy and Lavagirl,' it was between me and somebody else, and then I ended up doing 'Hannah Montana,' so I've known him for, like, a really long time," she said, adding that she fully approves of the couple — if they are dating. "I mean, if he's happy and if she's happy, sounds good to me."

Taylor Swift recently played coy during interviews when asked about her rumored romance with the "Twilight" star and her "Valentine's Day" co-star.

"I don't know, he's an amazing guy and we're really close ... and ah ... yep," she told CMT Radio Live's Cody Alan in an interview, before later in the day giggling with Ellen DeGeneres when asked about Lautner. "We're in a movie together, and I am really excited about seeing it."

Source: MTV