Friday, August 13, 2010

Liam Hemsworth Hangs Without Miley Cyrus & OceanUP Starts Rumors

Gossip Cop often wonders whether bad bloggers simply cut and paste stories in an effort to protect their precious fingernails.

How else can one explain the selective excerpts oceanUP chooses to lift and then sensationalize, all the while leaving out key information?

Picking up a report from E! Online, the site writes today, “Blond (sic) girls were all over Liam Hemsworth at (sic) Quicksilver party Thursday night in Newport Beach, CA.”

oceanUP further “reports” that Miley Cyrus‘ beau not only went to another hot spot afterward, but also took “a couple of pretty blondes” with him.

So Cyrus should totally be concerned, right?

Um… no.

The site conveniently leaves out the part about Hemsworth – who was more focused on hanging with his guy pals than the ladies trying to get his attention – leaving the party alone.

Furthermore, a source close to the couple tells Gossip Cop that Cyrus isn’t remotely concerned about her boyfriend going out while she’s working on the film, LOL.

The only drama here is that which oceanUP created.

Source: Gossip Cop