Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Blog from Tish Cyrus

New Blog from Tish (Miley's mom)

Hey guys! Just a quick update!
Posted on Mar 04, 2010

Hey guys! Just a quick update on everything thats been going on!
Miley and our entire family have been so busy! With Hannah Montana
filming, Miley is on set everyday! The new episodes are amazing!
I'm not sure Miley has ever been busier! She is filming HM, working
on her Walmart clothing line, recording her new album, doing press
for The Last Song and so much more. We go to NY soon to promote The Last Song and then
to London in April to do International press for the movie. That will
be so much fun! It will be fun to be in London when its not so cold!
The movie comes out on March 31st! Cant wait for you guys to see it!
It is such an incredible movie. With Miley, Liam, Greg Kinear, and
written my Nicholas Sparks, you cant go wrong!
xoxo Tish

Hey Guys! Check out Bret Michaels new song Nothing to Lose! When
Miley was in the studio recording Every Rose Has Its Thorn, Bret was
playing Miley, Liam and me some of his new music. It was a lot of fun
hanging out with Bret and his band in the studio. When we heard
Nothing to Lose, we all fell in love with the song! So, while
taking a break from working on Every Rose, Miley put down some
harmonies on Nothing to Lose for fun!
It turned out so great, it ended up on the single! You guys need
to check it out!