Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Miley Cyrus Is Going To Brazil in 2011

@mileybrcom went to a press conference in São Paulo, Brazil about Miley Cyrus going there: Miley is going to Brazil to a private concert in 2011. There is no date or place set yet, but it's going to be between April 31 and June 15. Miley is going to interrupt her European Tour to go to Brazil because Brazil is priority to her management.

The private concert will be for about 600 people and there will be a contest with 60 winners and they will be able to take 2 people with them. To win the contest, people will have to buy female absorbent of the mark 'Sym', that is the responsible to take her to Brazil or record a video singing for Miley and Miley for herself will choose the winners.

More info are about to come. The contest starts November 1 and will last until March. There will be NO tickets for sale.. It will really be a private concert.