Friday, September 24, 2010

Cyrus Family Loves Tattoos

A teenage daughter coming home with a tattoo is usually enough to send most parents into a tailspin.

But that's not the case in the Cyrus family, where Miley's latest body art matches a tattoo her father had inked two years ago.
Miley's third tattoo, a heart on the little finger of her right hand, is similar to a heart dad Billy Ray had tattooed onto his left hand two years ago.

Billy Ray's tattoo was inked over a heart Miley drew on his hand in pen while in church.

'We were sitting beside each other and I noticed she just picked up my hand and she drew this little heart on there,' Billy Ray told Access Hollywood.
When a 17-year-old Miley wanted to get her first tattoo in 2009, it was mum Tish that signed the consent form, before she and husband Billy Ray requested some body art themselves.

The tattoo artist in question was Christopher Garcia, an award-winning Hollywood tattoo artist, who has also tattooed Miley's half-brother Trace, 22, who has a 'full sleeve' of tattoos on both arms.

US law prohibits tattoos for under eighteens, so it caused controversy when pictures of Miley's 'Just breathe' tattoo emerged last December.
Garcia told Philipino website Spot: 'During her tour last year, (her camp) had me fly out to Miami to do her first tattoo. Because she was only 17 at the time, her mom talked to me and I had her mom sign a consent form.

'She asked for a tattoo near her heart that said 'Just Breathe.'

'After that, she had me tattoo the word 'Love' on her ear. We had that tattoo session at their house in Los Angeles.'

Miley's most recent addition is a small heart on the little finger of her right hand, but in comparison to her parents, Miley's three tattoos are quite modest.

Billy Ray has as a full sleeve tattoo on his right arm and a Native American portrait on his left.

Her mother has tattoos including angel wings on her back and flowers on her abdomen.