Saturday, October 16, 2010

Vote for Miley for the Red Star-Awards

Miley is nominated for “Hottest Music Video” (for Can’t Be Tamed) for the “Red Star-Awards”.

Red is an entertainment news show on the German TV channel ProSieben and they’re doing these awards. So it’s nothing super big but it would still be pretty cool if Miley wins it.

You can vote here

Just click on “Miley Cyrus Can’t be tamed” and then on “Jetzt voten!”. When you see the video of that lady in a red dress talking you’re done xD

You can vote as often as you want just not several times straight after each other. If you try that it’ll say “Für diese Option kannst du derzeit nicht voten.”. When it says that you just have to wait for like 30-60 seconds then reload that page and you can vote again.

So let’s make sure that Miley wins this!