Monday, August 23, 2010

Katy Perry Says Miley Cyrus Is Hot

Katy Perry has spoken up about her love for Miley again.

At the listening party, Perry joked that the video -- which also showed a Gummy Bear flipping Perry off -- was "as innocent as Miley Cyrus."

Speaking of whom, Perry said she approves of Cyrus' controversial move this year to go from teen-pop queen to a sexier, more grown-up artist.

"She knows exactly what she's doing. I think a lot of pop girls who come from a bit of a controlled (thing) -- Nickelodeon or whatever it is -- they always feel the need that they've got to shed their skin, and bloom again, and butterfly, or peacock, or whatever. I love her. And I think she's hot. I like what she's doing. She's a smart little cookie."