Monday, December 21, 2009

Liam talks about Miley on an interview

Liam Hemsworth short interview with Herald Sun on Dec. 21 at Chadstone:

There is a rumor that you didn't want the role in The Last Song: 'It's not true at all. I think I just wated the role of Thor a little bit more, I mean who doesn't want to be a comic book hero? Within one week I booked The Last Song, Chris booked Thor and then he booked Red Dawn. That was three studio films between us, so it was a really, really happy week for us. It was probably the biggest week of our lives and I was really excited to work with Miley Cyrus.'

What did you do before, The Last Song? 'I was laying floors for six months and I can tell you acting is definitely better than laying floors. It makes me really appreciate what I have got at the moment.'

Have you talked to Miley about the paparazzi? 'No, we haven't talked about that, but I guess the paparazzi's are just doing there job, it's just not a really good one.'

Are you dating Miley Cyrus? 'Miley is obviously not bad looking and a very sweet girl. We shot a film together for three months and we are both really proud of the work we did in that film and, yeah, we are great friends.'

Are you currently based out of LA? 'I am now. I share an appartment with my brother Chris. It's a man household (laughs).' Do you Twitter? I recently got a twitter, like a few weeks ago or something. I didn't tweet anything yet. Chris tweets sometimes though. There are sites out there claiming to be me, but they aren’t.

Source: OceanUP