Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Miley Cyrus Waterford Fan Meeting

From Taylor: I met Miley Cyrus tonight at a restaurant in Waterford, Michigan. She was at Lion's Den with Ashley Greene, Tanz Watson and Douglas Booth. I was sitting down eating when the four walked in just like normal people. They ended up being seated in the booth right next to us. It was so cool! No one really ran up to her, of course there were whispers and people staring at her but for the most part people left them alone. It was really weird though, she was ALL over the Douglas kid. I wanted to ask her where Liam was but thought that would be a little rude lol. When we were standing up about to leave, I looked over and made eye contact with Miley and she smiled at me. I was about to ask her for a picture, but didn't want to make her get up so I just told her to enjoy her dinner and she said 'aww thanks sweetie, I will! do you want a picture?'. So she stood up and gave me a hug and then we took a picture. Then she was like 'yeah, I've been here for about 6 weeks now. we're filming a movie in Detroit.' We talked for a good 5 minutes. She introduced me to Ashley and Tanz. Then walked over to Douglas and was like and THIS is my love interest in the movielucky me right?! and she winked at him. We all said goodbye and I told her to enjoy the rest of her stay here in Detroit :) She was super nice so all the rumors of her 'ignoring' fans and telling them 'no' and stuff is most likely false.

Source: Oceanup