Thursday, July 29, 2010

Liam Hemsworth Doesn't Think Of Nick As Competition?

From PH: I was at The Grove yesterday in LA with my friends and I met Liam Hemsworth hanging around with some buddies. Not sure who they were, one girl and a few other guys. I’m not sure if they were together or they were just fans talking to him. I think he’s a good actor so I said ‘I loved you in the Last Song,’
And he replied, ‘thanks so much.’ I was going to ask about Miley, but chickened out and so my friend did. She said, ‘have you seen Miley lately?’ and he replied, ‘no, not since she left for, uh, LOL, but I might visit her soon. Maybe. We’ll see.’

We were just saying how cute they were together and he started blushing and then my friend asked if he counted Nick Jonas as competition for Miley (she loves Niley) and he laughed so hard and was like, ‘um, I really don’t think so,’ and laughed and then added, ‘why do people keep asking me about him?’

I said, ‘because everyone’s so convinced they’re true love,’ and he didn’t reply, instead just kind of smiled and then said he’ll catch us later and left. I didn’t have my camera, there are pics here.

Source: Oceanup