Saturday, September 4, 2010

Miley Cyrus O'Hare Airport Fan Meeting

From Pauline: Miley Cyrus was at the O'Hare airport in Illinois. I was there to drop off my aunt and I saw Miley and just stared at her for five minutes trying to figure out if it was her! My mom finally shoved me to ask her for an autograph and she said 'of course!' My mom asked her for a picture and she seemed cool about taking a picture. There was not a single person asking for her autograph or picture, but me! It was awesome! I sat down in the food court waiting for my aunt's flight to come, and Miley got food and sat down at a table across the room. She was with her friends, so I wrote her a note telling her how much I admired her and handed it to her before she was leaving!

Source: OceanUP