Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Miley Cyrus Somerset Mall Fan Meeting

From Cassie: My mom asked me to run to Somerset Mall in Troy, Michigan to pick up something for her today around 8:30 PM. I saw Miley looking at jewelry in the Junior's department called BP at Nordstrom and I went up to her and said 'I know you don't want to hear it from another fan, but can I just get a picture with you really quick?' She said, 'Yah but hurry because my friends will get pissed'. She was with 3 other people, 2 girls and one boy. She was very rude. I went up to the cashier to pick up what I needed and I told her Miley was right over my right shoulder and when Miley walked by the cashier said 'can I help you with anything?' and Miley just completely ignored her and continued walking. She was wearing a see through white shirt and had a Neiman Marcus bag with her.

Source: OceanUP