Monday, December 28, 2009

Miley Cyrus Leaving her hotel in Manchester,England

Still spending her days in the UK, Miley Cyrus was spotted leaving her hotel in Manchester, England on Monday afternoon (December 28).

Toting a coffee pick-me-up in-hand, the “Hannah Montana” looked a bit overwhelmed by the large gathering of fans and media awaiting her exit through the back door on the way to M.E.N Arena.

Miss Cyrus is currently booked to play a show a M.E.N. later this evening, then headed for a year-ending gig at London’s O2 Arena tomorrow night.

As for spending the holidays overseas, Miley recently told press: “It’s a bit weird being in a different country (for Christmas) that I’m used to… it’s pretty similar, some things I have to become accustomed to.”

“It’s fun, you know, when I first came over here, it was a little while ago when I only had the TV show and my Miley music hadn’t really been recognized yet… I feel like in the UK. I can be a little bit more like myself,” she adds.