Thursday, September 9, 2010

Miley Cyrus Has A "Flirty" Relationship With Douglas Booth

Freshly single, always sassy Miley Cyrus feels really comfortable around her costars. First, there were the shots of her semi-straddling fellow LOL cast member Adam Sevani and now rumors are swirling that Cyrus is getting frisky with her other costar Douglas Booth.

So what’s the deal?

“She’s not dating anyone,” says a close Cyrus source.

Part of the reason Miley broke it off with yummy Liam Hemsworth was because she didn’t want to settle down yet, so settling down she is not.

“Miley is single,” emphasizes our insider.

Although Booth and Miley spent the last three or so months shooting the film in Detroit and last week in Paris, sources on the film say that Miley and Booth are simply friends.

So where did the rumors start?

Well, according to a knowing onset spy, Booth (although he came to LOL firmly telling everyone he had a girlfriend) has definitely acted like he has “a crush” on the megastar and that the two teens (he’s 18, she’s 17) have a “flirty” relationship.

Get it, girl! We all know what “friends” means in teen lingo. You’re fresh on the market babe, have some fun!

But, unfortunately for Douglas, Cyrus is going into work mode now.

LOL just wrapped production Tuesday and now Miley is due to hit the road in Europe next month to promote her new single, “Who Owns My Heart.”

So, for now, it appears Miley’s career owns her heart…but we doubt that will stop her from having some fun on the side, non?