Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hannah Montana Last Episodes Details

This is from a forum:

Well it seems that you guys where right about Miley revealing the Hannah secret before the season finale.

I found the (German) title and a description of the eppy that I think will be on that DVD yesterday on a German website. It’ll air November 7th here in Germany (so only a few day after the “Who Is Hannah Montana?” DVD comes out here November 4th) and the description does fit with the DVD’s title “Who Is Hannah Montana?” too.

Here’s the German title & description and below that my translation of it:

The huge revealing

The Hannah-secret threatens Miley’s relationship with Jesse and her plans for going to College together with Lilly. Miley has to finally decide whether she wants to reveal her true identity to the world.

I don’t know if that description is correct or if it might have some mistakes (as other HM episode descriptions on that site hat mistakes in them too) but even if it is not 100% correct I guess that you were right about Miley revealing the secret before the season finale.

But I wonder what’s the original title to that eppy?

The last eppy that will air before this one in Germany will be “Hannah’s Gonna Get This” so theoretically this one should be “I’ll Always Remember You”. But somehow the next eppy title “Can You See The Real Me?” would fit better with the whole revealing thing – what do you guys think?