Monday, October 18, 2010

Jared Leto Kinda Defends Miley

In a strange way, Jared Leto has pretty much just defended Miley Cyrus in a recent interview.

Though he makes no mention of the Disney starlet, he does take a side on her current situation.

No stranger to controversey, Leto explains that he does not consider himself a role model to his fans, nor does he want to be.

He insists that it’s absurd that artists are expected to act a certain way, in order to uphold an image and that doesn’t pressure him to behave in any certain way.

Says the 30 Seconds to Mars front man: “I can do whatever the f**k I want,” he said. “I have no responsibility to uphold an image. I don’t subscribe to the notion the artist is a role model by default.

Miley Cyrus has recently come under fire for risque clothing and behavior in her latest music video. The pop star is getting tons of flack from parents organizations that have let their own daughters look up to her as a child.

Only problem is, she’s a month away from 18, and may not have an interest in being a role model to young girls any more on the level that they expect her to be.

We have to agree with Leto, though it eventually goes away, as nobody is looking at Lindsay Lohan saying how she’s supposed to be a role model any more.

If these new young stars were smart, they’d take the Taylor Momsen route and start swearing and smoking at sixteen so you never have to live up to those expectations in the first place!