Thursday, July 29, 2010

Miley Cyrus Talks Evil Liam Fans

Miley Cyrus in UK Sugar Magazine about how she thinks Liam's girl fans are evil:

The day we meet up with Miley, rumours of a split with Liam have surfaced. But much like the various 'Miley is pregnant' inventions thatsaturate the internet, it turns out this one isn't true either. In fact the only issue Miley seems to have lately is with Liam's aggresive female fans. Miley says: "When we went on Jimmy Kimmel Live some girls walked over, I was like 'Hey do you want my autograph?' and they said 'er.. no!' we're here for Liam' That's so rude to say that to his girlfriend! Then one of them said, 'Liam's hot why is he with her?' Girls can be evil when it comes to guys. Liam is the protective type, though. When I was shooting the Can't Be Tamed video he asked me to cover up when we stopped rolling. I said ' No! your shirt was off for all of The Last Song and all the girls gasped when you came on the screen' That was my way to get him back."