Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Miley Cyrus On The List Of Artist Who Could Come To Brazil in 2010

The site of the Brazilian MTV posted an article on the possible foreign artists who opened dates for shows in Brazil, check out the article below: With low profits from record sales, the major international artists increase, increasingly, their touring schedule for the world. Not too long ago that the producers ran behind the artists, who treated the South America with contempt. The situation has changed. 2010 has not yet begun, but several artists have already opened dates for Brazil. The promoter to get ahead and pay the required cash can bring these Pop artists all to brazil: -Black Eyed Peas,-Lady GaGa,-Nelly Furtado,-Girlicious,-Rihanna,-Green Day,-Shakira And Miley Cyrus.

Keep in mind that nothing has been confirmed by Miley or their official website,so we can only treat this as just a rumor.