Saturday, August 7, 2010

A fan's experience as an extra on 'LOL'

From Jamie: well I should prob post a full blog of the day I spent filming on the LOL set. Since i’ve repeated my self a milli times lmao. First off I owe my best friend Jeffrey for getting me in! He was booked as an extra because he attends UDM, then he got an email saying they need hispanic and asian looking people so if they had any friends tell them. So I contacted the people and was booked.

We had to check in at 715 am! First we ate breakfast (this is when we first saw Miley and Demi) then we checked in at extras holding, and then we went over to wardrobe. They checked us out made sure we were dressed right and hair and make up were good. Then we started filming the first scene. I’m not going to post the details about the scenes because I’m not sure what’s acceptable to say and what’s not and I don’t wanna risk it.

But we worked on the first two scenes for forever! Each time Demi had something she wanted to change about. Even Miley was like alright enough. The space the filming was taking place was very cramped with all the cameras and crew, and to make room for the rest of the scene they shoved Brittany ( the girl i was paired with ) Ashley Green, Doug Booth and I in a closet! We all just sorta laughed and Ashley had really cute shoes on so I was like I love your shoes, and she said thanks, arent they cute? and took it off to check the label, they were guess ; ) After a longg time going over the first few parts, it was finally lunch time! By this time it was 1pm already and we were all famished!

As we were walking to the extras area where the food was, is when I first saw Ashton Kutcher getting in his car to go have lunch with Demi, and her daughters. (who i wasn’t a fan of )

Lunch was a good way to break up the day, then we began the second part of the day. This part was definitely the longest, and it’s a very epic scene too ;)

to sum it up we spent a good few hours in a room with Demi Miley Ashley Doug, Jay Hermandez George Finn and Ashley hinshaw. Then as I was just looking out around the room I saw a guy on the side that I didn’t notice before, and then he turned slightly, and I realized it was ASHTON!! Just chilling there on his ipad! It took all I had not to scream! I finally got jeff’s attention and he wasn’t even phased. I didn’t pay attention to any one else in the room from then out.

After a while in there we went out side while they were re-arranging things and I had to go to the bathroom, which was down the hall. After I came out of the bathroom i was walking back to the outside and as i passed the room where we were filming ashton was walking out and bumped me!! He looked up and said “oh im sorry” and I was stunned. So stunned that I looked like I had seen a ghost when I came out side to join everyone else.

It was a longg day 13.5 “working” hours and a half hour for lunch. But all in all I would not trade the day for anything, it was such an awesome experience! Everyone will LOVE lol when it comes out!

other great moments of the day :

Miley screaming ” YEAH ACID”

Doug giving everyone gum! ( I had the last piece and kept the tube but left it in the prop back pack i had : ( )

Definitely heard Miley’s plans for today (friday)

Oh and while in the closet I managed to see who miley was texting through the glass lmfao.

Okay I’m done. I need to go shower! we’re going out tonight for Kaitlyn’s last night on the town before she leaves for Grandrap!