Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Get Ur Good On Blog About Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Hi everyone! Next moth, I want to see how you’re getting ur good on for Breast Cancer Awareness Month through our latest contest on Visit the contest page to find out how you can win a Get Ur Good On t-shirt or
poster autographed by me. I’m getting my own good on for Breast Cancer Awareness Month with City of Hope in a bunch of different ways. Check back next week for an exciting way in which you can join me!

My mom is also getting her good on to support City of Hope and their women’s cancers programs. Starting in September and during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, she’s helping raise awareness among girls and women about all types of women’s cancer and wants people to join the movement. Find out more about women’s cancers and how to get involved on City of Hope’s site: There are tons of ways to get involved and give.

Xoxoxoxo Miley