Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Hannah Montana Episode "Love That Let's Go" Details

Miley Cyrus gives Emily Osment a giant push in this new still from Hannah Montana Forever.

In the upcoming episode “Love That Let’s Go,” Lilly (Osment) finally works up the nerve to get on Blue Jeans, and while on a ride, he gets bitten by a snake and falls ill. Lilly and Robby Ray support Miley as she struggles to deal with Blue Jean’s illness.

Meanwhile, in order to please Siena (Tammin Sursok), Jackson (Jason Earles) tries to read her favorite novel but keeps getting sidetracked by his wrestling magazines. John Cena guest stars as himself to provide Jackson with some real life motivation.

Costars Moises Arias and Jason are also pictured below at the Disney Store opening at Santa Monica Place, competing to assemble their very own Pixar Car first.

“Love That Let’s Go” premieres Sunday, September 12 @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.