Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Miley Cyrus Was Not Told To Pull Over By Cops

It looks like some outlets really got their lines crossed on this one.

After Miley Cyrus was photographed in her car on Monday, RadarOnline claimed the singer had been “pulled over by a cop for talking on her cell phone while driving.”

According to the site, Cyrus “was stopped for violating the California law” against such activity.

Immediately, bloggers like Perez Hilton crowed that a police cruiser “pulled her ass over.”

“Whoever you were talking to and whatever it was about, it can wait until you are parked, BB!” scolded Perez.

Well, Gossip Cop actually does know the “who” and the “what” of Cyrus’ phone call… and the reports are flat out wrong about cops pulling over Cyrus.

Cyrus, who was recently spotted making out with Liam Hemsworth in a parked car, was also parked when she was snapped on Monday.

And she had not been “pulled over” by police for chatting.

A rep for Cyrus tells Gossip Cop that she was calling her security team because paparazzi were mobbing her, and that the cops came to her assistance.

Cyrus wasn’t making the roads unsafe — but the photographers who swarmed her for a few quick photos definitely were.