Saturday, October 2, 2010

Justin Bieber And Miley Cyrus Favourite For Christmas

Kids love Justin Bieber. They love Miley Cyrus. Both fascinate them as tots further explore them in the form of toys and games.

Justin Bieber had performed at many concerts where girls just went mad. Today at just 16, the Canadian star already has a number one album on his credit and even penned his autobiography. Now, the pop star has been signed for his toy and doll line. This is planned to be circulated on the eve of Christmas. The line would include a number of toys and singing models.

Global music retail company Bravado in collaboration with The Bridge Direct would distribute it.

Bieber’s forward hair style along with informal dark clothes would make the gist of toys as well. Some of the dolls will have an instrument and a microphone attached that can play 30-second snap of Bieber’s songs One Less Lonely Girl or Baby. They would be available for sale in Toys R Us from December 4. Prices would range from $8 for the bears to $28 for the singing models.