Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Miley Cyrus Going "Bad" For 'LOL'?

From the “We Saw This Coming a Mile Away” file: Miley Cyrus is allegedly going “bad” for a new movie role. Does anyone actually find this shocking? Didn’t think so…

Miley Cyrus‘ new movie may be called LOL: Laughing Out Loud, but I’m not laughing.

In the new film, Miley loses her virginity, smokes pot, gets wasted, kisses two girls on the lips and even flashes her Brazilian wax at her onscreen mom, played by Demi Moore. I thought maybe the film was based on Lindsay Lohan‘s current trials and tribulations, but apparently LOL is an English remake of a French hit.

Demi told MTV News that in real life, Miley is nothing like her character. Sorry Mrs. Kutcher, but I’m going to have to disagree with you on that one. Between the racy Facebook photo scandals, inappropriate live performances (such as sliding down a stripper pole at the Teen Choice Awards last year), and continuous public displays of affection with her older boyfriends, Miley is clearly no angel.

All this and the starlet is still just 17-years-old!

In the video for her latest “hit”, Miley croons about how she “Can’t Be Tamed” while wearing a revealing black outfit and gyrating in a giant birdcage. We don’t want to tame you, Miley. We just want you to go away.

Anyway, could Miley’s performance in LOL really even be considered acting? Miley plays a “sweet” teen whose mom finds her secret wild side displayed on YouTube and Facebook. Hmm… sounds familiar.

I change my mind, Smiley. Maybe I AM laughing. At you.

NOTE: We do NOT agree with this article and it was NOT written by us.